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Sangendou - Izakaya: Namba [ Open 11:30am-2, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily. ]
This branch of the popular gourmet izakaya serves great sake, sashimi, oden and grilled chicken, all at budget-friendly prices. (Around Y3000-3500 at dinnertime.)
Sansui no Waza - Tempura: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-11pm daily. ]
Does wine really go with tempura? You can find out here - Sansui no Waza offers a good selection of wines by the bottle, plus tasting sets of 2 or 3 or 4 different glasses to go with your meal.
Sasa - Japanese: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-11pm daily. ]
Sasa serves Japanese fusion cuisine with lots of European touches, plus an extensive wine list that includes many choices by the glass. Budget around Y4500 for dinner, Y1200 for the buffet lunch.
Savoy - Curry: Sannomiya south [ Open 11am-7pm daily. ]
The draw at this old-fashioned basement shop is the spicy Japanese-style beef curry, which is served along with loud jazz - mainly bebop recorded on the Savoy record label. This is classic...
Seijio Ishii - Retail: Umeda [ Open 11am-9pm daily. ]
Wines by the glass at very reasonable prices (Y300-550) at this informal stand-up wine counter in Hankyu Sanbangai. Inside, the Ishii shop sells imported foods, a large selection of wines and...
Sepporai - Kyo-ryori: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-2:30, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily. ]
Beautifully grown and prepared Kyoto vegetables are the star here, along with other local specialties like yuba (tofu skin) and market-fresh seafood and meats. The interior is quite pleasant, in a...
Shijan - Korean: Namba [ Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily. ]
Shijan promises "Korean and Japanese harmony" - fresh, top-grade Korean-market ingredients adapted somewhat to Japanese tastes (i.e. not quite as spicy as Seoul). The menu features a number of...
Shikokuya - Udon: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10pm daily. ]
The curry-flavored udon here is strangely compelling and quite filling - sort of like curry rice without the rice.
Shimada Shoten - Liquor shop: Kita-Horie [ Open 9am-7pm (6pm Sat). Closed Sundays. ]
Beneath this ordinary-looking sake shop - through a hole in the floor and down a narrow ladder - is a hidden sake tasting cave with a big selection of premium sake from around the country, including...
Shisen Ramen (Sanbangai) - Chinese: Umeda [ Open 11am-9pm daily. ]
Spicy Szechuan-style noodles at budget prices. The limited side-dish menu includes gyoza and kimchee fried rice.
Sogo Department Store - Retail: Sannomiya south [ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
The basement food floor, right next to the station, is one of the better places to find a selection of local food products.
Soholm - Scandinavian: Umeda [ Open 10am-10pm daily. ]
Located inside the Actus interior shop, this large cafe-restaurant serves an international menu that includes Scandinavian-style meatballs and various pastas and dessert items. Lunch is served until...
Sojibo - Soba: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10:30pm daily. ]
Branches of Sojibo can be found all over the city; along with good, inexpensive soba they offer fresh wasabi that you grate for yourself and add to your dipping sauce.
Standing Beer Bar 1020 - Beer bar: Tenma [ Open 4-11:30pm (LO) daily. ]
Located in a mini-shopping arcade just off a main shopping arcade in busy Tenma, this tiny standing bar has room for around six or seven customers at a time. The six taps represent Japanese craft...
Starboard - Beer bar: Sannomiya [ Open 5-11pm. Closed Wednesdays. ]
Formerly the Rokko Beer Diner, this brewery taproom serves beers from Rokko Brewery, Starboard, and a decent selection of guest beers - we noted Boundary Bay and Coronado among the breweries during...
Streamer Espresso Minami-Horie - Coffee shop: Kita-Horie [ Open 8am-8pm daily. ]
Serious coffee from Tokyo's famous Streamer roastery at this stand located inside a clothing store. There's very limited seating (ask at the counter), or you can have your coffee to go. Open from...
Sumo Chaya Shiten - Chanko-nabe: Namba [ Open noon-2, 5-10pm (LO). Closed Mondays. ]
This chanko-nabe specialist has been in business since 1946. Full-course chanko dinners start at Y3990, and there are plenty of seasonal side dishes if you're still hungry. Lunch is by reservation...
Sun - Japanese: Sannomiya south [ Open 11am-2, 5-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Excellent, creative cooking, friendly service and some of the nicest modern decor in Kobe make this restaurant worth a stop. Be sure to try the local dishes like the cross-cultural dim sum...
Sun - Japanese: Umeda [ Open 11:30am-2, 5-10pm daily. ]
One of the older branches of Sun (they opened in 1996), with first-rate izakaya fare, pleasant decor and panoramic views in several directions. Full-course menus start at Y5500, or you can order a...
Sun - Japanese: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Another architecturally inspired branch of Sun, this one featuring a dramatically lit garden of raked sand spread out beneath a raised seating area along one wall. The menu includes well-crafted...
Swiss Chalet - Swiss: Kitano [ Open 11:30am-4, 5:30-9:30pm (LO) daily. ]
Although this may look like the restaurant that time forgot, the lace-curtained, ultra-kitsch Swiss Chalet is often packed with diners tucking into the many fondue variations (beef, cheese and...
Syukakusai - Western: Namba [ Open 11am-11pm daily. ]
Syukakusai is famous for their whole roast chicken, prepared with ten different herbs and served with your choice of six kinds of sauce. They also brag about their homemade bread; budget Y2500 at...

