Take-out menus and bakeries
Maison Kayser (Ikebukuro - Bakery). 3980-8880
Excellent pastries and breads to go from this French bakery, or you can relax with a cup of coffee or tea and a snack in the cafe area. There are a few outdoor tables for when the weather permits. The bakery is open from 8am.
SunmapToshima-ku, Higashi-Ikebukuro 3-1-2, Sunshine City Alpa 1F. Open 11am-9pm (LO) daily.
Riki (Ikebukuro - Yakiton). 5957-5529
Located just a minute or two from Ikebukuro station, this bustling izakaya is an easy stop for a quick bite and a drink on the way home, and the crowded ground-floor counter is full of solo diners as well as groups. Unlike most yakiton shops, they also have a take-out window in front where you can pick up skewers of grilled pork to go. [Show more]
SunmapToshima-ku, Nishi-Ikebukuro 1-15-3. Open 3-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Banh Mi Sandwich (Takadanobaba - Vietnamese). 5937-4547
This simply named shop sells freshly made Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches in several enticing varieties, including roast pork, grilled chicken with honey and lemongrass, ham and liver paste, and shrimp avocado, all served on fresh-baked bread with crunchy, not-too-sour pickled vegetables. [Show more]
mapShinjuku-ku, Takadanobaba 4-9-18. Open 11am-7pm (Sat -6pm). Closed Sundays, Mondays.
Myondon Norimaki (Okubo - Korean). 5292-4499
The unusual specialty of the house is Korean futomaki - fat sushi rolls filled with vegetables, bulgogi, cheese, kimchee, glutinous black rice - some ten variations in all, including a sampler set if you can't decide.
lateSunmapShinjuku-ku, Okubo 1-12-3. Open 24 hours a day.
Aureole (Shinjuku Gyoen-mae - Western). 3355-8447
European-style home cooking, wrap sandwiches and other "wrap cuisine" is the focus of the menu at this casual park-side cafe. Full-course vegetarian dinners are available, and everything on the menu is ready for take-out.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 1-3-12. (along the N side of Shinjuku Gyoen) Open 11:30am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
!Park Hyatt Delicatessen (Nishi-Shinjuku - Sandwiches/ deli). 5323-3635
Perhaps the best deli counter in town, with a huge selection of cold cuts, pates and salads. Lunches are priced from around Y1000, and breakfast is served on weekdays from 8 to 10:30am. The outdoor terrace seating is pleasant in warmer months.
no smokingSunmapShinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1-2, Park Hyatt Hotel 1F. Open 11am-8pm (Sat, Sun -7pm) daily.
Gontran Cherrier (Nishi-Shinjuku - Bakery). 5302-2282
From popular French baker Gontran Cherrier, this two-story bakery across from Shinjuku station produces top-grade breads, pastries and sandwiches, to eat in (in the upstairs cafe area) or to go. The selection includes interesting Japanese-inspired items like yuzu cheesecake and curry baguettes.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Yoyogi 2-2-1, Southern Terrace. Open 7:30am-10pm daily.
Arms Picnic (Nishi-Shinjuku - Burgers). 3466-5974
A convenient department-store outlet of the legendary Sangubashi burger shop, this Shinjuku branch of Arms offers smaller, picnic-size burger as an option. Besides the usual bacon, cheese, etc., the menu generally includes some interesting special seasonal toppings.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-1-5, Lumine 1, B1F. Open 10am-10pm daily.
Khao San (Nishi-Shinjuku - Thai). 5909-7450
Good Bangkok street-stall food in this department-store basement, including dishes like Nam Phrik Kapi (shrimp and chili paste with vegetables), stir-fries and spicy salads. Most of the menu is available for take-out, and popular items like curries and pad thai are ready to go immediately.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-1-5, Lumine 1, B1F. Open 10am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Masala Hut (Harajuku - Nepalese). 3402-5010
Very good Indian curries, tandoori dishes, and Nepalese specialties. Full-course dinners from Y2500 (or Y2000 for the vegetarian special). The dining room is tiny but cheerful.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-21-15, Napole Harajuku 2F. (about one minute N of Harajuku Sta Takeshita-dori exit) Open 11am-3, 5-10:30pm daily.
Kebab Box J (Harajuku - Turkish). 3470-0706
First-rate doner kebabs, substantial in size, ready to take home or just eat on the sidewalk outside the shop. Kebabs are chicken, beef, or mixed, served in toasted pita bread and topped with a sauce that's mild, medium or extra-spicy. Y500.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-8-8, Coxy 188 Bldg 1F. Open 10:30am-9pm daily.
Chiles Mexican Grill (Harajuku - Tex-Mex). 6434-9693
The menu here covers the usual bases for fast-food Tex-Mex - tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, and burrito bowls - with beef, chicken and pork fillings and customizable toppings. Margaritas and other tequila and rum cocktails are available. (Open until 10pm Saturdays, 8pm Sundays, 4pm Mondays, 9pm other days.)
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-8-24. Open 11am-9pm daily.
