Umeda: Oden
Open 11am-2:30, 5pm-3:30am (LO; Sun -11pm) daily.
late: Open late
Sun: Open Sundays

Sawara is one of the more stylish sake bars in town, with late-night hours (until 4am), a live DJ spinning dance music, and a panoramic nighttime view of the JR Osaka station area. You can sample a dozen or so sake by the glass starting at Y600, with good oden and other casual dishes if you're hungry.

The sake list seems to be aimed at both neophytes and more advanced sake drinkers, with a mix of popular brands and bottles from more obscure small breweries. You can also find limited-edition, very premium labels from breweries like Juyondai, Dassai and Hiroki. In addition to oden, the food menu features izakaya-style small dishes like charcoal-grilled ray fins that are chosen to go well with sake.

The shop is part of the late-night Umekita Floor dining complex on the sixth floor of the Osaka Grand Front north building, which has sixteen bars and restaurants in all. You can either sit in Sawara's cozy bar area, or grab seats at one of the windowside group tables.

Ofukacho 3-1, Grand Front Osaka North Wing 6F.

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