Full of Beans
Kanazawa: Cafe
Full of Beans
Open 11am-11pm. Closed Wednesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

Onigiri junkies should plan on stopping into this artsy cafe known for its rotating selection of homemade rice balls. Grab a few to go, or hunker down in the bohemian dining room for a lunch set featuring a random assortment of ever-changing side dishes and soups selected by the cooks.

You'll most likely have a different meal from your dining companions - a hodgepodge of Japanese-, Western- and Southeast Asian-inspired fare. The a la carte menu features Thai and Japanese curries, hamburg steak and Loco Moco. This warm and homey cafe is the perfect place to sip a latte or enjoy a tea and cake set before exploring the art gallery on the second floor. English menus are available.

by Rachel Krampfner
Kanazawa, Satomicho 41-1.
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