Luke's (Harajuku - Sandwiches/ deli). 5778-3747
Lobster rolls - lobster meat on a toasted bun - are the specialty at this famous New York-based shop. All the lobsters come straight from Maine, and a display in front of the shop introduces their fisherman suppliers and identifies the lobster of the day. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-7-1. Open 11am-8pm daily.
Great Burger, The (Harajuku - Burgers). 3406-1215
Premium burgers, with Y1000 lunch sets till 4pm (2pm weekends).
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-12-7. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Farmers Market @ UNU (Omotesando - Retail). 0120-63-9672
Farm-fresh fruits and vegetables are on sale at the popular farmers market that pops up every weekend in front of UN University (across the street from Aoyama Gakuin). Besides the dozens of stalls there are also several food trucks selling coffee, curries, salads and other quick snacks. The hours are usually 10am-4pm, but they stay open until 8pm on the third Saturday of every month.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-53-70. Open 10am-4pm (weekends only).
Kua 'Aina (Omotesando - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3407-8001
Hawaiian-style burgers and deli sandwiches.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-10-21. (on the corner of Kotto-dori and Aoyama-dori, across from Max Mara) Open 11:30am-10pm (LO) daily.
Breadworks (Omotesando - Bakery). 6434-1244
The original Breadworks is in Tennoz Isle next to TY Harbor Brewery; this new branch is attached to TY's sister restaurant Cicada, and offers a similarly inspiring selection of pastries and savory breads and rolls.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-7-28. Open 8am-9pm daily.
Tinun Aoyama (Omotesando - Thai). 5766-5811
This branch of the ubiquitous budget Thai chain has a larger-than-average menu, good food and take-out service. The decor is also a cut above the norm.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-1-25, Kitamura Bldg B1F. (on Aoyama-dori a few doors down from Andersen) Open 11am-9pm (lunch to 2) daily.
Andersen (bread shop) (Omotesando - Bakery). 3407-4833
This particular branch is one of Tokyo's better bakeries, with many varieties of fresh bread and pastries, baked on the premises. They also sell premade sandwiches to go.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-1-26. Open 7am-9pm daily.
Andersen (sandwich counter) (Omotesando - Sandwiches/ deli). 3407-4833
Excellent made-to-order sandwiches and salads in the basement deli area underneath the bread store.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-1-26. Open 9am-9pm daily.
!Eat (Gaienmae - Burgers). 6459-2432
This ambitious American-style diner serves one of the few lamb burgers in town, and they do a terrific job (¥1300, or ¥1700 for a double patty). With minimal dressing on the burger, it's all about the very flavorful meat, beautifully grilled and lightly seasoned. If you prefer something beefier, the shop's flagship Kobe beef burger is very impressive, as are the regular wagyu burger and the Balentien burger, which is a spicy Cajun chicken patty. [Show more]
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 2-27-18. Open 11:30am-5:30, 6-10pm (LO) daily.
Pommeke (Gaienmae - Belgian rest/beer bar). 6804-5884
Belgian frites (fried potatoes) - prepared by a former chef at the Belgian embassy - are the specialty at this casual standing bar. Frites are priced at Y550 for a medium-size portion (actually fairly hefty) and Y650 for an even larger ration. They come with a choice of plain mayonnaise or several other dips (although some of the extra-special dips run an extra Y50). If you're very hungry you can add on small side dishes like meatballs in tomato sauce or Flemish carbonade, a delicious beef and onion stew made with brown beer.
no smokingSunmapMinato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 2-12-27. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Saigon (Shibuya - Vietnamese). 3477-4684
A good take-out menu, and a few counter seats where you can grab a quick curry while shopping.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-24-1, Tokyu Toyoko-ten, B1F. Open 10am-8pm. Closed Thursdays.
Viron (Shibuya - Bakery). 5458-1770
Great French cafe-style sandwiches, quiches and pastries to take out; there's also a pleasant cafe upstairs.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Udagawacho 33-8. Open 9am-10pm daily.
Cheese Stand (Shibuya - Cheese). 6407-9806
Artisanal mozzarella and ricotta cheeses are freshly made right here in Shibuya in this combination retail shop, cafe and factory. Take them home - fresh mozzarella is Y550/100g, ricotta Y470 - or pull up a chair in the cafe corner and peruse the cheese-centered menu.
mapShibuya-ku, Kamiyamacho 5-8. Open 11am-10pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
Kua 'Aina (Shibuya - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3409-3200
Big Hawaiian-style hamburgers and assorted sandwiches, plus Hawaiian microbrews from Kona Brewing Company.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-10-4. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Gontran Cherrier Bakery (Shibuya - Bakery). 6418-9581
The first Tokyo "artisanal bakery" from famous French baker Gontran Cherrier produces first-rate breads, pastries and sandwiches. The selection includes some interesting Japanese-inspired items like yuzu cheesecake and curry baguettes.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Shibuya 1-14-11, BC Salon 1F. Open 7:30am-9pm daily.
!Blacows (Ebisu - Burgers). 3477-2914
Run by a Japanese meat company, Blacows specializes in gourmet burgers made from black Angus wagyu beef, coarsely ground and very juicy. A full-time butcher occupies one corner of the kitchen and prepares all the meat for the patties. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 2-11-9. Open 11am-11pm daily.
