Koenji: Ramen
JAC (Koenji: Ramen)
Open 11:30am-3, 6pm-midnight. Closed Sun eve, Mon.

Tokushima, a major city on Japan's smallest major island of Shikoku, is home to one of the most famous local styles of ramen. The signature points are a heavy, porky soup flavored with soy sauce and topped with a sliced pork stir fry and a raw egg. A few shops have made the 600km journey from Tokushima to Tokyo, and JAC is one of them.

JAC is actually more of a Tokushima-inspired bowl. Sure, the fried pork and raw egg are there, but the soup is a little more refined, blending chicken and pork to give a more mellow taste. Their deluxe bowl (JAC Soba Y900) is worth it; a bit more fried pork and an extra half-cooked egg make for a satisfying slurp.

by Brian MacDuckston
Suginami-ku, Koenji-Kita 1-4-12.
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