Fukuoka: Beer bar
Brewers (Fukuoka: Beer bar)
Open 5-10:30pm. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays

Brewers feels like an old-school bar for craft-beer enthusiasts, with its wood-heavy decor, its pub-style menu and the classic Japanese-bartender garb (white shirt and black vest) of the proprietor. The twelve taps pour a nice selection from reliable Japanese craft breweries, starting at Y600 for a small glass. Three-glass tasting flights are Y1300.

There's a pretty big menu of bar snacks - gobo karaage, roast pork, pizzas, pastas and much more, with several daily specials. We ordered a potato-cheese galette, which turned out to be much closer to a Swiss-style potato Rosti than a galette - it was quite tasty though, as was the deep-fried burdock root. Most snacks and meals are in the Y600-1200 range. Open from 3pm on weekends and holidays.

Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Reisenmachi 8-22.

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