Kyoto City Hall: Tofu
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The minute the kimono-clad waitress gently stepped into Tosuiro's simple Japanese style dining room we knew we were in for something different. "Tonight you will be eating tofu." She announced. "Boiled tofu, fried tofu, baked tofu, chilled tofu, tofu in water, tofu with rice, tofu with vegetables, and tofu with fish. You will have tofu for an appetizer, you will have tofu in the salad, you will have tofu in the main course, you will have tofu as desert, and you will even have tofu in your cocktails. You are in a tofu restaurant, if you need anything else, please feel free to ask, but I'll probably just bring you more tofu instead. Thank you."

The tofu came in a steady stream, just as the waitress promised. They brought boiled tofu, baked tofu, fried tofu, in combination with fish, vegetables, and even solid gold flakes! All of it was so much better than any tofu I had ever had before and each tofu varied in creaminess, texture, and flavor. Some of the bolder members of our party tried the tofu cocktail, which, as you may have cleverly predicted, tasted like soymilk and shochu. None of the featured menu items measured up, however, to the never-ending supply of pure goodness that boiled away in the oborodofu pot in the center of the table. The flavor was so bold and creamy yet the tofu itself was as light as air.

Fortunately the waitress was happy to bring in extra servings, because the wonderful flavor kept us all coming back for more, I lost count after I slurped back my seventh serving! The final blow was a small dish of tofu sorbet, which was somehow lighter than ice cream but just as creamy, the last nail in the tofu coffin. I, who had thought that a tofu 'dinner' was actually just a healthy appetizer prelude to a meal at McDonald's, had unbelievably stuffed myself purely on tofu!

by Matt Cox
Kyoto City Hall
Kiyamachi-dori Sanjo-agaru, Kami-Osakamachi 517-3.
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