Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Otemachi


La Brasserie (Hibiya - French). 3539-8073
Traditional cuisine from the Imperial's second, more casual French restaurant. Lunch from Y3150, dinner from Y8,400.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Uchisaiwaicho 1-1-1, Imperial Hotel B1F. Open 11am-9:30pm daily.
Les Saisons (Hibiya - French). 3539-8087
Lavish contemporary and traditional French fare in a luxurious setting here in the Imperial Hotel's flagship French restaurant. Chef Thierry Voisin, formerly of Michelin two-star Les Crayeres in Rheims, mans the kitchen. Breakfast starts at Y3780, lunch at Y6825, and dinner at Y16,800.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Uchisaiwaicho 1-1-1, Imperial Hotel Mezzanine. Open 7-10am, 11:30am-2:30, 5:30-10pm daily.
Meal Muji (Hibiya - Cafe). 5501-1510
Inexpensive bakery and deli items and salads from the famous no-brand design store Mujirushi. Breakfast is served from 7am.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-2-1, Toho Theater Crie Bldg Rem Hibiya 2F. Open 6:30am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
!Kagoshima Yuraku-Kan (Hibiya - Antenna shop). 3506-9177
This rather large antenna shop sells a good variety of local food products from Kagoshima Prefecture, including freshly made satsuma-age (deep-fried vegetable- and fishcakes). Ready-made kakuni and tonkotsu stews made with local Berkshire pork can be found in the freezer cabinet alongside charcoal-grilled chicken and frozen fish. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-6-4, Chiyoda Bldg 1-3F, 9F. Open 10am-8pm (Sat, Sun -7pm) daily.
!Shunju Tsugihagi (Hibiya - Japanese). 3595-0511
Top-class seasonal Japanese cooking from this well-regarded Tokyo-based chain. Prix-fixe dinners from Y6800 or a la carte.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-1-1, Nissay Theatre B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 6-10pm (LO) daily.
Baden Baden (Hibiya - Beer bar). 3508-2807
Nestled under the Yamanote train tracks, this venerable Tokyo establishment serves 15 different German beers along with German food.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-1-8. Open 4-9:30pm (LO) daily.
J.S. Lennep (Hibiya - Beer bar). 3595-0417
Right next to Baden Baden under the rumbling JR tracks, and even sharing the same address, they offer a similar selection of beers.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-1-8. Open 11:30am-2, 4-11pm. Open every day.
!Peter (Hibiya - International). 6270-2763
The flashy main dining room of the Peninsula Hotel offers gorgeous views and an entertaining menu of modern international cuisine. Have fun putting together your own meal of three, four, or five courses (from Y8500, or Y4800 at lunchtime), with down-to-earth dishes like their "Roasted Duck Foie Gras, Ginger Bread-Citrus Marmalade Mille Feuille, Foie Gras Ice Cream, Balsamic Yogurt". The wine cellar is made up mostly of half-bottles, starting at around Y3700; wine by the glass from Y1600.
no smokingdecorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-8-1, The Peninsula Tokyo 24F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6pm-midnight (LO 10pm) daily.
Peter: The Bar (Hibiya - Bar). 6270-2763
Patrons lounge on pod-shaped seats beneath polished chrome trees, while ambient electronic music mingles with the soft glow of lavender neon from behind the black marble bar. Friendly service and the absence of a cover charge are a plus, making Peter: The Bar a fun place for a drink and a great view of the city. [Show more]
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-8-1, The Peninsula Tokyo 24F. Open 5pm-midnight daily.


