World Beer Museum
Umeda: Beer bar
World Beer Museum
Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

With more than 300 seats and several different bar counters and table areas, this sprawling complex is more like a world-beer theme park than a typical bar. The place is run by a beer importer, so you'll see some unusual beers on draft that you won't find anywhere else in town, with a focus on beers from Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, US (Pike Brewing), and UK (Crompton).

The standing bar at the south end of the complex, open from 5-10pm, is a nice place for a quick drink, and they serve draft beers for just Y500 per 250ml glass, including three Czech beers and one German. In the sit-down areas, Czech beers are Y700 and Y900 (250ml and 330ml glasses), while the five German beers on tap are Y750 and Y950.

The fairly extensive international food menu features beer-friendly dishes like curry wurst (Y1200) and roast chicken (Y1580), with specials at lunchtime. There's also a rather large retail corner next to the standing bar, open until 10:30pm. Here you can find a good selection of German and Belgian bottled beers to go, at fairly reasonable retail prices.

Ofukacho 3-1, Grand Front Osaka North Wing B1F.

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