Kikumasamune Sake Brewery Museum


This relatively compact museum provides a nice overview of the traditional sake-brewing process, as well as sake-drinking culture. It's only five minutes away on foot from the larger Hakutsuru Brewery Museum, so visits to the two museums can be easily combined.

Out in the front yard there's a small traditional rice-polishing mill, powered by a working waterwheel. Once you're inside the museum, the entrance hall displays scale models of tradtional brewery buildings as well as old sake advertising posters.

The large main display room here contains everything from traditional wooden tools and equipment to giant barrels, cauldrons and machinery. Upstairs there's a small space where you can watch a video explaining the sake-making process (in Japanese). Here you'll also find a big collection of sake cups and vessels from around Japan, and you can compare the distinctive ceramic styles from Japan's various regions.

The enormous museum shop carries many varieties of Kikumasamune sake, pickles and other sake-drinking snacks, and various sake-related cosmetic products. There's also a good selection of sake cups, flasks and lacquerware masu (boxes) for your home sake-drinking needs. And in the tasting corner of the shop you can try three or four different types of Kikumasamune sake, including one variety that's not nationally distributed, but only available in local Kobe restaurants.

Kikumasume Sake Brewery Museum: Kobe
Yokohama / Attraction
Open 9:30am-4:30pm (enter by 4pm); open daily
Admission: Free
Average visit time: 15-30 minutes
Kobe-shi, Nada-ku, Uozaki Nishimachi 1-9-1 (10 minutes from Hanshin Sumiyoshi Station, or 10 min from JR Sumiyoshi, Kobe)
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