Retail shops
Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe


Painduce - Bakery: Honmachi [ Open 8am-7pm. Closed Sundays. ]
French-style pastries and fresh breads from this neighborhood bakery; there's also a miniscule cafe attached if you want to stop for coffee.
Paul - Bakery: Honmachi [ Open 10am-10pm daily. ]
Excellent sandwiches, breads and pastries from this French bakery; there's also a spacious cafe behind the shop. (Paul also has retail branches in Daimaru and Hanshin department stores.)
Vita Bien - Retail: Honmachi [ Open 11am-7pm. Closed Sundays. ]
This tiny "bio and slow tea house" sells organic Swiss chocolates, German herbal teas, Austrian jams and honeys, and a few toys and knick-knacks.
Shimada Shoten - Liquor shop: Kita-Horie [ Open 9am-7pm (6pm Sat). Closed Sundays. ]
Beneath this ordinary-looking sake shop - through a hole in the floor and down a narrow ladder - is a hidden sake tasting cave with a big selection of premium sake from around the country, including...
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Namba [ Open 11am-9pm daily. ]
Discount wines and liquors, plus a miscellaneous assortment of imported foods.
Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho - Retail: Osakako [ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
While it doesn't demand a special trip across town on its own, this mini-food theme park is worth a stop if you're off to the nearby aquarium or Suntory Museum. Eighteen quaint little shops sell...
Seijio Ishii - Retail: Umeda [ Open 11am-9pm daily. ]
Wines by the glass at very reasonable prices (Y300-550) at this informal stand-up wine counter in Hankyu Sanbangai. Inside, the Ishii shop sells imported foods, a large selection of wines and...
Craft Beer Base Seed @Hanshin - Liquor shop: Umeda 1-chome [ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
Located in the liquor section of Hanshin department store's food hall, this outlet of the Western-Umeda beer shop offers around 100 craft beers and Belgian beers for sale. Prices are slightly higher...
Hanshin Department Store - Retail: Umeda 1-chome [ Open 10am-8:30pm daily. ]
One of Umeda's biggest food floors is located in the basement of Hanshin.
Enoteca - Liquor shop: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10:30pm daily. ]
Enoteca's wine bar corner is a convenient place to stop for a quick glass or two and a small snack to nibble on. Food includes wine-friendly fare like smoked duck, beef carpaccio, and cheese, and...


Picasso - Liquor shop: Gion [ Open 2pm-midnight. Closed Sundays. ]
A wine specialty shop. The big selection here is strongest in French and Italian wines.
Daimaru - Retail: Karasuma [ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
Daimaru's food floor is huge, with a good selection of prepared foods from famous restaurants as well as imported items.
Aritsugu - Retail: Kawaramachi [ Open 9am-5:30pm daily. ]
A fantastic selection of chef's knives and cleavers, cooking pans, bamboo steamers, and more esoteric cookingware can be found at this 400-year-old retail shop.
Isetan - Retail: Kyoto Station [ Open 10am-8pm. Closed some Tuesdays. ]
The sprawling basement food floor of Isetan Department Store is a convenient place to buy bento boxes and other take-away food before you take the train.
Terako Sembei - Retail: Tenryuji Temple [ Open 9am-8pm daily. ]
The fresh-baked sembei crackers here are perfect to munch on while you explore the nearby Tenryuji Temple, and they come in fun flavors like wasabi, red pepper, shiso and yuzu - 14 varieties in all.


Kobe Grocers - Retail: Kitano [ Open 10am-7:30pm daily. ]
This small corner store looks like it's been transported from small-town America circa 1950. The shelves are jam-packed with American and European brands seldom seen in Japanese grocery stores.
Kobe Halal Food - Retail: Kitano [ Open 11am-8pm daily. ]
This Halal grocery store is a good place to find Indian and south Asian spices as well as various prepared foods.
Rote Rose Wine Shop - Liquor shop: Kitano [ Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays. ]
A German wine specialty shop with more than 300 varieties in stock; downstairs is a large wine bar and restaurant.
Sogo Department Store - Retail: Sannomiya south [ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
The basement food floor, right next to the station, is one of the better places to find a selection of local food products.

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