La Verde (Yurakucho - Italian). 3213-6996
A budget Italian restaurant notable for its large portions.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-10-1, Yurakucho Bldg B1F. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO; Sat., Sun. earlier). Open every day.
!Coca (Bic Camera) (Yurakucho - Thai). 3201-5489
Thai-style "sukiyaki" (fish balls and other delicacies boiled in a broth at your table) is one of the specialties of this Bangkok-based chain, and they also serve a nice selection of standard street-stall dishes with real Thai flavors. Open all afternoon.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-11-1, Bic Camera 6F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Imahan (Yurakucho - Shabu-shabu). 3216-4701
Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu made from premium domestic beef. Shabu-shabu from Y4725, kaiseki from Y8400.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 1-12-1, New Yurakucho Bldg. B1F. Open 11am-2, 5-9pm (LO) daily.
Banh Xeo Saigon (Yurakucho - Vietnamese). 3211-0678
In addition to the eponymous pancakes you'll also find nicely prepared spring rolls, pho and other Vietnames dishes. And well-stuffed banh mi sandwiches are around Y500, for here or to go.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-7-1, Yurakucho Itocia Plaza B1F. Open 11am-10:30pm daily.
Club of Famous Curry Diners (Yurakucho - Curry). 3211-0616
Five famous Japanese curry shops have gotten together to create this tiny 15-seat counter. Try them all - for Y2500 you can get a set of curries from all five shops, or you can order individual curries for around Y1000 each. (The collaborating shops are Ethiopia, Delhi, Topca, Dom Pierre, and Hongo Petit Feu.)
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-7-1, Yurakucho Itocia Plaza B1F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Vinos Yamazaki (Yurakucho - Liquor shop). 5224-6391
The little tasting room in the back of this well-stocked liquor store is a good place to wind up a shopping afternoon or start off an evening in Ginza or Marunouchi. To accompany your wine, there are six different cheeses and other wine-friendly foods like pate, smoked duck and chicken pastrami. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-7-1, Yurakucho Itocia Plaza B1F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Akita Furusato-Kan (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 3214-2670
An impressive selection of local Akita Prefecture sake is the main reason to visit this crowded retail shop, one of a dozen antenna shops located in the same building. They also sell ready-made kits for preparing kiritambo - a type of nabe stew famous in the region - as well as rice and rice cakes, chicken meatballs, pear and grape juices, natto, pickles, honey, miso and black garlic.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F. Open 10am-7pm daily.
Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 5224-3800
This large and very busy prefectural antenna shop offers a good selection of Hokkaido specialty foods, such as a full range of Royce chocolates (including their "nama" refrigerated varieties); freshly made croquettes in assorted flavors; roast corn; corn-flavored chocolates; soup curry and "white curry"; yogurts, ice cream and other dairy items; wines; and tomato juices.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F. Open 10am-8pm daily.
!Mura Kara Machi Kara Kan (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 5208-1521
While most antenna shops specialize in food and drink from one prefecture, Mura Kara Machi Kara Kan offers a selection of interesting local foods from the entire country, so you'll find everything from artisanal salts and hot-pepper sauces to meats (sausages and hams), seaweed products and many, many styles of pickles. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F. Open 10:30am-7:15pm (Sun -6:45pm) daily.
Osaka Hyakkaten (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 5220-1333
Highlights at the Osaka antenna shop include three craft beers from Minoh Brewery and some odd octopus-flavored candies. A big portion of the shop is taken up by the cafe area, where they serve takoyaki and pork buns well into the evening.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F. Open 10am-10pm daily.
Tokushima and Kagawa Tomoni Ichiba (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 6269-9688
Fresh citrus fruits (sudachi, green lemons), odd-flavored curries (shiitake and olives), and a whole range of soy sauces in cute little serving cartons are among the highlights at this small prefectural antenna shop, specializing in products from both Tokushima and Kagawa Prefectures on Shikoku Island.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 1F. Open 10:30am-7pm daily.
Hakata, The (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 6237-4468
Some of Fukuoka Prefecture's more famous food products are sold at this tiny antenna shop, including pouches of motsu-nabe, ramen-making kits, mentaiko and various pickles.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F. Open 10am-8pm daily.
Hyogo Waku Waku Kan (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 6273-4133
Some of the specialty foods at this tiny prefectural antenna shop include frozen akashiyaki (a local variation on takoyaki), frozen pork buns, and charcoal-grilled sardines. There are three types of Akashi craft beers on sale, but less sake than you might expect.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F. Open 10am-7pm daily.
Iki Iki Toyama-kan (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 3213-1244
This small Toyama prefectural antenna shop sells mostly sake, in several dozen varieties. Other items include fish cakes and tulip bulbs.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F. Open 10am-7pm (Sun -6pm) daily.
Wakayama Kishu-Kan (Yurakucho - Antenna shop). 3216-8000
Food products from Wakayama Prefecture are the specialty here - fresh vegetables, dried sardines, frozen seafood, honey, several types of vinegar, and a lot more. There's a good amount of umeshu and a few types of craft beer but not much sake.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Yurakucho 2-10-1, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F. Open 10am-7pm (Sun -5pm) daily.

