Hogoneko Cafe
Nipponbashi: Cat cafe
Hogoneko Cafe
Open 1-8pm (last entry 7pm). Closed Wednesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

This is the first all-cat branch of the Hogoken group of rescue-dog cafes, and the fifteen or so cats in residence here are all available for adoption. The shop follows the usual cat-cafe system - unlike Hogoken's dog cafes, there's a cover charge for a sixty-minute visit, and one drink (tea or coffee) is included with your entrance fee.

During an early-evening visit the cats here seemed to be more active than average, with more prowling around tabletops and less napping. Most visitor seating is on cushions on the floor, and the available table space tends to be crowded with paperwork for prospective adopters. Coffee and tea are served in unspillable, well-sealed mugs to prevent accidents.

Osaka Chuo-ku, Dotonbori 1-chome Higashi 4-7.
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