Hanshin Department Store


Hanshin is a good example of a Japanese railway-terminal department store, originally built in 1933 at the urban end of the private Hanshin railway as a destination for riders living along the train line. The Hanshin Tigers baseball team is also connected with the group, and you can find a Hanshin Tigers shop up on the eighth floor.

Far more important, though, is the large and busy food floor down on the basement level, which is connected to the vast underground shopping plazas running between Umeda's several train and subway stations.

Rice-bran pickles

Snow crab, horse-hair crab

Pickled garlic, rakkyo (pickled shallots), other pickles

Fish cakes

Chirimen (dried young sardines)

Korean kimchee and namul (seasoned vegetables)

Grilled unagi eel, eel rolled in egg custard

Side dishes to take out

Dried fish

The fry counter: croquettes to go

The fry counter: deep-fried octopus tentacles, squid, shrimp and chicken to take out

Grilled sea bream, grilled salmon, simmered flounder (nitsuke), simmered Pacific ocean perch (nitsuke)

Ingredients for oden

Hanshin Department Store: Osaka
Open 10am-8:30pm daily
Umeda 1-13-13
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