Mokichi Craft Beer
Fujisawa-shi: Beer bar
Mokichi Craft Beer (Fujisawa-shi: Beer bar)
Mokichi Craft Beer
Open 11:30am-11:30pm (LO). Closed third Tuesday.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Conveniently located close to Fujisawa Station, Mokichi is a taproom for Shonan Beer, a very drinkable lineup of craft beers made by the Kumazawa Shuzo sake brewery in nearby Chigasaki. They offer thirteen Shonan beers on tap, accompanied by a serious food menu featuring hand-made pastas, grilled meats and a few salads.

Beers come in small tasting sizes (priced at around Y330), which is convenient if you want to try a number of different beers; you can also choose small and large glasses or pitchers. If you want a change of pace from beer, a four-glass sake tasting flight is Y1480. They even have mead (Y2500 per bottle), although we didn't try it.

The stick-to-your-ribs food menu features items like grilled pork shoulder; sausage platter with bacon; tripe-tomato beer stew; sauteed veal liver; and spicy fried chicken wings. Many of the meat dishes are served with nice, fresh-tasting pickled vegetables. Budget around Y4000 in the evening, or Y1500 at lunchtime.

Fujisawa, Minami-Fujisawa 20-19, #2 Harumi Bldg.
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