Ueno: Yoshoku
Kurofunetei (Ueno: Yoshoku)
Open 11:30am-10pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

This traditional shop offers all your yoshoku favorites - cabbage rolls with cheese, Hamburg steaks, seafood curry, fried-rice omelettes - but the big draw is their famous hayashi rice (Y1570). The beef is braised in a dark, umami-rich demi-glace sauce that's been simmered for a full week, lightly drizzled with cream and served over white rice. There's quite a bit of meat in each serving, all of it very tender. If you feel like splashing out you can upgrade from regular beef to premium wagyu for a somewhat higher price.

The fried-rice omelettes are also nicely prepared, almost-runny rather than fluffy, with a mushroomy fried-rice filling, and the crab croquettes are stuffed with big chunks of sweet crabmeat. If you want to try several popular items at the same time, the B Bento set (Y2980) includes Hamburg steak in mushroom sauce, beef tongue braised in red-wine sauce, a small omelette, crab or shrimp croquettes, soup, salad and rice.

Wines range from Y1850-6480 per bottle, and there are evening set menus from around Y5000. English-language menus are available.

Taito-ku, Ueno 2-13-13, Kikuya Bldg 4F.
東京都台東区上野2-13-13 キクヤビル4F
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