Beer Belly
Higobashi: Beer bar
Beer Belly
Open 5pm-midnight (LO; Sat 3-10, Sun 3-8) daily.
late: Open late
Sun: Open Sundays

Minoh Beer is a craft brewery a bit north of Osaka city, and this centrally located taproom serves a line-up of their regular beers (including their excellent W-IPA) plus a few limited-edition special seasonal brews. They also offer nicely chosen craft beers from their two guest taps - North Island and Outsider during our most recent visit - with prices generally running around Y1030 for a UK pint or Y630 for a half.

The room is spacious, service is friendly, and the kitchen turns out a decent selection of casual, meaty fare. Burgers are the specialty of the house, and the moriawase starter plate (Y900) is perfect for a late-night nibble, with your choice of three small dishes such as grilled pork and smoked chicken.

Tosabori 1-1-31.
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