Fukuoka Daimyo: Bar
Citadel (Fukuoka Daimyo: Bar)
Open 5pm-2am (LO). Closed Sun, Mon.

The shelves above Citadel's bar are lined with jars of homemade liqueurs, a promise of the unique flavors that await. The talented owner-bartender is constantly inventing new experimental cocktails, with an emphasis on recipes that incorporate lightly roasted coffee.

The drinks list features more than forty cocktails such as espresso spumoni and coffee mojito, plus mocktails like Espresso Moscow Mule (espresso, fresh orange juice, ginger ale) and "L<->R" (lavender syrup, rosemary syrup, lemon, soda). Snack options include simple dishes like Chicken Over Rice and various desserts.

Fukuoka Daimyo
Fukuoka, Chuo-ku, Daimyo 1-8-40, Rinmochodori Bldg 2F.
s喼1-8-40 іђʂr2F
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