Tokyo Shoten
Ryogoku: Sake bar
Tokyo Shoten (Ryogoku: Sake bar)
Tokyo Shoten
Open 11am-10:40pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

There are thirty different types of sake to sample at this casual standing bar, and surprisingly all of them are made by breweries within Tokyo city limits. To add to the novelty factor, the sake is dispensed from vending machines - just insert your 300 yen and press the button for a perfect 40ml tasting-size pour.

You can stand and drink your sake at one of the six small tables, perhaps pairing it with tiny salty delicacies like pickled hakusai. Snacks are Y300 for a set of three (or Y100 each), and you order by selecting photos from a touch-screen picture menu. You can help yourself to water, chopsticks, and napkins from the self-service area, and bus your tableware when you're done.

The bar is located inside the new (November 2016) Edo Noren restaurant-shopping complex in front of Ryogoku station, which specializes in local Tokyo cuisine and products. When we first visited at 4pm the shop was empty, but by 5pm it was jam-packed; don't worry though - people tend to come and go quickly. In addition to the tasting area there's a shop in front where you can buy sake, craft beer and various Tokyo-made foods and souvenirs.

Sumida-ku, Yokoami 1-3-20, Edo Noren 1F.
“Œ‹ž“s–n“c‹ζ‰‘–Τ1-3-20 ]ŒΛNOREN 1ŠK

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