Three Spoon Curry
Fukuoka Daimyo: Curry
Three Spoon Curry (Fukuoka Daimyo: Curry)
Three Spoon Curry
Open 11am-7:30pm. Closed Tuesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

This tiny shop prepares excellent curry, with a hearty roux base made from chicken and flying fish stock. There are three varieties - cheese, keema, and a monthly special - and a handful of optional toppings.

The curry is relatively mild, incorporating a nice mix of spices that helps bring out the meat and cheese flavors. It's served with a soft-boiled egg on top and a portion of sweetened yogurt on the side. Powdered ginger, red pepper and garam masala are provided if you want to fine-tune the seasoning.

Seating is at two large picnic tables and four chairs at the counter. Old-fashioned jazz plays in the background. One odd custom here is that you get to choose the spoon you eat your curry with, from a choice of three (hence the "Three Spoon" name).

The shop is located in an old concrete residential building dating from the 1960s, filled with studio apartments that all seem to have been converted for use as bars and mini-restaurants.

Fukuoka Daimyo
Fukuoka, Chuo-ku, Daimyo 1-8-5, Yotomoe Bldg #207.
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