Marunouchi - MY Plaza, Brick Square

A16 (Marunouchi - Italian). 3212-5215
Good pizzas and other Italian fare from this San Francisco-based restaurant. Terrace seating in the Brick Square garden area. Budget around Y3500 at dinnertime. Lunch is served until 4:30pm.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square 1F. Open 11am-10:30pm daily.
Echire (Marunouchi - Bakery). 6269-9840
Set up by the famous French artisanal buttermaker, this boutique bakery sells fantastic buttery croissants, madeleines, financiers and cakes. Get there early if you want the croissants, and be prepared to wait on line.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square 1F. Open 10am-8pm daily.
Marugo (Marunouchi - Wine bar). 6269-9105
This Marunouchi branch of the excellent Marugo wine bar is less cramped than the original shops in Shinjuku, but it can still get smoky sometimes. The outdoor seating is recommended when the weather is nice. The menu includes eighteen French wines by the glass, hundreds more by the bottle, and a small selection of tasty snacks like pork terrine.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square 1F. Open 11am-11pm (LO) daily.
Anthemble (Marunouchi - Singaporean). 5220-1923
A Singapore-style dining bar with a nice view out over Marunouchi Brick Square. Budget around Y4000 for dinner. Open until 2am Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
lateSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square 3F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Ippudo (Marunouchi - Ramen). 3217-2888
A branch of the famous Hakata ramen chain, featuring thin, slightly chewy noodles in a pork-based broth ("red" or "white"), with or without extra chashu. You can add your own freshly grated garlic.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square B1F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Tama (Marunouchi - Wine bar). 3213-2277
Tama serves Okinawan food and wine, which turns out to be a pretty good combination. There are five wines by the glass every day, all priced at Y550, and many more bottles lining the wall, all with prices on display for easy ordering. The rafti (stewed pork) is excellent; they also do grilled meats and various appetizers. Budget around Y4000.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-1, Brick Square B1F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-11:30pm (LO) daily.
Cafe 1894 (Marunouchi - Cafe). 3212-7156
Mitsubishi Ichigokan, completed in 1894, was designed by a British architect and was the very first office building in the Marunouchi area. It reopened as a museum in 2009 as part of the Marunouchi Brick Square complex, and this cafe occupies an impressive double-height space on the ground floor.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-6-2. Open 11am-10pm (LO; Sat, Sun -6pm) daily.
Pagliaccio (Marunouchi - Italian). 6273-4486
The cheerful green exterior of this recently opened cafe/trattoria adds a bit of color to a street lined with generically tasteful shops selling luxury goods. Large windows offering a peek at the warmly lit space inside entice passersby to stop in for an espresso or glass of wine. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-2-3, Marunouchi Nakadori Bldg 1F. Open 11:30am-10pm (LO) daily.
Marunouchi Sado Tokusenkan (Marunouchi - Antenna shop). 6269-9240
This tiny antenna shop sells goods from Sado Island in Niigata, including artisanal salts, various lemon products (lemon pepper, lemon furikake, marmalade and juice), "deep-sea water" (don't worry, it's not salty), and sake from a few local breweries.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-1-1, Kokusai Bldg 1F. Open 10:30am-6:30pm (Sat, Sun -5pm) daily.

