Craft Beer Tap
Umeda: Beer bar
Craft Beer Tap
Open 11am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Run by a beer import company, this sister shop of the nearby World Beer Museum serves draft beers from Czechia, Belgium, Germany, the UK and the US, including tasting flights. They also offer a big selection of bottled beers from Belgium and around the world.

The kitchen turns out a diverse international menu, including wagyu beef and crab dishes. Budget around Y3,500 for dinner and drinks, including an evening cover charge of Y300. At lunchtime the menu features "craft cheeseburgers" and roast-beef donburi; lunch runs around Y1,000 and is served until 2:30pm (last order).

Ofukacho 1-1, Links Umeda 8F.

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