Fuji Cafe
Komaba-Todaimae: Hawaiian
Fuji Cafe (Komaba-Todaimae: Hawaiian)
Fuji Cafe
Open 9am-9:30pm (Sat, Sun -6pm). Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays

A cute Hawaiian cafe tucked away near Komabatodaimae station, Fuji (aka Fujis) is a great place to go for coffee, conversation and, if you're hungry, lunch. They have an extensive menu of light snacks and full meals, exotic caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Prices for coffee and cocktails do run a bit high for the amount you get, but the friendly atmosphere and the obvious love that's put into each cup more than make up for it. Also, dessert drinks are served in mason jars, which I'll admit to having a weak spot for.

At the cheaper end of the scale, a cup of their original-blend Komaba coffee or one of their sugary Cafe Cubanos will cost around Y450, while Hawaiian-themed Coconut, Macadamia, and Salted Caramel lattes will run you Y600. At the upper end, homemade cocktails and the Aikane Plantation Ka'u coffee cost Y700-900.

Food is where Fuji really shines, and while they do have a nice espresso jelly and a few different cakes, dessert portions are on the small side, so I'd recommend dropping in for a full meal rather than an afternoon snack.

Meals come in American-sized portions - perfect on an especially hungry day - and they're delicious. For about Y1000 you can choose between Spam and Hamburg-steak Locomoco plates, an ahi poke rice bowl, a range of sandwiches and salads, and even German-style Weisswurst.

If you're here at breakfast time you'll find a reasonably priced menu of eggs, toast, and salad. And in the evenings it's not uncommon to see small groups of friends drinking Hawaiian beer, eating snacks and enjoying the atmosphere.

Small tables, limited interior space and lack of wifi make this less than ideal for working or studying, but it's a great place to drop by for a relaxed meal or just drinks and conversation with friends.

by Mary Sedarous
Meguro-ku, Komaba 3-11-14.
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