- T -

Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters - Cafe: Higobashi [ Open 11am-7pm (LO) daily. ]
A combination wine retailer and espresso bar, Takamura provides a spacious and comfortable sofa-furnished area at the front of the shop where you can enjoy espresso beverages or wine by the glass,...
Tako-no-tsubo - Akashiyaki: Motomachi [ Open noon-9:45pm (LO) daily. ]
Akashiyaki is a lighter, fluffier version of takoyaki, made with local octopus, and Tako-no-tsubo is an expert in its preparation. The room cozy dining room - usually filled with the aroma of...
Takonotetsu - Takoyaki: Umeda 1-chome [ Open 11am-11pm. Closed 3rd Monday. ]
Sure you can get takoyaki anywhere in town, but here the metal takoyaki grills are actually built into the tables, and the grills also serve as a motif for the decor here, if it can be called that. ...
Takoume (bunten) - Oden: Umeda [ Open 4-10pm (LO) daily. ]
The menu here is deep, with strange and unexpected variations on the oden theme - shiitake mushrooms, lotus roots, ginkgo nuts, oysters, plus a separate menu of whale delicacies. The ambience is...
Tavola 36 - Italian: Namba [ Open 11:30am-11:30pm daily. ]
Buffet brunches (Y4000) and weekday lunches (Y2700) with a great view are the daytime draw at this skylit hotel restaurant. Dinner prix-fixe menus start at Y6300, but there's a cheaper a la carte...
Taz-ya - Izakaya: Umeda [ Open 5:30-11:30pm (LO; to 1am weekends). Open every day. ]
This small, nearly impossible-to-find izakaya in the back streets of Umeda has a warm and cozy atmosphere that instantly relaxes you when you walk in. It's the kind of place where you can drop in...
Teng Kee - Chinese: Motomachi [ Open 11:30am-8pm. Closed Wednesdays. ]
Very nice Hong Kong-style shrimp wonton noodle soup and spicy tantanmen noodles are the main specialties in this small, eleven-seat counter shop located just off the Motomachi arcade. Pan-fried...
To The Herbs - Italian: Nishinomiya [ Open 11am-11pm daily. ]
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain.
To The Herbs - Italian: Namba [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Interesting and unusual pizza and pasta variations at budget-friendly prices are TTH's forte. There's some outdoor seating in the warmer months of the year.
Tohoku Tabesa - Japanese regional: Umeda [ Open 2pm-5am daily. ]
Kiritampo (toasted rice on skewers) from Akita, tongue stew from Sendai, and other dozens of other exotic specialties from the Tohoku region are the specialty at this lively izakaya. You'll also...
Tokokuro - Chinese: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Tokokuro's elegant dining room doesn't look like a Chinese restaurant, and we mean that in a good way - the tasteful white stone dragons at the entrance are one of the few Chinese motifs. The main...
Tokuya - Japanese: Namba [ Open 4-10pm (LO; noon-10pm weekends). Open every day. ]
The deluxe full-course minke whale dinner here includes whale sashimi, stewed whale tongue, deep-fried whale, stewed blubber, whale burger and udon noodles; they also prepare a traditional spicy...
