Shibuya: Beer bar
Aldgate (Shibuya: Beer bar)
Open 6pm-2am daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

One of Shibuya's more serious craft beer bars, The Aldgate offers more than twenty craft beers on tap, mostly from Japan, Britain and the US. The food is English pub fare - Toad in the Hole, Cornish pasties, Daal Masala, Fish and Chips.

English Premier League football is broadcast live on four screens (often showing different matches). The rock-focused musical soundtrack draws on the bar's collection of 6,000 vinyl records and CDs, with lots of prog-rock on football nights.

Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 30-4, Shiniwasaki Bldg 3F.
saJFc쒬30-4, 3F
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