Ryogoku: Soba
Hosokawa (Ryogoku: Soba)
Open 11:45am-3, 5-8:45pm. Closed Mon, 3rd Tue.
Sun: Open Sundays

First-rate noodles in a tastefully austere modern setting, with a tiny garden visible just out the front window. The soba is quite a bit firmer and chewier than average, with a thick and milky, almost soup-like sobayu (the water the noodles have been cooked in). They do a nice version of tenzaru (Y2450) with tempura-fried anago (conger eel) and luscious seasonal vegetables - it even comes with a deep-fried eel bone.

Sumida-ku, Kamezawa 1-6-5.
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Venue listing from Bento.com5 Star Rating: highly recommended