King George (Daikanyama - Sandwiches/ deli). 6277-5734
The fancy artisanal sandwiches include appetizing concoctions like the Meathead, made with turkey, turkey pastrami and jalapenos (Y1600) and roast chicken with white cheddar and mint (Y1500). They even do a tuna melt with provolone. Drinks include juices, smoothies and gourmet coffee and tea. Some outdoor seating is available, on the roof.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Daikanyamacho 11-13, Fudosan Bldg 2F. Open 11am-9pm (Sat -10, Sun -6) daily.
Le Souffle (Nishi-Azabu - French). 5474-0909
A wide range of savory and dessert souffles. (Lunch menu to 2:30pm.)
SunmapMinato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 3-13-10. Open noon-10pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
Sawamura (Nishi-Azabu - Bakery). 5421-8686
The ground-floor bakery includes a cafe area where you can enjoy fresh-baked bread and pastries with your morning coffee from 7am.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Azabu 5-1-6, La Saccaia Minami-Azabu 1/2 F. Open 7-10am, 11am-4pm, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Burger Mania (Hiroo - Burgers). 5422-7899
Good American-style gourmet burgers and sandwiches are served here, with six taps of craft beer in different styles - lager, pale ale, IPA and so on. Draft beers are Y880 and Y1100 (370ml and 473ml sizes), and some bottles and cans are also available.
SunmapMinato-ku, Minami-Azabu 5-15-25 2F. Open 11:30am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Homework's (Hiroo - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3444-4560
Some of the best burgers in town, along with terrific salads and sandwiches.
no smokingSunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 5-1-20. Open 11am-9pm (LO) (Sun. to 6pm). Open every day.
Burger Mania (Shirokanedai - Burgers). 3442-2200
The original shop of this popular burger chain serves American-style gourmet burgers and sandwiches. Craft-beer fans can choose from six beers on draft, including one each of stout, lager, pale ale, and IPA styles and one seasonal beer. Draft beers are Y880 and Y1100 (370ml and 473ml sizes), and some bottles and cans are also available.
SunmapMinato-ku, Shirokane 6-5-7. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Kua 'Aina (Gotanda - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5437-3800
Hawaiian-style hamburgers and sandwiches, plus microbrews from Kona Brewing Company.
SunmapShinagawa-ku, Nishi-Gotanda 1-26-7. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
7025 Franklin Avenue (Gotanda - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3441-5028
West coast-style burgers and sandwiches, with delivery service and a pleasant outdoor patio.
SunmapShinagawa-ku, Higashi-Gotanda 3-15-18. Open 11am-9pm daily.
Bon Appetit (Mita - Curry). 3452-8062
An old standby in the Mita neighborhood, this long-running basement shop has solid wooden furniture, stucco walls, odd little paintings and soft jazz playing in the background. The roux for the European-style curries is quite good, but what really sets this place apart is the quality of the meat - nice lean chunks of pork and very tasty and tender chicken. The mixed meat or all-chicken options are recommended. The boiled potatoes are also very nice.
mapMinato-ku, Shiba 4-6-16. Open 11am-3, 5:30-9:30pm. Closed weekends.
Le Pain Quotidien (Shiba-koen - Bakery). 6430-4157
Located inside a park and surrounded by greenery, this popular Belgian organic bakery is famous for their large communal table, although they also offer smaller tables for two or four. The interior is quite spacious, and there's also some terrace seating out front. You can drop in for coffee and pastries anytime from 7:30am.
SunmapMinato-ku, Shiba-Koen 3-3-1. Open 7:30am-9pm (LO) daily.
Frijoles (Roppongi - Tex-Mex). 6447-1433
Gourmet burritos, tacos, and fajitas, all made from premium organic ingredients. Choose from grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork), steak or vegetarian filling; prices range from Y800-1100. Everything is available for take-out, and you can fax your order in advance. There are a few outdoor courtyard tables for when the weather permits.
mapMinato-ku, Roppongi 6-6-9, Piramide Bldg. 1F. Open 11am-10pm. Closed 2nd Sunday.
Malin's (Roppongi - British). 5413-6851
Gourmet fish and chips are the specialty here, and the chips are especially well prepared. Boxed sets of cod, chips and mushy peas (or other side sauce) are priced Y1300-1500, and everything can be eaten here or to go.
SunmapMinato-ku, Roppongi 7-12-3. Open noon-10pm (Fri, Sat -11pm) daily.
!Homework's (Azabu-Juban - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3405-9884
They grill up some of the best burgers in town, and also assemble great sandwiches (including an inspirational shrimp and avocado combination) and voluminous baskets of French fries.
no smokingSunmapMinato-ku, Azabu-Juban 1-5-8. Open 11am-9pm (LO), Sundays to 6pm. Open every day.
