Den-en-toshi line


Hana Shizuku (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Izakaya). 3419-8640
A friendly neighborhood hang-out with a selection of sake and a few Japanese microbrew beers, along with appetizing izakaya-style dishes.
lateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Ikejiri 3-3-3. Open 5pm-5am daily.
Tsukushi no Ko (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Izakaya). 3791-5495
An astonishing selection of sake, with a full menu page of new, limited-edition arrivals every week. The food tends towards simple, country-style fare, and the atmosphere is very down-home - it's a mother-and-son operation, with mom in the kitchen and her son (the "ko" in Tsukushi-no-ko) out on the floor pouring sake and making recommendations.
mapMeguro-ku, Higashiyama 3-1-11. Open 5-11pm. Closed Sundays.
Kutoma (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Bar). 3485-2735
Behold the ume El Dorado, where up to 250 kinds of umeshu await you: Bar Kutoma. A tiny realm with room for about twenty, benevolently ruled by a soccer-loving umeshu expert, this late-night Ohashi spot offers tasting flights (umeshu kikisake set) for Y1000. Choose on your own or ask the owner to tailor a set to suit your tastes. [Show more]
mapMeguro-ku, Ohashi 2-16-24. Open 8pm-3am (or later). Closed Sundays.

Mishuku to Shimo-uma (north to south)

Globe (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Cafe). 5430-3550
A big, sprawling antique shop with a charming little cafe and dessert corner; the best seats seem to be out front, looking out onto the street.
decorSunmapSetagaya-ku, Ikejiri 2-7-8. (on Mishuku-dori, just south of Route 246) Open 11am-8pm daily.
Sea Breeze (Ikejiri-Ohashi - French). 5486-1568
A hole-in-the-wall French place on a tiny side street off Tamagawa-dori (turn left at the Sunkus store). The cramped coffeeshop tables and cable-radio French music could get annoying over the course of an evening's meal, but their Y1,000 two-course lunch offers a nice change of pace from the nearby pasta joints and family restaurants. Full-course dinners from Y3,000, wines from Y2,500.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Ikejiri 1-8-8. Open 11:40am-1:40, 6-9:30pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
La Boheme (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Italian). 5486-3700
Inexpensive, competently prepared pastas and other dishes that are very popular with a young, local crowd.
no smokinglateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Ikejiri 1-9-11. Open 11:30am-1:30am (LO) daily.
!Nozy Coffee (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Coffee shop). 5787-8748
Eight varieties of fresh-roasted, single-origin coffee beans are ready to take home, priced at Y700 and Y1000 per 100 grams (with discounts for larger orders). Attractive Bodum coffee-bean grinders (Y19,800) and other goods are also on sale. [Show more]
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Shimo-Uma 2-29-7. Open 11am-7pm daily.
Fungo (Ikejiri-Ohashi - Sandwiches/ deli). 3795-1144
Not-quite Western-style sandwiches, soups, drinks. They deliver within the area (to 10pm).
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Shimo-Uma 1-40-10. Open 11am-midnight daily.


