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Japanese cuisine

What's What in Japanese Restaurants, by Robb Satterwhite (Kodansha International). Paperback, 256pp. Price: $14.51.
From the restaurant editor of the Tokyo Food Page, an informative and entertaining introduction to Japanese cuisine, including sample menus and ordering tips. Read reviews and chapter titles.
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The Sake Handbook, by John Gauntner (Yenbooks). Paperback, 200 pages. Special price $10.36 (20% savings).
From the sake editor of the Tokyo Food Page, a definitive guide to Japanese sake, including a complete description of the brewing process, reviews of 100 recommended brands and listings of sake pubs in Tokyo.
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The Insider's Guide to Sake, by Philip Harper (Kodansha International). Paperback, 200 pages. Special price $11.96 (20% savings).
A real inside look at the subject from an Englishman who's spent six years working in a sake brewery. Detailed information on more than 100 brands of sake.
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Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art, by Shizuo Tsuji (Kodansha International). Hardcover, 517 pages. Special price: $28.00 (30% savings).
Simply one of the best written and most complete Japanese cookbooks ever published. Also includes a list of Asian grocers in the US.
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Practical Japanese Cooking: Easy and Elegant, Shizuo Tsuji, Koichiro Hata, Yohsikatsu Saeki (Kodansha). Hardcover, 151 pages. Special price: $24.50 (30% savings).
From the author of the classic Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art (described above), an easy guide to Japanese cooking designed for the ordinary American kitchen.
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The Book of Soba, by James Udesky (Kodansha International). Paperback. Special price $7.96 (20% savings).
A very thorough overview of Japanese buckwheat noodles, with historical notes and recipes.
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Japanese Cooking for the American Table, Susan Fuller Slack (HP Books). Paperback, 282 pages. Special price: $12.00 (20% savings).
An introduction to basic Japanese cooking techniques and a complete range of classic recipes (including a number of Okinawan dishes). Slack also includes short histories and explanations of the origins of the various dishes.
Sample recipes: Grilled Miso Chicken, Autumn Chestnut Rice, Okinawan Sweet Fritters.
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A Dictionary of Japanese Food, Richard Hosking (Tuttle). Paperback, 232 pages. List price: $14.95.
This is definitely not for the casual reader, but if you're doing research into Japanese culture or if you need a detailed reference work on Japanese ingredients and cooking, this is an excellent resource.
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Books about Tokyo and Japan

Tokyo: A Guide to Recent Architecture, Noriyuki Tajima (Knickerbocker Pr). Paperback, 320 pages. Special price: $6.36 (20% savings).
Part of the award-winning "ellipsis" (...) series of modern architecture guides to major cities, this attractive pocket-sized book covers more than 90 outstanding architectural projects built since 1983, with insightful essays and beautiful photos. Order from
The Japan Guide, Botond Bognar (Princeton Architectural Pr). Paperback, 336 pages. Special price: $19.96 (20% savings).
An excellent overview of the best of Japanese architecture from the past 100 years, with an emphasis on recent projects. Over 630 buildings from around the country are covered. Order from
Gateway to Tokyo, June Kinoshita, Nicholas Palevsky (Kodansha International). Paperback, 122 pages. Special price: $11.20 (20% savings).
One of the best guidebooks for visitors to Tokyo, with sightseeing recommendations, shopping tips, hotel and restaurant listings, and excellent short essays on historical and cultural points. The book also covers destinations near Tokyo that can be visited during day trips from the city, such as Kamakura and Nikko. And for the visitor on a tight schedule, the most important, "must-see" sights and shops are marked according to a three-star ranking system. Order from
Gateway to Japan, June Kinoshita, Nicholas Palevsky (Kodansha International). Paperback, 800 pages. Special price: $19.16 (20% savings).
If you're seeing more than just Tokyo, this guidebook by the authors of Gateway to Tokyo provides the same thoughtful and detailed coverage to most of Japan's major cities. (Almost all the content of Gateway to Tokyo is included in Gateway to Japan, so there's no need to buy both.) Order from
Mini Rough Guide Tokyo (1998), Jan Dodd, Simon Richmond (Rough Guides). Paperback, 256 pages. Special price: $7.96 (20% savings).
Smart, informed, well organized, and crammed full of useful information, all in an easy-to-carry mini-guide format. Order from
Tokyo Museums: A Complete Guide, Thomas Flannigan (Charles E Tuttle Co). Paperback. Special price: $11.96 (20% savings).
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Tokyo for Free, Susan Pompian (Kodansha International). Paperback, 250 pages. Special price: $15.96 (20% savings).
A great present for your cheapskate friends in Tokyo (since they'll be too stingy to buy it for themselves), it covers parks, temples, libraries, art galleries and many other sources of free entertainment in this otherwise very expensive city. Order from

Other popular guidebooks

Time Out Guide Tokyo, (Time Out Guides). Paperback, 320 pages. Special price: $11.96 (20% savings).
A hip, insider's guide to the city. Order from
Fodor's Japan (14th Edition), (Fodor's Travel Publications). Paperback, 573 pages. Special price: $16.80 (20% savings).
Popular with business travelers. Order from
Lonely Planet Tokyo (3rd Edition), Chris Rowthorn (Lonely Planet). Paperback, 248 pages. Special price: $11.96 (20% savings).
Tokyo on a budget. Order from
Lonely Planet Japan (6th Edition), Chris Taylor et al (Lonely Planet). Paperback, 872 pages. Special price: $20.76 (20% savings).
A travel guide for backpackers and budget travelers. Order from

Japan-related books

Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur S. Golden (Vintage Books). Paperback, 434 pages. Special price: $7.00 (50% savings).
The highly acclaimed fictional autobiography of a geisha. Order from