Nagoya: Liquor shop
Hopbuds (Nagoya: Liquor shop)
Open Fri-Sun 5-11pm. Closed Mon-Thu.
Sun: Open Sundays

One of Japan's best bottle shops, Hopbuds was launched in 2017 by an American craft-beer aficionado. They sell more than 100 well-selected craft beers from the US and Japan by the bottle. If you can't wait to get home, you can drink any of your purchases in the shop, standing next to one of their hand-crafted barrel tables. They also pour a couple of different draft beers on any given day.

Many of the beers come in large-size bottles and cans, so this is a good place to come with a group. There's no food, but you can bring your own, or order delivery pizza. Online ordering is available in case you can't make it to the shop.

Minami-ku, Nagoya, Maehamatori 6-32-3.
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