Kyobashi: Beer bar
Ibrew (Kyobashi: Beer bar)
Open 5pm-12:30am (LO; Sun -9:30pm) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Good craft beers at very reasonable prices - that's the chief selling point for this cozy, unpretentious beer bar. Ten Japanese craft brews are served on tap, all priced at just Y690 for a large size (410 ml) and Y390 for a regular size (Y230 ml). The pizzas are also surprisingly good, and similarly cheap, starting at around Y780.

The rest of the eclectic food menu features items like fritters of soft-shell shrimp and green peppers, pork cutlets, and some very nice potato salad variations. Given the modest setting this isn't really a full-fledged dining destination, but it's a nice place to start the evening with a good local beer and a nibble. Open from 2pm on weekends.

Chuo-ku, Yaesu 2-11-7, Masubi Bldg 1F.
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