Marunouchi - 3-chome

Brasserie Aux Amis (Marunouchi - French). 6212-1566
Upmarket French wines and excellent country-style French cooking; chef Masashi Hadachi (formerly of Aux Bacchannales in Harajuku) is in charge of the kitchen. The bistrot-style setting is casual, occasionally cramped. Y4500 prix-fixe for three courses in the evening. Their afternoon cafe menu (2-6pm), featuring sandwiches, steak frites and other light fare, is worth knowing about if you're in need of a late lunch in this neighborhood.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-3-1, Shin-Tokyo Bldg. 1F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO). Open every day.
Pantry (Marunouchi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5221-8666
Great sandwiches, American-style burgers and substantial salads (from the same management as Homework's in Hiroo). They deliver over a wide area from Nihonbashi down to Shimbashi/Uchisaiwaicho.
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-3-1, Shin-Tokyo Bldg. 1F. Open 11am-9pm (weekends -6pm). Closed Sundays.
Podo (Marunouchi - Korean). 5218-5551
This lively after-work pub is a great place to try makkoli, the very drinkable Korean version of milky-white nigori ("cloudy") sake. Eleven different types are served, in unexpected flavors like pear and grape, okoge (toasted rice) and pumpkin, priced from Y380 for an aluminum cupful. For the more adventurous, the menu also offers pomegranate wine and garlic liqueur plus the usual beer and Korean soju. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-3-1, Shin-Tokyo Bldg. B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 5-10pm (LO; Sat, Sun-8:30pm) daily.
Vin Picoeur Marunouchi (Marunouchi - Japanese). 6212-1011
French-style Japanese kushiyaki (or is it the other way around?) - charcoal-grilled pork and other meats, with some French dishes like pot-au-feu. The French wine list is very large.
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-3-1, Shin-Tokyo Bldg. B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 5-10pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Takara (Marunouchi - Japanese). 5223-9888
A joint venture between Mushu sake pub and several sake companies, Takara serves both Japanese food and Spanish tapas, plus sake, awamori, shochu, excellent Japanese microbrew beer (Baird's), and Spanish wines. [See FULL REVIEW.]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-5-1, Tokyo International Forum B1F. Open 11:30am-11pm daily.
La Mere Poulard (Marunouchi - French). 5252-7171
Traditional French omelettes are the specialty at this Paris-based cafe and attached bistro-restaurant, although full-course dinners are also served. Wines start at Y2625 per bottle, and cider is Y630 per glass. Budget around Y2500-4000 at dinnertime.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-5-1, Tokyo Kokusai Forum 1F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Meal Muji (Marunouchi - Cafe). 5208-8241
Inexpensive bakery and deli items and salads from the famous no-brand design store Mujirushi, inside their huge flagship store in Yurakucho.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 3-8-3, Infoce Yurakucho 2/3F. Open 10am-9pm daily.

