Otsuka: Beer bar
Bakushuan (Otsuka: Beer bar)
Open 6pm-1am. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Although it looks like an old-fashioned izakaya inside, Bakushuan serves a modern selection of ten Japanese and US craft beers on tap in addition to its very respectable sake list. In fact customers are more or less required to order a beer to start with before moving onto sake - they're very enthusiastic about promoting craft beers here.

They also know their sake quite well, and after a brief consultation the staff will recommend some interesting bottles based on your tastes. The food menu is well above average for a beer bar, featuring sake-friendly nibbles and oysters prepared in various ways. Most seating is at smallish tables, although there are a few counter seats as well, and all seats are non-smoking.

Toshima-ku, Kita-Otsuka 2-27-1, Yoshimatsu Bldg 2F.
sLk2-27-1 gr2F
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