Hudson Market Bakers (Azabu-Juban - Bakery). 5545-5458
The concept here is a New York-style bakery-cafe in the heart of Azabu-Juban, selling top-quality cheesecake, carrot cake, brownies, cookies, cornbread and pastries just like you'd find in New York. There's a small eat-in corner where you can enjoy your sweets along with a cup of coffee or tea.
SunmapMinato-ku, Azabu-Juban 1-8-6. Open 11am-8pm (Sat, Sun -7pm). Closed Mondays.
Frijoles (Azabu-Juban - Tex-Mex). 6459-4095
Decent fast-food-style burritos, tacos, and fajitas, all made from premium organic ingredients. Choose from grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork), steak or vegetarian filling; prices range from Y800-1100. There's a small but tastefully appointed dining area, or you can take out.
no smokingSunmapMinato-ku, Azabu-Juban 2-3-5. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Hainan Chi-fan (Akasaka - Singaporean). 6802-5512
A cozy little shop specializing in the famous Singaporean chicken-rice dish and a surprisingly big menu of other street-stall dishes; some take-out is available.
SunmapMinato-ku, Akasaka 5-3-1, Akasaka Biz Tower B1F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Frijoles (Tameike - Tex-Mex). 6459-1763
Decent fast-food-style burritos, tacos, and fajitas, all made from premium organic ingredients. Choose from grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork), steak or vegetarian filling; prices range from Y800-1100. Outdoor seating is available.
no smokingmapMinato-ku, Akasaka 2-11-13, Common Akasaka 1F. Open 11am-8pm. Closed weekends.
Devi Fusion (Roppongi 1-chome - Indian). 5570-4335
Don't come here looking for fusion cooking - it's all straight-ahead curries and tandoori items, above average in quality although sometimes overly salted. One thing that sets them apart is the Hoegaarden on draft, a refreshing Belgian white beer that provides a very pleasant contrast with the spicy dishes. The decor is fairly pedestrian, with sports on the big-screen TV, but at least the smoking and non-smoking sections are on separate floors.
SunmapMinato-ku, Roppongi 3-3-15. Open 11:30am-10:30pm daily.
!Fermintxo Boca (Roppongi 1-chome - Spanish). 6426-5760
Alluring Basque-style bocadillo baguette sandwiches are served at lunchtime here, and the namesake Fermintxo Boca sandwich (grilled Iberico pork loin, mozzarella and pimento) is especially recommended, as is the Iberico-pork sausage variety. [Show more]
no smokingmapMinato-ku, Roppongi 1-4-5, Ark Hills South Tower 1F. Open 11am-3, 5-10pm (LO; Sat -9pm). Closed Sundays, holidays.
3rd Burger (Roppongi 1-chome - Burgers). 6459-1947
Budget almost-gourmet burgers in a fast-food setting, along with fruit and vegetable smoothies. Pungent marinated Japanese mustard greens and wasabi-tartar sauce add some sparkle to the namesake 3rd Burger.
SunmapMinato-ku, Roppongi 1-4-5, Ark Hills South Tower B1F. Open 8am-10pm (LO) daily.
Komeraku (Shiodome - Japanese). 3572-6621
Choose from over 30 varieties of chazuke - with both katsuo- and pork-based broth - at this modest little budget shop. Side dishes and drinks are served in the evening, plus chazuke-centered set meals like pork shogayaki. Take-out is available.
SunmapMinato-ku, Higashi-Shimbashi 1-9-1, Pedi Shiodome 2F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Aux Bacchanales (Ginza - Cafe). 3569-0202
This popular Tokyo French cafe-bakery serves light snacks all day (quiche, omelettes, salade nicoise), plus more substantial prix-fixe lunches until 3pm (Y1260).
SunmapChuo-ku, Ginza 6-3-2, Gallery Center Bldg 1F. Open 9am-11pm daily.
Pantry (Marunouchi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5221-8666
Great sandwiches, American-style burgers and substantial salads (from the same management as Homework's in Hiroo). They deliver over a wide area from Nihonbashi down to Shimbashi/Uchisaiwaicho.
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-3-1, Shin-Tokyo Bldg. 1F. Open 11am-9pm (weekends -6pm). Closed Sundays.
Viron (Marunouchi - Cafe). 5220-7289
A combination bakery and brasserie; it also features a small standup bar serving ten wines by the glass - a good place to meet up before dining nearby.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 1F. Open 10am-midnight daily.
Yabaton Kitte Granche (Marunouchi - Kushiage). 3211-8810
Yabaton is Nagoya's most popular tonkatsu shop, and this small take-out stand offers not just tonkatsu but also a good selection of inexpensive kushiage and other deep-fried fare. Choose your own selection from kushi-katsu (basic deep-fried pork on skewers), pork with basil and cheese, crunchy pork-stuffed lotus root, pork cutlet with big chunks of leek, and spicy mentaiko (cod or pollock roe) with oba leaf. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte B1F. Open 10am-9pm (Sun -8pm) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Marunouchi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5220-2400
Hawaiian-style burgers and sandwiches. The atrium deck is very airy and pleasant, but seating there is limited.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 5F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Umum Good Burritos (Marunouchi - Tex-Mex). 3284-3301
If you were a creative chef who had read about burritos and seen pictures, but had no idea how to make them, this is what you might come up with. Tandoori lamb, sloppy joe filling, brown rice, curry-flavored sauce - these are just some of the surprises in store, along with dessert burritos and soy-milk smoothies. All in all a novel experience for Y750, although we would have preferred a much bigger portion of meat filling.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. B1F. Open 11am-9pm (Sat, Sun -8pm) daily.
