Wanoba: Ebisu
Ebisu / Japanese
Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 3-1-1.
Open 11:30am-1am daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Disarmingly casual, comfortable yet stylish, Wanoba is the kind of place that will impress your friends with your knowledge of cool, hidden late-night hangouts. Food and drink are reasonably priced, and traditional and modern Japanese crafts are well represented in the beautiful tableware and the tasteful modern decor.

The food is basically Japanese with a few fusiony touches - for example the tasty nikujaga (stewed beef and potatoes) is prepared au gratin and veers into shepherd's-pie territory, and the final-carbs section of the menu offers pastas as well as curry udon and rice dishes.

Custom-made salads encompass a wide choice of vegetables and dressings, while mains focus on grilled items - Kagoshima beef steaks, pork, chicken, and several types of himono (dried fish). Wines start at Y3800/bottle, with four types by the glass (Y800-), including two Japanese wines.

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