Marunouchi - Tokyo Building, JP Tower

!Il Ghiottone (Marunouchi - Italian). 5220-2006
This first Tokyo branch of one of Kyoto's best Italian restaurants occupies a small, minimal but elegant dining room facing the street. Dinner is either Y7500 or Y10,000 - chef's omakase menu only - with reasonably priced bottles and half-bottles of Italian wines. Lunch from Y2000.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 1F. Open 11am-2, 6-9pm (LO) daily.
Viron (Marunouchi - Cafe). 5220-7289
A combination bakery and brasserie; it also features a small standup bar serving ten wines by the glass - a good place to meet up before dining nearby.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 1F. Open 10am-midnight daily.
Cotton Club (Marunouchi - Jazz club). 3215-1555
Live soul, r&b and jazz. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 2F.
Muy (Marunouchi - Spanish). 5224-6161
Muy's huge, dramatically lit bar is very impressive, stretching half a city block along the front of the Tokyo Building. The menu includes a big selection of tapas (with numerous Spanish hams), grilled meats and fish, lots of rice dishes, and fideua - Catalan paella made with pasta instead of rice. Budget around Y4-5000 for food at dinnertime. Prix-fixe lunches from Y1400 (Y2500 weekends); wines from Y3700. (Thu/Fri nights to 2:30am)
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 2F. Open 11am-2, 5:30-11pm daily.
Resonance (Marunouchi - French). 3215-7707
Fancy modern French cuisine, with dishes like oyster and fennel soup, foie gras flan, hot organic vegetable salad - plus roast meats like veal, venison, lamb and duck. Main courses average around Y4000; prix-fixe dinners from Y5500; lunch from Y1200.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 2F. Open 11am-2, 5:30-11:30pm daily.
No no Budo (Marunouchi - Japanese). 3215-7320
This cafeteria-style "natural foods buffet" is a real bargain at Y2400 per person, which includes organic fruit juices and fresh-brewed espresso as well as a big selection of Japanese home-style dishes.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 3F. Open 11am-3, 5:30-9:30pm (LO) daily.
!Antwerp Central (Marunouchi - Belgian rest/beer bar). 5288-7370
AC's atmosphere and decor are very European in feel, and the large food menu includes surprisingly authentic Belgian specialties like "stoemp" - a hearty platter of mashed potatoes and root vegetables. The bar serves more than 30 Belgian beers, including Leffe Blond and three others on tap. Ample terrace seating is available. Bar open until 4am weeknights, midnight weekends. [See FULL REVIEW.]
lateSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia B1F. Open 5pm-3am (LO), to 11pm Sat, Sun. Open every day.
Kanoya Hagiwara (Marunouchi - Kyushu). 5219-6616
A very casual counter-bar serving food from Kagoshima and further south - satsuma-age (fish cakes), tonkotsu (pork stew), goya kimchee, and of course plenty of shochu.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia B1F. Open 11am-2:30pm, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Nana (Marunouchi - Japanese regional). 6256-0877
Banzai-ryori, the homestyle regional cuisine of Kyoto, is the specialty here, served with a nice assortment of craft sake from around Japan. Beautiful Kyoto heirloom vegetables are featured in many dishes, and there are a lot of good chicken and pork items as well. Budget around Y4000 for food and drink.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte 5F. Open 11am-3, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Kushiro (Marunouchi - Japanese regional). 6256-0817
This gorgeously appointed izakaya serves Hokkaido cuisine - top-grade charcoal-grilled seafood, meats and vegetables as well as assorted sushi. Pretty much everything we've tried has been excellent, including very tasty grilled lamb and chicken, eggplant, shiitake and bamboo shoots. Also highly recommended dish is the "hassan set" - eight bite-sized seasonal delicacies served on seasonally appropriate pottery (Y1480 per person). [Show more]
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte 6F. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Abeya (Marunouchi - Yakitori). 6256-0822
The famous Akita-based yakitoriya serves fantastic grilled chicken - an heirloom cross-breed called hinai-jidori - along with local Akita sake. Budget around Y3000 for food and drink at dinnertime, Y1000 for lunch.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte B1F. Open 10am-9pm (LO) daily.
!Date no Gyutan (Marunouchi - Japanese regional). 6256-0810
Charcoal-grilled beef tongue is the specialty at this branch of a Sendai-based chain. You can choose from miso or salt-grilled, or you can get a combination of the two - we recommend the salt as it brings out the charcoal flavoring better. The tongue itself is pleasantly chewy, and comes in thick-cut and extra-thick-cut versions, in regular and extra-large portions, all with excellent pickles on the side. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte B1F. Open 10am-9pm (LO; Sun -8pm) daily.
!Tokyo Karaage Bar (Marunouchi - Chicken). 6256-0897
Fried chicken reaches a whole new level of greatness at Tokyo Karaage Bar. First of all, you get to choose your favorite parts of the bird - wings, breast, thigh, fatty bonjiri (tail), liver, gizzards - which are then freshly prepared in the deep fryer. Then you have your choice of various dips like shallot tartar, yuzu kosho and "death salsa," for a completely customized fried-chicken feast. The chicken itself is impressively crisp on the outside, with a satisfying crunch and juicy, tender meat. [Show more]
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte B1F. Open 10am-9pm (LO) daily.
Yabaton Kitte Granche (Marunouchi - Kushiage). 3211-8810
Yabaton is Nagoya's most popular tonkatsu shop, and this small take-out stand offers not just tonkatsu but also a good selection of inexpensive kushiage and other deep-fried delights. Choose your own selection from kushi-katsu (basic deep-fried pork on skewers), pork with basil and cheese, crunchy pork-stuffed lotus root, pork cutlet with big chunks of leek, and spicy mentaiko (cod or pollock roe) with oba leaf. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-7-2, JP Tower Kitte B1F. Open 10am-9pm (Sun -8pm) daily.

