Tokyo Ai Land
Takeshiba: Antenna shop
Tokyo Ai Land (Takeshiba: Antenna shop)
Tokyo Ai Land
Open 7:30am-10:30pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Located inside the ship terminal building, this small antenna shop and restaurant specializes in the food and drink of the group of tropical islands directly south of Tokyo, which are officially part of Tokyo Prefecture. The shop area sells several types of shochu and rum from the islands as well as artisanal salt, frozen fish, jam, and seaweed products.

Half of the shop space is taken up by a cafe, where they serve popular island seafood dishes like fish and chips, fried fish curry, mentaiko spaghetti, and an Island Fish Sandwich with spicy mayonnaise. More meaty fare includes a menchi-katsu burger, hot dogs with various toppings, curry rice and ramen.

Minato-ku, Kaigan 1-12-2.
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