Fukuro no Mise
Minami Morimachi: Bird cafe
Fukuro no Mise
Open noon-8pm. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays

If you're looking for an alternative to the usual cat cafe, Fukuro no Mise ("The Owl Shop") lets you hang out and interact with the shop's two dozen resident owls. Admission is Y1500 for a 50-minute session, including a soft drink, or Y1700 if you'd prefer a beer.

After a ten-minute orientation session, during which a staff member explains the shop's extensive set of rules with the help of an owl-shaped puppet, patrons can put on heavy leather arm-protectors and learn how to properly hold an owl. Six of the owls are tame enough to touch and gently handle, while the remainder of the flock are available to participate in photo sessions and staring contests with visitors.

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Minami Morimachi
Tenmabashi 1-10-13.
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