Dean & Deluca (Marunouchi - American). 3284-7071
Mostly an all-day cafe/restaurant, although they also have a small deli counter and grocery section with coffees and teas, spices, baked goods, cold cuts, four kinds of smoked salmon, and real dill pickles. Groceries cover the luxury end of the spectrum, with Y1800 jars of pasta sauce and exotic pates.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-5, Mitsubishi Trust Building 1F. Open 7am-11pm daily.
Ekibenya Matsuri (Yaesu - Retail). 3213-4352
Eki-ben - bento boxes sold at train stations that are built around regional dishes or special local ingredients - have a long tradition in Japan. Celebrating that tradition, this very popular shop inside Tokyo station sells an astonishing 170 different eki-ben from various stations throughout Japan - all freshly prepared. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Tokyo Station Central Street 1F. Open 5:30am-11pm daily.
Nishimura Biyori (Yaesu - Japanese regional). 3215-2468
Akashiyaki is like takoyaki, only lighter and fluffier, with bits of tender Akashi octopus in the center; here it's Y850 for a plate. They also make yakisoba, okonomiyaki, and a variety of inexpensive teppanyaki grilled foods. One of the nicer Kitchen Street interiors, with a big wooden counter and tables. Take-out is also available. English menu.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Kitchen Street (1F). Open 8am-10pm (LO) daily.
Lou (Yaesu - Dim sum). 6256-0377
Chinese dumplings - to eat in or take out - are the specialty of this Kamakura-based shop inside the new Gran Roof complex next to Tokyo Station. The take-out menu includes three types of gyoza (shrimp, shrimp-shiso and pork-shrimp), three types of shumai, pork buns and a few rice dishes. Dumplings start at around Y100 per dumpling, and there's a Y1500 deluxe bento if you want to splurge.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Tokyo Gran Roof B1F. Open 10am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Yabaton (Yaesu - Tonkatsu). 3212-8810
One of Nagoya's most famous tonkatsu shops, Yabaton is known for their tasty miso-slathered cutlets and their cute pig-sumo wrestler mascot. The teppan tonkatsu (¥1365) is their best-selling dish - a hefty portion of fatty pork cutlet covered in a sweetish miso sauce, laid over a bed of cabbage and served on a metal platter that steams and sizzles at it arrives in front of you. The large and very meaty pork soup is highly recommended as a side dish.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Tokyo Gran Roof B1F. Open 10am-10pm (LO) daily.
Frijoles (Otemachi - Tex-Mex). 6256-0388
Decent fast-food-style burritos, tacos, and fajitas, all made from premium organic ingredients. Choose from grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork), steak or vegetarian filling; prices range from Y800-1100.
no smokingmapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-5-1, Otemachi First Square East 1F. Open 11am-10pm (Sat -6pm). Closed Sundays.
Maison Kayser (Nihonbashi - Bakery). 3516-0030
Excellent breads and pastries are available to take out, or you can stop for a pastry and an espresso in the lobby seating area. There's also a nice lunch menu, priced at Y1200 and Y1600.
SunmapChuo-ku, Nihonbashi 1-4-1, Coredo Nihonbashi B1F. Open 7am-10pm daily.
Faith (Akebonobashi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 6661-3353
Charcoal-grilled gourmet burgers and sandwiches can be ordered for delivery within most of Shinjuku and Chiyoda wards. Sandwiches are priced Y980-1500, with a line-up of Cajun Smoked Chicken; Reuben; Pastrami; Shrimp Avocado and ten more varieties.
mapShinjuku-ku, Arakicho 16, Espero Bldg 101. Open 11:30am-3, 5-8pm. Closed Sundays, Tuesdays.
Siddique (Akebonobashi - Indian). 3358-8100
Reliable budget curries to take out or eat in at this branch of the popular budget Indian chain. Lunch service until 5pm.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Sumiyoshicho 2-9. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Paul (bakery) (Yotsuya - Bakery). 5368-8823
European-style bread, pastries, and a big assortment of sandwiches to go.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 1-5-25, Atre Yotsuya 2F. Open 7:30am-9:30pm daily.
Aux Bacchanales (Kioicho - French). 5276-3422
A bright and airy branch of this French-cafe landmark, located directly in front of the New Otani Hotel. There's a take-out bakery at the entrance, a big cafe area, a smaller dining room for proper French meals, and plenty of outdoor seating, heated in winter. Lunches in the dining room start at Y850; full-course dinners from Y3800. The cafe serves light snacks like quiche, omelettes, salade nicoise and steak frites.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Kioicho 4-1, Shin-Kioicho Bldg. 1F. Open 10am-11pm daily.
