Good Morning Cafe: Sendagaya
Good Morning Cafe
Sendagaya / Cafe
Sendagaya 1-20-3.
Open 6am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Breakfast is served from 6am here, either in the vast living-room-style indoor space, the sprawling back garden area, or up front where you can watch foot traffic heading to and from Sendagaya station. In the evenings there's a casual cafe menu plus a range of cocktails, herbal liqueurs, inexpensive wines and microbrew beers from Kona Brewery in Hawaii.

The morning market menu veers towards the health-conscious end of the spectrum, with fruit and vegetable salads; mixed-grain okayu (rice porridge); granola, banana and yogurt bowls; French toast and lots of juice options. Or you can hit the ground running with one of their gourmet burger platters. The morning market salad (Y1100; served all day long) features exotic vegetables like turnips, beetroots and toasted lotus roots, plus a sausage and a fried egg for good measure.

There's also a take-out window up front where you can pick up burgers, salads and drinks to go.

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