Marunouchi - Maru-biru

Aux Amis Tokyo (Marunouchi - Wine bar). 5220-4011
A souped-up branch of Aux Amis des Vins, one of Ginza's best French wine bars, with a high-octane view. Dinnertime set menus start at Y6300, lunches from Y1800.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 35F. Open 11am-2:30, 5:30-11pm (LO) daily.
Mango Tree (Marunouchi - Thai). 5224-5489
This flagship of a Bangkok-based chain is one of the more upscale Thai restaurants in town, with a large lunchtime buffet (Y2800) and a prix-fixe evening menu (budget around Y8000). The buffet offers a few dozen different dishes and a wide variety of flavors, including a decent dessert selection. The view is also quite impressive.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 35F. Open 11am-3, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Daigomi (Marunouchi - Robatayaki). 5219-7011
Top-grade robatayaki in festive surroundings, for that expense-account splurge.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 5F. Open 11am-2, 5-11pm (LO) daily.
Isola Smeralda (Marunouchi - Italian). 5288-6228
The original branch in Shirogane is famous for their wood-burning pizza oven, which is duplicated here.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 5F. Open 11am-2, 5-11:30pm (LO) daily.
Kua 'Aina (Marunouchi - Sandwiches/ burgers). 5220-2400
Hawaiian-style burgers and sandwiches. The atrium deck is very airy and pleasant, but seating there is limited.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 5F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Mantenboshi (Marunouchi - Yoshoku). 5288-7070
Mantenboshi serves a full range of classic and updated yoshoku dishes, including a fancy version of omu-rice - an omelette filled with fried rice flavored with ketchup, as the English-language menu helpfully explains. The fried-rice filling is dotted with bits of crunchy vegetables, sweet green peas and very flavorful mushrooms, while the omelette casing is topped with a savory brown sauce and big shrimps that wouldn't be out of place in a Chinese stir-fry. It all adds up a surprisingly exotic flavor combination - certainly not your run-of-the-mill omelette. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 5F. Open 11am-10:30pm daily.
!Daedoko (Marunouchi - Japanese regional). 3212-3313
The cuisine of Yamagata Prefecture is the specialty at this stylish upscale izakaya, along with a nice selection of local craft sake. A dozen or so special sakes of the day are featured on the blackboard, or you can ask the staff for suggestions. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 6F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO; Sat, Sun -9pm) daily.
Umum Good Burritos (Marunouchi - Tex-Mex). 3284-3301
If you were a creative chef who had read about burritos and seen pictures, but had no idea how to make them, this is what you might come up with. Tandoori lamb, sloppy joe filling, brown rice, curry-flavored sauce - these are just some of the surprises in store, along with dessert burritos and soy-milk smoothies. All in all a novel experience for Y750, although we would have preferred a much bigger portion of meat filling.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. B1F. Open 11am-9pm (Sat, Sun -8pm) daily.

Marunouchi - Shin-Maru-biru

Au Gout du Jour Nouvelle Ere (Marunouchi - French). 5224-8070
Michelin-starred traditional French dining overlooking Tokyo Station. Prix-fixe lunches are Y3,500-6,000, dinners Y7,000-12,000.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 5F. Open 11am-1:30, 6-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Franz Club (Marunouchi - German). 5224-8678
Part of the popular Franziskaner chain, Franz club offers a decent selection of German beers and nice roast meats, sausages, ham and similar fare, served well into the wee hours of the morning. Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime. There's also a deluxe weekend brunch priced at Y2980.
lateSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 5F. Open 11:30am-4, 5pm-4am daily.
Igrek (Marunouchi - French). 3211-1909
This Kobe-based restaurant serves modern, creative French cuisine. Lunch menus are Y2,100-7,875, and dinnertime degustation menus are Y7,875-12,600.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 5F. Open 11am-2:30, 5:30-10pm (LO) daily.
Salt (Marunouchi - Australian). 5288-7828
This very attractive restaurant from Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan is on the expensive side - some might even call it overpriced - but they do have an excellent wine list with approximately 1000 choices, all from Australia. Prix-fixe menus are Y8,000-16,000, or Y13,000-22,000 paired with the sommelier's wine selection. Lunch is Y3,500-8,000.
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 6F. Open 11am-2:30, 5:30-10pm (LO) daily.
Siam Heritage (Marunouchi - Thai). 5224-8050
Upscale Thai cuisine with a nice view, from the popular Tokyo-based Blue Celedon group. The lunchtime buffet is Y2200; budget around Y5000 for dinner.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 6F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
WW (Marunouchi - Wine bar). 5288-7829
The wine bar of Salt (the Australian restaurant next door), WW offers around 1000 different wines from around the world, including a few dozen by the glass, plus a simple food menu (sashimi, blood sausage, trout confit). Budget around Y5000 at dinnertime.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 6F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
So Tired (Marunouchi - Chinese). 5220-1358
Better-than-average creative Cantonese cooking in a festive setting, part of the Shin Maru Building's seventh-floor "Home" complex. The assorted appetizer platter is worth a try, as is the chozume sausage. Last order for lunch is 5pm. Budget around Y3000 at dinnertime.
latedecorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 7F. Open 11am-3:30am (LO) daily.
Soba Kichi (Marunouchi - Izakaya). 5222-5133
This popular after-work drinking spot offers very affordable prices - you can enjoy a couple of drinks and snacks here for under Y2000. Deep-fried kushiage skewers start at around Y140, and you can supplement your skewers with grilled pork belly, chicken cutlet or soba noodles. [Show more]
lateSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg 7F. Open 11am-3:15am (LO) daily.
DaPaulo (Marunouchi - Bar). 3287-3733
A casual French-Italian bistrot-bar, with lots of original tapas-size dishes, wine by the glass and Belgian beers.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-5-1, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg B1F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Hibiki (Marunouchi - Japanese). 5208-8275
This upscale chain izakaya is known for their excellent grilled meats and vegetables and their well-chosen sake and shochu lists. The decor is sleek Japanese modern. Budget around Y6000-7000 per person with drinks.
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-2-1, Tokyo Kaijo Nichido Shinkan 1F. Open 11am-2, 5-10pm (LO). Closed Sundays.