Gojuban (Kagurazaka - Retail). 3260-0066
Famous throughout Japan for their manju (Chinese steamed buns), available in 15 varieties.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka 3-2. Open 9:30am-11pm (LO) daily.
Paul (Kagurazaka - Bakery). 6280-7723
Good pastries and sandwiches, to eat in or take out, at this French-based bakery-cafe.
no smokingmapShinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka 5-1-4, Kagurazaka Terrace 1F. Open 10am-10pm. Closed Sundays.
!Yamituki Curry (Iidabashi - Curry). 3556-0703
The original Japanese curries here incorporate umami-rich coconut milk, ripe tomatoes and cheese as well as fresh seasonal vegetables. Some popular options (from Y730) are oysters and spinach with baked cheese; ripe tomato, eggplant and chicken; and pork-cabbage, while extra toppings (mostly Y100) include corn, bamboo shoots, coriander, garlic shoots and tofu. Curries are also available to take out.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Fujimi 2-11-12. Open 11am-11pm daily.
!Bondy (Jimbocho - Curry). 3234-2080
Bondy's European-style curry sauce is scrumptious, with a natural fruit sweetness, well-balanced spices and complex flavors. There aren't many mixed-ingredient options, but the shrimp, clam and chicken combo is quite good. It features plump shrimps and juicy, flavorful clams along with button mushrooms, almonds and a sprig of watercress on top - a nice touch - plus umeboshi and a couple of sweet and delicious potatoes on the side. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Kanda Jimbocho 2-3, Kosho Center 2F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
!!Yamituki Curry (Jimbocho - Curry). 3295-5105
The original Japanese curries here incorporate umami-rich coconut milk, ripe tomatoes and cheese as well as fresh seasonal vegetables. Some popular options (from Y730) are oysters and spinach with baked cheese; ripe tomato, eggplant and chicken; and pork-cabbage, while extra toppings (mostly Y100) include corn, bamboo shoots, coriander, garlic shoots and tofu.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Kanda Jimbocho 1-56-3. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Chantoya Coconut Curry (Ogawamachi - Curry). 5281-4747
A dozen varieties of coconut-based, vegetable-filled, Thai-inspired, Japanese-style curries are on offer here, with 25 optional toppings, including baked cheese. The attractively decorated space is furnished with several tables as well as the usual counter, and there's a take-out window if you want to bring your curry home. Curries start at Y750; beers and cocktails are Y500.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Kanda Ogawamachi 3-28-7. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO; Sat, Sun -8:30pm) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Ogawamachi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3518-0050
Hawaiian-style hamburgers and sandwiches, plus Hawaiian microbrews from Kona Brewing Company (Y500/bottle). Deliveries to 9pm.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Kanda Surugadai 3-5. Open 11am-10:30pm daily.
Ismy (Bakurocho - Cafe). 5823-4222
This artsy cafe-bar has a very local, neighborhood feel - there are books and magazines to peruse, a small gallery space upstairs and regular art events. The food menu features pies both sweet (blueberry, custard) and savory (shrimp-tomato cream, tomato-meat) along with salads and other light fare.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Higashi-Kanda 1-14-2. Open 11:30am-10pm (LO; Sun -6pm) daily.
Ume no Hana (Ueno - Tofu). 3834-7712
A tofu and yuba specialty restaurant with branches throughout Japan. Full-course dinners range from Y3,600; lunch from Y1,900. Take-out bento are also available. [Go to branch review]
SunmapTaito-ku, Ueno 1-20-11, Suzunoya Bldg 5F. Open 11am-3, 5-9pm (LO) daily.
Ichibanya (Asakusa - Retail). 3842-5001
There are many places around town where you can buy sembei crackers, but Ichibanya is the most entertaining. Here you can choose from over a hundred varieties, with exotic flavors like wasabi, hot pepper, shiso, plum, garlic, and seaweed. There are surprises like spicy cod roe and bonito, mysterious "salad" flavors, and shiso with sweet icing. [Show more]
SunmapTaito-ku, Asakusa 1-31-1. Open 9am-7pm daily.
Yukari (Asakusa - Chicken). 3845-3433
This highly regarded take-out-only shop offers extra-crispy and extra-juicy options, as well as a garlic-packed version. You can also choose chicken wings, nankotsu (chicken with crunchy cartilage) and fried and pounded chicken skin. The extra-crispy version indeed does have a very satisfying crunch, even after you get it home.
SunmapTaito-ku, Asakusa 1-24-7. Open 10am-10pm daily.
!Fire House (Hongo - Burgers). 3815-6044
A pioneer of Tokyo's gourmet hamburger scene, this charmingly rustic little shop offers more than a dozen burgers to choose from, with variations like apple-mozzarella, mushroom-mozzarella and coriander-avocado-tomato guacamole. The hamburger meat is juicy, bacon (when you order it) is properly crisp, and relish and other condiments are restrained. [Show more]
SunmapBunkyo-ku, Hongo 4-5-10. Open 11am-10pm (LO; Sun. 7pm) daily.