Pigalle (Sangenjaya - Beer bar). 6805-2455
Billing themselves as a European beer pub and bottle shop, this friendly neighborhood drinking spot offers six craft beers on tap and a lot more by the bottle, including US craft beers as well as Belgian and other European brews.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Taishido 2-15-8. Open 4pm-1am (Sun 2-10pm). Closed Mondays.
Cafe Obscura Laboratory (Sangenjaya - Coffee shop). 5432-9809
A mostly retail branch of the nearby Cafe Obscura, the "Laboratory" sells fresh-roasted coffee beans starting at Y600/100 grams. There's a small standing area for on-premises espresso sipping, along with a couple of tiny benches out front; espressos are Y250 and lattes are Y350-400.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Taishido 4-28-9. Open 9am-8pm. Closed third Wednesday.
Roiseau (Sangenjaya - Middle Eastern). 3418-8603
With just twelve seats Dar Roiseau may be the smallest Moroccan restaurant in town, but the kitchen manages to turn out an impressive variety of Middle Eastern dishes. There's also a nice selection of French and Moroccan wines by the glass or bottle. [Show more]
mapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 2-13-17. Open 11:30am-midnight. Closed Sundays.
Hanamasa (Sangenjaya - Retail). 3410-0585
Relatively inexpensive meats and produce, 24 hours a day.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 2-14-6. Open 24 hours a day.
Teppen (Sangenjaya - Italian). 6805-5773
This friendly wine bar has a lively atmosphere and a neighborhood feel. Although interior is fairly large (and certainly bigger than it appears from the entrance), the counter setup with its display of tapas-style daily specials gives it a cozy feeling. [Show more]
latemapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 2-14-19. Open 6pm-4am (LO). Closed Sundays.
Trois (Sangenjaya - French). 3419-0330
Trois offers a good selection of reasonably priced wines from around the world, including many organic and biodynamic varieties. The food menu offers country-style French dishes like lamb chops and pork spareribs served cassoulet-style, and a very meaty Venison Parmentier stewed in red-wine sauce and served with mashed potatoes. [Show more]
mapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 2-15-14, ABC Bldg 110. Open 6pm-midnight. Closed Sundays.
!Akaoni (Sangenjaya - Izakaya). 3410-9918
One of Tokyo's premier sake pubs, with around 100 varieties at any given time. You can order a sashimi platter ahead of time, when you make your reservation, to get a better selection of fish. No smoking at the counter.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 2-15-3. Open 5:30-11:30pm (LO) daily.
Borrachos (Sangenjaya - Tex-Mex). 3411-2933
One of the highlights at Tokyo's only Okinawan Mexican restaurant is the spareribs made from heirloom Okinawan pork, which you can order in advance when you make your reservations. The menu is generally split between Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes (burritos, tostadas) and Okinawan fare, with some nice surprises like Mexican Day of the Dead craft beers. Budget around Y3500 for dinner and drinks.
lateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 1-32-9. Open 11:30am-3, 5pm-2am (Fri, Sat -4am) daily.
Guccina (Sangenjaya - Italian). 3795-5587
A nice, cozy neighborhood spot with solid, occasionally creative cooking.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 1-6-13. (5 minutes south of the station) Open 11:30am-2, 6-10pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
Cafe Obscura (Sangenjaya - Coffee shop). 3795-6027
Siphon coffee, both blend and single-origin, is the specialty at this stylish cafe, served along with a light food menu. They also run a nearby retail shop and bean-roasting facility called Cafe Obscura Laboratory. Coffees are priced Y500-600.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Sangenjaya 1-9-16. Open noon-11pm. Closed 3rd Wednesday.


Izuchiku (Yoga - Shojin-ryori). 3700-4661
The Tokyo branch of a famous temple restaurant in Kyoto, they specialize in teppatsu-ryori, a type of shojin-ryori (vegetable-centered temple cuisine). The tatami rooms look out onto a beautiful Japanese garden. Prix-fixe menus are Y5,000-15,000.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Seta 3-6-8. (at the intersection of Route 246 and Kampachi-dori) Open 11am-7:30pm (LO). Closed Wednesdays.


Toriyoshi (Futago-tamagawa - Yakitori). 3708-7787
Spicy chicken wings, Nagoya-style miso nikomi and plenty more, all at low prices.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 2-24-7, Hagiwara Dai-ni Bldg. 5F. Open 4-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Cafe Muji (Futago-tamagawa - Cafe). 5797-0234
Inexpensive bakery and deli items and salads from the famous no-brand design store Mujirushi.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 2-27-5, 3F. Open 10am-8pm (LO) daily.
Vanilla Beans (Futago-tamagawa - Japanese). 3708-6773
A casual bar/ cafe/ restaurant with a very varied but always appealing izakaya-style menu, with dishes like beef cheeks stewed in beer, Vietnamese spring rolls, and a lavishly constructed Salad Nicoise. The drinks list is similarly eclectic, with very reasonably priced wines.
lateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-23-24, B1F. Open 6:30pm-3am daily.
Le Maghreb (Futago-tamagawa - Middle Eastern). 3709-2664
A casual cafe serving real Moroccan cuisine - lamb and dried fruit tajine, grilled snapper flavored with garlic, and spicy meat kebabs. Prix-fixe dinner is Y3900. Open till 2am Fri/Sat; lunch served on weekends.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-10-11. Open 5-11:30pm. Closed Mondays.
!Giang's (Futago-tamagawa - Vietnamese). 3700-2475
A gem of a restaurant, with authentic food and good prices. There's also a good stock of Vietnamese beer and French wines. The shop is run by a Vietnamese family, and the chef used to teach Vietnamese cooking in Tokyo.
no smokingSunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-5-7, Kurokawa Bldg. 3F. Open 5-10:30pm. Closed Mondays.
Bleue Blanche (Futago-tamagawa - Italian). 3708-5012
Fairly decent Italian fare (pastas, grilled fish, antipasti) served in small portions. Drinks are on the expensive side.
lateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-12-13. Open 5pm-5am. Open every day.
Din Tai Fung (Futago-tamagawa - Dim sum). 5797-3273
Fantastic, authentic Taiwanese-style dumplings; including the hot-broth-filled shoronpo dumplings for which they're most famous. [Go to branch review]
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-17-1, Takashimaya Minami-kan 9F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Hirata Bokujo (Futago-tamagawa - Tonkatsu). 3700-1729
The gourmet tonkatsu here is made from tasty premium hybrid pork from a small farm in Yamagata. Katsu sets are priced Y1400-2500, and full-course pork shabu-shabu dinners are Y4500-5500.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-17-1, Takashimaya Honkan 6F. Open 11am-9pm (LO) daily.
Midori-zushi (Futago-tamagawa - Sushi). 3708-8282
High-quality sushi at very fair prices.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-17-1, Takashimaya Honkan 6F. Open 11am-9pm daily.
To The Herbs (Futago-tamagawa - Italian). 5797-1300
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain. Open all afternoon.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 3-17-1, Takashimaya Honkan 6F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Kua 'Aina (Futago-tamagawa - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5797-5600
Gourmet Hawaiian-style burgers and mahi-mahi sandwiches, plus Kona microbrew beers.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 2-23-1, Dogwood Plaza 7F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Rigoletto Spice Market (Futago-tamagawa - Italian). 5491-4470
Reliable food, reasonably priced wines, late-night hours and glitzy decor are the draws at this suburban venture from the Rigoletto group. The food menu features pastas, pizzas, and small tapas dishes priced at Y300 and Y500.
lateSunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 2-21-1, Rise SC Station Market. Open 11am-4am daily.
Hasegawa Saketen (Futago-tamagawa - Liquor shop). 6805-7303
Located inside the Tokyu Foodshow food hall, this specialty liquor shop offers an excellent selection of craft sake as well as beautifully designed servingware. Individual small glasses and three-part tasting sets are offered at the sit-down counter.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 2-21-1, Futago-Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center B1F. Open 10am-9pm daily.
Tokio Plage Lunatic (Futago-tamagawa - Italian). 3708-1118
When the weather is nice you can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine up on the rooftop, looking out over the Tama River. There are also barbecue facilities (reserve with the staff), and a charmingly rustic dining room on the ground floor, where the kitchen turns out pastas, risotti and other reasonably priced Italian fare.
SunmapSetagaya-ku, Tamagawa 1-1-4. Open 11:45am-11pm daily.