Marunouchi - 1-chome, Oazo

Hasegawa Saketen (Palace Hotel) (Marunouchi - Liquor shop). 5220-2828
This relatively quiet branch of the popular Hasegawa sake retail specialist is furnished with a small counter area where you can try out a tasting set of three sake of the month, along with a tiny snack, for Y1260.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-1-1, Palace Hotel B1F. Open 10am-9pm daily.
Dean & Deluca (Marunouchi - American). 3284-7071
Mostly an all-day cafe/restaurant, although they also have a small deli counter and grocery section with coffees and teas, spices, baked goods, cold cuts, four kinds of smoked salmon, and real dill pickles. Groceries cover the luxury end of the spectrum, with Y1800 jars of pasta sauce and exotic pates.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-5, Mitsubishi Trust Building 1F. Open 7am-11pm daily.
Konaya (Marunouchi - Udon). 5220-5500
This Tokyo-based chain serves a relatively spicy curry-flavored bowl of udon noodles with a small but appealing selection of toppings. Plump tempura-fried prawn is probably the most popular of these; other options include banana tempura, fried tofu, cheese, and mochi (rice cakes) toppings, tsukemen dipping noodles, or an Indian-influenced keema curry udon with minced chicken and pork. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-6-4, Marunouchi Oazo 5F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Tsubame Kitchen (Marunouchi - Yoshoku). 5252-7900
Hamburg steak is the specialty at this venerable yoshoku specialist (they first opened in 1930), along with other classic retro dishes like cabbage rolls and hayashi rice. This is modern yoshoku though, so you can enjoy side items like Caesar salad, pate de campagne or marinated herring, while a variety of German wines - three by the glass and several more by the bottle - feature on the drinks list. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-6-4, Marunouchi Oazo 5F. Open 11am-11pm (LO; Sat, Sun 4pm-) daily.
!Washoku En (Marunouchi - Japanese). 5223-9896
The tasteful Kyoto-modern decor here is definitely the most impressive in the entire Marunouchi Oazo complex. Good-quality Japanese fare, including a good assortment of regional dishes, with a nice casual atmosphere. Lunches start at Y1260, dinner averages around Y6000. [See FULL REVIEW.]
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-6-4, Marunouchi Oazo 5F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Nenohi (Marunouchi - Japanese). 5288-1101
Nenohi delivers first-rate food in a gorgeous setting, offering a nice mix of izakaya standbys (superb charcoal-grilled chicken, good-quality sashimi, excellent kakuni pork stew) and simple but unexpected original dishes. The spacious dining room is quite lively when the house is full - it reallly feels like you're dining somewhere special, not just grabbing a bite to eat. [Show more]
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-6-4, Marunouchi Oazo 6F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.

Otemachi - Eiraku Bldg iiyo!!

