Kaba: Hamamatsucho
Hamamatsucho / Izakaya
Minato-ku, Kaigan 1-2-20, Shiodome Building 2F.
Open 11am-11:30pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

With its corrugated metal facade, utilitarian stools, colorful banners and noisily shouted greetings, Kaba strives for a down-home feel and is probably the most boisterous spot in the Hamasite Gourmet complex. The mainstay on the menu is seafood flown in fresh daily from the San-in region of Western Honshu - some thirty or forty varieties, both raw and grilled. There are also dozens of sake from Shimane and Tottori, and a comprehensive English menu covering both food and drink (all but the daily specials). Budget around Y4000 with drinks.

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