Tama Plaza

To The Herbs (Tama Plaza - Italian). 045-905-0718
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain. Open all afternoon.
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-1-2, Tama Plaza Terrace Gate Plaza 3F. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Tokachi Cheese Kobo (Tama Plaza - Cheese). 045-904-3798
Artisanal cheeses from a small Hokkaido farm are showcased at this "cheese workshop," along with heirloom-breed pork and seasonal Hokkaido vegetables. The restaurant's menu of simple, Italian-inspired dishes - centered on numerous pizza and pasta variations - does a good job of highlighting the fresh, natural flavors of the cheeses and other ingredients. [Show more]
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-1-2, Tama Plaza Terrace Gate Plaza 3F. Open 11am-3, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Ippudo (Tama Plaza - Ramen). 045-905-0773
A branch of the famous Hakata ramen chain, featuring thin, slightly chewy noodles in a pork-based broth ("red" or "white"), with or without extra chashu. You can add your own freshly grated garlic.
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-1-2, Tama Plaza Terrace Gate Plaza 3F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Vinos Yamazaki (Tama Plaza - Liquor shop). 045-905-0805
It's easy to stop in for a quick glass of wine at this retail shop's six-seat tasting counter; it's located just above the train station. Prices start at Y200 (for a small tasting size), and the selection is constantly changing.
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-1-2, Tama Plaza Terrace Gate Plaza 1F. Open 10am-9pm daily.
Katsukura Aoba-ku (Tama Plaza - Tonkatsu). 045-905-5071
One of the best of the tonkatsu chains, Kyoto-based Katsukura offers nice side dishes like yuba (tofu-skin) croquettes and excellent Kyoto-style pickles. And they're open all afternoon if you need a late lunch.
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-7, Tokyu Tama Plaza 5F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Dexee Diner (Tama Plaza - Cafe). 045-516-1697
A pleasantly appointed suburban branch of the popular Shibuya cafe, Dexee serves creative original dishes such as fried salmon sushi rolls and steak jambalaya along with premium burgers and a good drinks selection. The pancake bar offers a dozen variations and toppings like bananas and Oreo cookies.
SunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 1-1-2, Tama Plaza Terrace 1F. Open 10am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Monsoon Cafe (Tama Plaza - World cuisine). 045-905-5155
Eclectic Asian cuisine, a lively atmosphere and late-night hours, from the Global Dining Group (Zest, La Boheme).
no smokinglateSunmapAoba-ku, Yokohama, Utsukushigaoka 5-2-15. Open 11am-3am (LO) daily.
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