Tokyo Beer Hall and Beer Terrace 14 (Otemachi - Bar). 6269-9585
Ample terrace seating (weather permitting) and a wide selection of microbrew beers from Coedo Brewery are the advertised attractions here, although they serve cocktails and a decent wine selection as well. [Show more]
decorSunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! 2F. Open 11am-3, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Birdland (Otemachi - Yakitori). 6269-9825
While dinner at Birdland's Michelin-starred main branch in Ginza can be a bit daunting, this Marunouchi outpost is much more accessible, while still offering exceptionally high-quality ingredients and professional service. Despite the name, the menu features grilled pork and lamb, fantastic duck with leek, and a good assortment of vegetables in addition to the excellent chicken. [Show more]
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! B1F. Open 11am-1:30, 5-10:30pm. Closed weekends.
Daichi and Keats (Otemachi - Japanese). 6273-4345
Organic, sustainable, ecologically conscious food and drink are on offer at this farm cafe, deli and bar. Typical menu items include eco-shrimp ajillo and farmer's pot-au-feu, while the drinks menu features organic wines, sangria and shochu. Take-out vegetable-centered bentos are Y750; dinner and drinks might run around Y4000.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! B1F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Hot Spoon (Otemachi - Curry). 6273-4240
Stewed beef tendon curry is the specialty of the house here, prepared with a blend of fifteen spices and slow-simmered for over six hours, until the beef is soft and very tender. Curries start at around Y780.
mapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! B1F. Open 11am-10:30pm. Closed Sundays.
Kaba (Otemachi - Japanese regional). 5222-6000
Kaba serves a big selection of raw and grilled fish from the San-in region of western Honshu, flown in fresh daily. There are also a few dozen sake from the region - Shimane and Tottori prefectures. Budget around Y3500 for ample food and drink.
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! B1F. Open 11am-2, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
!Teppen (Otemachi - Izakaya). 6273-4901
The down-home decor, warm service and extremely lively atmosphere give this shop the feel of a real old-school izakaya, although they've only been open since 2012. Charcoal-grilled seafood, meats and seasonal vegetables are the specialty, along with deep-fried kushiage morsels. Some recommendations include the grilled beef tongue, smoked bacon, grilled asparagus and eggplant. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!! B1F. Open 11am-2, 5-11:30pm (LO) daily.


Frijoles (Otemachi - Tex-Mex). 6256-0388
Decent fast-food-style burritos, tacos, and fajitas, all made from premium organic ingredients. Choose from grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork), steak or vegetarian filling; prices range from Y800-1100.
no smokingmapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-5-1, Otemachi First Square East 1F. Open 11am-10pm (Sat -6pm). Closed Sundays.
Camp (Otemachi - Curry). 6273-4635
The healthy and quite tasty Japanese curries here are heavy on the vegetables - in fact the special of the house promises a full day's ration of vegetables. The shop itself is decorated in a whimsical camping-equipment theme - portable lanterns, backpacks, thermos bottles - and most dishes are served on miniature iron skillets. [Show more]
no smokingdecormapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-5-5, Otemachi Tower Ootemori B2F. Open 11am-10pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Gent (Otemachi - Belgian rest/beer bar). 6273-4662
The seventh (and smallest) Tokyo venue from the Belgian Beer Cafe group, Gent (with a hard "g") is located in the basement of a new Otemachi office complex called Ootemori. They offer the the usual selection of several dozen Belgian beers, with four or five on tap, and unusually for this neighborhood, they are open on Sundays (at least for now). Note that there is a Y500 table charge.
no smokingSunmapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-5-5, Otemachi Tower Ootemori B2F. Open 11am-11pm (LO; 9:30pm Sat, Sun) daily.
Wolfgang Puck Express (Otemachi - International). 5220-3112
Good burgers, sandwiches and simple California fare.
mapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-6-1, Otemachi Bldg B2F. Open 11am-10:30pm. Closed weekends.
ZenyaRen (Otemachi - Yakitori). 3231-7705
It's Japan's first yakitori theme park! Seven famous yakitoriya from around the country have assembled in one spot, allowing Tokyo diners to compare their skewers side by side. The styles and flavors represented here are surpringly diverse, and the setting is lively and fun - a massive 229-seat space divided up into comfortable dining niches spread out over two levels. [Show more]
SunmapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-7-2, Tokyo Sankei Bldg B2F. Open 5-10pm (LO; Sat, Sun from 11am) daily.
Craft Beer Market (Otemachi - Beer bar). 6262-5759
A wide selction of reasonably priced craft beers along with good food are the draws at this popular chain of bars. Each branch has its own distinctive menu, and Otemachi specializes in Mexican-inspired dishes. The thirty taps dispense mostly Japanese craft beers, along with a few imports, priced at Y780 for a large glass. [Show more]
mapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-9-2, Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube 1F. Open 11am-1:30, 5-11pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Brussels (Otemachi - Belgian rest/beer bar). 6225-2696
A good selection of beers in a pleasant, intimate setting, from the popular chain of Belgian beer bars.
mapChiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-9-7, Otemachi Financial City South Tower 1F. Open 11am-2, 5-10:30pm (LO). Closed weekends.
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