Liquors Hasegawa
Yaesu: Liquor shop
Liquors Hasegawa (Yaesu: Liquor shop)
Liquors Hasegawa
Open 10am-8pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Liquors Hasegawa focuses on hard liquors, with an impressive selection of rare Bourbons and Scotch whiskeys. Best of all, you can try them out in the shop - Y150-200 gets you a 10ml pour of many of the bottles they carry. Beer fans can find a decent selection of Japanese, British and other craft beers by the bottle.

The shop is located in a basement shopping arcade next to Tokyo station on the Yaesu side. Not to be confused with the similarly named sake specialist Hasegawa Saketen, which is inside Tokyo station (also in a basement shopping arcade).

Chuo-ku, Yaesu 2-1, Yaesu Underground Shopping Naka #3.
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