Sunday Jam Harajuku: Harajuku
Sunday Jam Harajuku
Harajuku / American
Jingumae 4-28-28, Lucessimo Bldg 2F.
Open 9am-9pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Yes, it's yet another pancake restaurant, this one offering unusual variations like ham-and-cheese; caramel-ginger; apple-turnover; and a spicy Latin pancake. The ham-and-cheese pancake was a meal in itself, studded with big juicy chunks of ham and served with mashed potatoes, a small salad, and an excellent iced coffee for Y1550 in total.

If for some reason you're not in a pancake mood you can also opt for burgers (beef or mahi mahi), herb-chicken sandwiches, or maple-bacon donuts. After 6pm there are even more intriguing side dishes like Greek lentils with spiced yogurt dip; fig-flavored pork chops with pineapple sauce; and deep-fried mozzarella balls with salmon, potatoes and green-pea puree.

There's also a good selection of cocktails and other drinks. The spacious second-floor interior is quite cheerful, with a festive yellow-and-blue color scheme and beach-themed artwork decorating the walls. The original shop is down on the beach in Zushi.

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