Mugen Gyoza
Fukuoka Hakata: Gyoza
Mugen Gyoza (Fukuoka Hakata: Gyoza)
Mugen Gyoza
Open 11am-2, 4-9pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

You've got to love a restaurant called Unlimited Dumplings! The shop specializes in tetsunabe gyoza - crisply fried bite-size dumplings that are prepared in an iron skillet - and it's a convenient place to try out this famous Fukuoka dish. The ones here are very garlicky, with a bit of diced cabbage to add some extra crunch.

Sui-gyoza - soup dumplings - are another specialty of the house, and can be ordered with your choice of sesame, coriander or basil sauce. These are plump and juicy, and encased in a soft outer skin.

If you're not completely full, Mugen offers yet another type of gyoza dish local to Fukuoka. Known as taki-gyoza, it's made by simmering gyoza for hours in a tasty chicken broth. This arrives at your table in a very hot stone bowl. You can optionally add rice to the broth after your finish the gyoza, in which case you should leave some broth in the bowl.

In addition to the usual beer and cocktails, they serve a refreshing apple-vinegar soda, which nicely counters any oiliness in the gyoza.

The restaurant is very casual in its decor, with comfortable seating. They are open all afternoon on weekends.

Fukuoka Hakata
Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Hakata Eki Chuogai 1-1, Amu Plaza Kuten 10F.
s攎wX1-1 A~vU 10K

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