Watering Hole
Yoyogi: Beer bar
Watering Hole (Yoyogi: Beer bar)
Watering Hole
Open 3-11.30pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

One of Tokyo's pioneering craft-beer specialty bars, Watering Hole has built up a loyal following with their well-curated tap list and their convivial atmosphere. The four-glass tasting flights (Y1000; served 3-6pm on weekdays) are one of our favorite features here, and a good way to explore the offerings before committing yourself to a pint. Beers are mostly US and European imports, with some domestic craft beers as well.

The twenty taps here dispense a number of craft ciders (five during our most recent visit) as well as beers, so you can opt for an all-cider tasting flight or a mix of ciders and beers. Prices for pints are about average for Tokyo craft beers, but note that half-pints are somewhat more than half the price of a pint.

The bar area is attractive, although table seating can be tight when the shop is busy. The food menu offers simple but tasty items like fish and chips (made with Norway salmon), buttermilk fried chicken and gyoza dumplings.

Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 5-26-5.
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