Tony Roma's - American: Harborland [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Spareribs, cubic onion-ring sculptures, fried cheese and other bits of Americana are available at this US-based chain, along with one of the best harbor views in the Harborland complex. Budget...
Tooth Tooth - Cafe: Sannomiya south [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
A rooftop oasis right in central Kobe, this cafe looks out onto a big garden area, with seating both indoors and out. The casual, inexpensive food menu is a mix of Japanese and Western dishes -...
Tooth Tooth Colors - Cafe: Nakazakicho [ Open 11am-midnight daily. ]
A big, sprawling, comfortable cafe under the train tracks and highway. The menu is varied and casual, and lunch is served to 3pm.
Tori no Mai - Yakitori: Umeda [ Open 5-11pm (LO) daily. ]
This excellent Tokyo-based yakitori chain serves a variety of interesting chicken variations, plus a few Nagoya-style dishes, homemade tofu and an unexpected creme brulee for dessert.
Toribun - Izakaya: Umeda [ Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily. ]
Toribun's specialty is shamo (a game bird) served raw, oven-roasted, and on skewers as yakitori. Y4000 covers a prix-fixe dinner, or you can order a la carte. Drinks include shochu and some sake.
Toribun - Izakaya: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-11:30pm (LO) daily. ]
The draws at this famous Osaka shop are premium free-range chicken (including chicken tempura), organic vegetables, premium-beef sushi, and fish and seafood from around Japan. Budget around Y4500 at...
Toriyoshi - Yakitori: Chayamachi [ Open 5-11pm (LO) daily. ]
Spicy chicken wings, yakitori and Nagoya miso specialties. Budget around Y3000 for food and drink at dinnertime.
Totenkaku - Chinese: Kitano [ Open 11:30am-2, 5-9pm daily. ]
Peking-style cuisine, with an emphasis on Peking duck, is the specialty at this rather grandiose Kitano landmark. The "mini-lunch" is Y4000, with full-course dinner menus running Y6000-15,000.
Tsukada Nojo - Japanese regional: Namba [ Open 5pm-midnight daily. ]
First-rate Miyazaki chicken dishes, regional Kyushu fare and local shochu brands are the specialties at this reasonably priced, unpretentious Miyazaki-based izakaya chain. Budget around Y3000-4000...
Tsukada Nojo - Japanese regional: Tenma [ Open 5pm-midnight (Sat, Sun 3pm-) daily. ]
First-rate Miyazaki chicken dishes, regional Kyushu fare and local shochu brands are the specialties at this reasonably priced, unpretentious Miyazaki-based izakaya chain. Budget around Y3000-4000...
Tsukada Nojo - Japanese regional: Umeda [ Open 5pm-midnight (Fri, Sat -3am) daily. ]
First-rate Miyazaki chicken dishes, regional Kyushu fare and local shochu brands are the specialties at this reasonably priced, unpretentious Miyazaki-based izakaya chain. Budget around Y3000-4000...
Tsukada Nojo Sannomiya Honten - Japanese regional: Sannomiya [ Open 5pm-midnight daily. ]
First-rate Miyazaki chicken dishes, regional Kyushu fare and local shochu brands are the specialties at this reasonably priced, unpretentious Miyazaki-based izakaya chain. Budget around Y3000-4000...
Tsukasa - Japanese regional: Umeda [ Open 11:15am-8:50pm (LO) daily. ]
Regional "Tosa cuisine" is the draw here, including lots of great fish and seafood fresh from the Kochi side of Shikoku. Dinner with drinks averages around Y5000.