Maui Mike's (Hakusan - Chicken). 3830-0139
Maui Mike's succulent, "fire-roasted" rotisserie chicken comes with your choice of seven dipping sauces, including chili, yuzu pepper and spicy BBQ. Rounding out the menu are various salads, pulled BBQ sandwiches and scones. There's a surprisingly big cocktail menu in addition to budget wines and Hawaiian beers, and most of the menu is available to take out.
SunmapBunkyo-ku, Hakusan 5-32-13. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Daiba - Sandwiches/ burgers). 3599-2800
Gourmet Hawaiian-style burgers and mahi-mahi sandwiches, plus Kona microbrew beers.
SunmapMinato-ku, Daiba 1-7-1, Aqua City 4F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Breadworks (Tennozu Isle - Bakery). 5479-3666
Luxuriously spacious and modern in feel, this combination bakery-cafe is a comfortable place to relax with a coffee and pastry, or a quiche, cup of soup and salad. There's also a bit of outdoor seating overlooking the adjacent canal. Take-out breads include tempting savory creations like gorgonzola-walnut and bacon-rosemary rolls, as well as focacia, whole-grain loaves, bread made with beer yeast (from TY Harbor Brewery next door) and assorted pastries and cakes.
SunmapShinagawa-ku, Higashi-Shinagawa 2-1-6. Open 8am-8pm daily.
Le Jardin Gaulois (Higashi-Nakano - Retail). 3227-0161
Marvel at the huge selection of authentic French terrines, quiches, tarts and cakes to take out. From the management of Brin de Muguet restaurant in Ogikubo.
SunmapNakano-ku, Higashi-Nakano 3-1-17. Open 8am-midnight. Closed Mondays.
Kyle's Good Finds (Nakano - Bakery). 3385-8993
Cakes, pies, cookies and muffins made by New York baker Kyle Sexton.
mapNakano-ku, Arai 2-7-10. Open 10am-6pm. Closed Sundays.
Myondon Norimaki (Koenji - Korean). 3316-8866
With its overhead backlit menus and unpretentious furnishings, this late-night joint looks like a cross between a fast-food stand and a Chinese noodle shop. The unusual specialty of the house is Korean futomaki - fat sushi rolls filled with vegetables, bulgogi, cheese, kimchee, glutinous black rice - some ten variations in all, including a sampler set if you can't decide.
lateSunmapSuginami-ku, Koenji-Minami 4-25-4. Open 11am-3am daily.
Sekkomon (Ogikubo - Dim sum). 5347-0522
Above-average budget Chinese in a spiffed-up dining room; the specialties are dim sum (including soup-filled shoronpo dumplings), Chinese desserts (featuring their home-made sweet tofu), and noodles, plus a dozen varieties of Chinese tea. Almost the entire menu is available for take-out.
SunmapSuginami-ku, Kami-Ogi 1-7-1, Lumine 5F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Atre Kichijoji (Kichijoji - Retail). 0422-22-1401
This branch of JR's Atre shopping complex offers a sprawling, rather impressive food hall, on a par with Shinjuku department-store food floors.
SunmapMusashino-shi, Kichijoji Minamicho 1-1-24. Open 10am-9pm daily.
Rose Bakery (Kichijoji - Cafe). 0422-22-1506
Good breads, cakes and vegetable salads at this cute, plant-filled bakery-cafe inside the Atre shopping mall. Lunch options include a "plate of vegetables" and vegetable tarts with salad as well as burgers. They also have branches in London and Paris. Open from 9am on weekends.
no smokingSunmapMusashino-shi, Kichijoji Minamicho 1-1-24, Atre Kichijoji 1F. Open 8am-10pm daily.
Midori-zushi (Kichijoji - Sushi). 0422-27-5581
You'll find high-quality fish at affordable prices (Y3000-5000 with a few drinks) at this popular mid-priced chain, but you may have to wait on line during peak hours.
SunmapMusashino-shi, Kichijoji Minamicho 1-1-24, Atre Kichijoji B1F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Le Pain Quotidien (Hatsudai - Bakery). 6276-4815
The second Tokyo branch of the internationally famous Belgian organic bakery is open from 7:30am, serving coffee and pastries, salads and tartines - open-face Belgian sandwiches with toppings like smoked salmon-avocado and ham-gruyere cheese. There's also a bar serving wine and beer.
SunmapShinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 3-20-2, Tokyo Opera City Tower, 1F. Open 7:30am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
!Malin's (Hatagaya - British). 6383-4153
Gourmet fish and chips are the specialty here, with boxed sets of cod, chips and mushy peas (or other side sauce) priced Y1300-1500. They also serve a variety of pies - beef and beer, chicken mushroom, vegetable and minced meat, and seafood - for Y1250 with chips.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Hatagaya 2-8-15. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Torian (Hatagaya - Chicken). 5351-1755
Mostly a local neighborhood take-out joint, Torian also provides a few seats if you want to eat here. The chicken is on the juicy end of the scale and nicely seasoned; variations include nankotsu (cartilage) and gizzards as well as thigh meat.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Hatagaya 2-8-9. Open 11:30am-2, 4:30-midnight. Closed 1st, 3rd Wed.
