Chef's Table: Azabu-Juban
Chef's Table
Azabu-Juban / South American
Minato-ku, Azabu-Juban 1-11-10, Juban Annex Bldg 5F.
Open 6pm-midnight. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Filling a gap in the Tokyo dining scene, The Chef's Table offers upscale Latin American cuisine paired with good, affordable wines. During a recent visit we enjoyed an impressive Argentine-style skirt steak for our main - the meat was intensely flavorful and paired with an assertive chimichurri sauce packed with garlic, chili and spices with a vinegary kick. Our entertaining mixed shellfish ceviche was also on the spicy side, balanced by the sweetness of coconut and slightly tart mango slices.

The menu changes a few times a month to keep things fresh; for example the kitchen regularly offers new ceviche variations using various types of fish and seafood and different marinades and spices. Spanish and South American wines are nicely priced, with many in the Y5000-9000 range. The understated dining room, with just five tables, is small and intimate without feeling cramped.

Budget around Y5000-6000 per person for food.

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