- U -

Umenohana - Tofu: Kyukyoryuchi [ Open 11am-3, 5-9pm (LO) daily. ]
Excellent home-made tofu is the core of the menu here, with tofu-centered set meals at various price levels (Y4000-10,000). The dining room offers a nice high-rise view over the Kobe waterfront.
Umenohana - Tofu: Shinsaibashi [ Open 11am-3, 5-9pm (LO) daily. ]
Excellent home-made tofu is the core of the menu here, with tofu-centered set meals at various price levels (Y4000-10,000).
Umenohana - Tofu: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-3, 5-9pm (LO) daily. ]
Excellent home-made tofu is the core of the menu here, with tofu-centered set meals at various price levels (Y4000-10,000).
Unoya - Izakaya: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Unoya offers a fun dining space (with curtained-off semi-private booths) and an entertaining menu (unusual sushi rolls and other creative dishes), plus a good choice of original cocktails. Y3000 per...
Uoman - Izakaya: Sannomiya south [ Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm daily. ]
Uoman is an upscale izakaya chain is known for their creative, solidly prepared food, their well-selected sake and shochu menu and their stylish decor.
Uoman - Izakaya: Namba [ Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily. ]
This lovely modern-style izakaya serves great seasonal sashimi and seafood dishes, grilled chicken, and well-chosen premium sake. Around Y4000 for dinner and drinks.
Uoman - Nabemono: Umeda 1-chome [ Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
The big counter area visible from the entrance only hints at the marvels that lie within - this tastefully decorated dining bar is a cut above the average izakaya, with an excellent (and inexpensive)...
Usayu - Rabbit cafe: Osaka [ Open 1-7pm (last entry 6pm). Closed Wed, Thu. ]
Much more comfortable and spacious than other rabbit cafes we've been to, this charming suburban shop is spread out over three rooms and organized into nine separate rabbit play areas, so visitors...
Usuusu - Soba: Sannomiya south [ Open 11am-11pm daily. ]
Located in the "Dining Road" complex upstairs from JR Sannomiya station's Central Gate, Usuusu specializes in soba noodles and grilled chicken. It's a very convenient place for an inexpensive...

- V -

Vege Vege Curry - Curry: Motomachi [ Open 11:30am-2, 5-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Located conveniently close to Motomachi station, this casual curry shop serves inexpensive wines by the glass or bottle as well as a menu of small drink-friendly snacks in addition to their...
Vermillion Mahoroba - French: Shinsaibashi [ Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-9:30pm (LO). Closed Tuesdays. ]
Elegant French cuisine in a beautifully decorated dining space. They kitchen turns out modern French fare that stays clear of the butter and the heavy sauces. Prix-fixe menus start at Y1890 for...
Vita Bien - Retail: Honmachi [ Open 11am-7pm. Closed Sundays. ]
This tiny "bio and slow tea house" sells organic Swiss chocolates, German herbal teas, Austrian jams and honeys, and a few toys and knick-knacks.

- W -

Westwood Bakers - Cafe: Kita-Horie [ Open 9am-8pm (LO) daily. ]
Attached to a popular bakery of the same name, this pleasant cafe offers pastries, sandwiches, pancakes and espresso beverages.
Wine Bar D - Italian: Sannomiya [ Open 6pm-2am. Closed Sundays. ]
This beautifully appointed wine bar-restaurant offers an impressive list of around 400 wines by the bottle, focusing on Italy and France. Wines by the glass start at around Y1200, or Y8,000 by the...
Wired Cafe Chayamachi - Cafe: Chayamachi [ Open 11am-midnight daily. ]
Coffee, wireless internet access and good food from the popular Wired Cafe chain. Open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.
Wired Cafe Lucua - Cafe: Umeda [ Open 10am-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Decent food and a very lively atmosphere at this branch of the popular Wired Cafe chain. There is some terrace seating looking out over the Osaka Station City complex below.

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- Y -

Yamaya - Liquor shop: Namba [ Open 11am-9pm daily. ]
Discount wines and liquors, plus a miscellaneous assortment of imported foods.
Yellow Ape Craft - Beer bar: Kitahama [ Open 5pm-2am. Closed Sundays. ]
Thirty beers, mostly Japanese craft beers, are served on tap here along with bar snacks like pizza. The Y320 table charge includes a small appetizer.
Yoshino Zushi - Sushi: Honmachi [ Open 11am-9pm. Closed weekends. ]
Established in the 1840s, Yoshino is the place to go for Osaka-style sushi. Set meals are Y2000-5000, with sushi kaiseki service priced at Y3600-10,000.
Yukicharyo by Solviva - Cafe: Namba [ Open 7:30am-10pm daily. ]
This is health food in an attractive cafe setting, with plenty of brown rice and soy milk. The extensive drinks list includes matcha cappucino, black sesame smoothies and plenty of Chinese teas;...

- Z -

Zanmai - Sushi: Namba [Open 24 hours a day. ]
Good-value Tokyo-style sushi and convenient hours from the famous Tsukiji-based chain; this is their only Kansai outlet.
Zipangu - Japanese: Umeda 2-chome [ Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily. ]
Modern Japanese cuisine with cross-cultural touches (spicy tuna rolls, Korean namul vegetables, Chinese stewed pork) from the famous Nadaman group. The decor is quite lovely, starting with the...

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