Fukuoka Hakata: Chicken
Bancho (Fukuoka Hakata: Chicken)
Open 11am-9pm (LO; lunch LO is 2pm) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Momoyaki - Kyushu-style charcoal-grilled chicken thigh meat - is the delicious specialty at Bancho, and they do an excellent version of it using heirloom-breed Kirishima chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture.

The lunchtime momoyaki teishoku features a hefty 200g of chicken, served on an iron skillet and still sizzling loudly when it arrives at your table. The chicken is surprisingly tender, with an intense smoky and garlicky flavor that's complemented by spicy yuzu kosho.

Other lunchtime options include a grilled-chicken and mentaiko (spicy cod roe) teishoku, and chicken nanban (fried chicken with tartar sauce). At dinnertime service is izakaya-style, with both a la carte and prix-fixe menus. You can choose from a handful of craft-sake brands from around the country or a bigger selection of local shochu.

Bancho is located in the Kuten restaurant complex on the top floor of Amu Plaza.

Fukuoka Hakata
Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Hakata Eki Chuogai 1-1, Amu Plaza Kuten 10F.
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