Sogo Department Store

Ohagi (sweet rice cakes) and other Japanese sweets

Sogo Department Store in Kobe is located at the south exit of the city's major train station, Sannomiya. Like many department stores in Japan, it has a thriving food floor on the basement level, packed with independently run stalls selling a fantastic variety of prepared foods.

Shoppers can find anything from take-away tempura and grilled fish to delicate Japanese sweets packaged for gift-giving. There are also Western-style delis, French bakeries and a handful of sit-down counters where you can grab a quick snack.

Japanese teas

Chestnut-flavored sweets

More Japanese sweets

Japanese-style sweets sold individually

Savory crackers packaged for gift-giving; shrimp-flavored crackers

Assorted seafood crackers - shrimp, crab, squid and wakame (seaweed)

The pickle counter

Assorted savory crackers

Juice bar

Tea department


Two colors of fu (wheat gluten), chikuwa (fishpaste tubes), grilled anago eel

Various dried fish

Grilled fish: karei (flounder); karei saikyoyaki (flounder marinated in miso), sanma (pike), buri (yellowtail) teriyaki; saba (mackerel), tachiuo (scabbard fish)

Sogo Department Store: Kobe
Open 10am-8pm daily
Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku, Onoe-dori 8-1-8. [just south of JR Sannomiya station]
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