Shibuya: Italian
Panzerotteria (Shibuya: Italian)
Open noon-2:30, 6-11pm. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays

Panzerotti - deep-fried savory pies that originated in Puglia, Italy - are the unusual specialty here. Around two dozen varieties are on offer, along with a selection of hams, cheeses, salads and vegetable dishes. The wine list includes both Italian and non-Italian wineries, with bottles ranging from Y3500-5900 along with several choices by the glass. French pear cider and cava are other beverage options.

Pies are categorized on the menu according to their filling - cheese, meat, fish or dessert. At lunchtime you can choose two half-size pies from the three pies of the day, along with a starter and beverage for Y1000. Y1300 gets you all three pies of the day, and for Y1800 you get two half-pies, a starter and a selection of different hams.

Our lunchtime starter was a simple and wholesome plate of steamed vegetables - cabbage, eggplant, carrot and broccoli - followed at a leisurely pace by three fresh-from-the-oven panzerotti. The pies are reasonably hefty, enveloped in a light, flaky shell. Good-quality olive oil sits on the table alongside rather novel electrically powered salt and pepper grinders equipped with tiny flashlights.

The dining room is casual but stylish, and dogs are allowed. Pies are available to take home.

Shibuya-ku, Shoto 2-14-12.
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