Arms (Sangubashi - Burgers). 3466-5970
You'll find excellent gourmet hamburgers at this pleasant little parkside cafe, including some interesting special toppings that change seasonally.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Yoyogi 5-64-7. (across from the west entrance to Yoyogi Park, between Yoyogi-Koen and Sangubashi stations) Open 11am-11pm daily.
Arms (Yoyogi-Koen - Burgers). 3466-5974
Good burgers to go, including some interesting seasonal variations, at this take-out-only branch of the popular gourmet burger shop. They also offer delivery service to most of Shibuya-ku.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Tomigaya 1-9-21. Open 11am-10pm. Closed Mondays.
!Mi Choripan (Yoyogi-Uehara - Argentine). 5790-9300
Mi Choripan proudly serves up what they call "Argentinian Soul Food" - overstuffed chorizo-sausage sandwiches seasoned with chimichurri, a piquant sauce made from minced garlic, oregano and other herbs, olive oil and vinegar. The sandwiches are commonly sold from street stalls in Argentina and other parts of Latin America, and now here in Tokyo. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Uehara 2-4-8. Open 11am-10pm (Mon 11-8). Closed Tue, 2nd, 4th Mon.
Baja (Naka-Meguro - Tex-Mex). 3715-2929
The plump, meaty pork and guacamole burritos serves here are a stand-out, while the chicken burritos and various tacos are also quite popular. The narrow, 8-seat shop attracts a local late-night crowd and can get a bit smoky at times; the entire menu is also available for take-out.
lateSunmapMeguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 1-16-12. Open 5pm-5am (Sat, Sun noon-) daily.
Potager Marche (Naka-Meguro - Cafe). 6303-1105
Gorgeous vegetable bentos, deli-style dishes, soups, vegetable pastries and juices are all ready to take away at this deli-style branch of the nearby Patisserie Potager; there's also a small in-store cafe area if you want to eat here. The ten-piece vegetable nigiri sushi (Y1260) is a standout.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 2-18-13. Open 11:30am-10pm. Closed Mondays.
Patisserie Potager (Naka-Meguro - Bakery). 6279-7753
If you love dessert but also love vegetables, this unique pastry shop is the place for you. Sample tempting creations like avocado cheesecake, buckwheat chai mousse, arugula jelly with black-sesame and soy-milk mousse, and daikon and yuzu mousse wrapped in chocolate. There's a twenty-seat open-air terrace cafe in front of the shop where you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee along with your vegetable-based sweets.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 2-44-9. Open 10am-8pm (LO 7:30) daily.
!Ka-Ku-Ra (Naka-Meguro - Curry). 3710-0299
Medicinal-herb curries are the specialty here; prices range from Y1000-1900. They often run out, so call ahead or have a backup plan.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 2-42-13. Open noon-1:30, 6-11:30pm (LO). Closed Tuesdays.
Moriyama (Gakugeidaigaku-mae - Chicken). 3719-5730
Special blended spices, ginger and home-cultivated garlic are some of the flavor secrets of the fried chicken here, and several different cuts of chicken are available to choose from. This small neighborhood take-out shop is the only Tokyo branch of a popular Kyushu-based chain.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Takaban 2-8-21. Open 11am-7:45pm (LO) daily.
Potato Cream (Jiyugaoka - Cafe). 3725-0222
Mashed potatoes topped with pasta-style cream sauces - that's the rather unique offering at this tiny food stand. There are five choices of sauce, in variations like seasonal-vegetable curry and turnip-chicken-gorgonzola. Each order is Y550.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Jiyugaoka 1-25-2. Open 11:30am-8pm. Closed Wednesdays.
Kua 'Aina (Koshigaya Laketown - Sandwiches/ burgers). 048-990-1377
American-style sandwiches and burgers are the draw here, along with Hawaiian microbrew beers.
SunmapSaitama-ken Koshigaya-shi, Azumacho 4-21-1, Aeon Laketown Kaze 3F. Open 10am-10pm (LO) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Yokohama Sta. - Sandwiches/ burgers). 045-450-7202
Good American-style sandwiches and burgers are the draw here along with Hawaiian microbrew beers. In the evenings they also offer a few Hawaiian main dishes.
SunmapKanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kinkocho 1-10, Yokohama Bay Quarter 4F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Kua 'Aina (Yokohama Nihon-Odori - Sandwiches/ burgers). 045-227-5300
Hawaiian-style burgers and deli sandwiches, plus Kona microbrew beers from Hawaii. This branch is located in the food-court area of the Red Brick Warehouse shopping complex.
SunmapNaka-ku, Yokohama, Shinko 1-1-2, Yokohama Akarenga Soko 2-gokan 1F. Open 11am-8:30pm (LO) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Kamakura - Sandwiches/ burgers). 0467-61-2400
The main drag from Kamakura station to the beach is lined with cafes, fast food and family restaurants. Kua-aina stands out by virtue of its terrace and its reliable mahi-mahi sandwiches.
SunmapKamakura, Yuigahama 4-3-9. Open 11am-9pm. Closed Mondays.