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Fantastic Hamburg steaks made from four different cuts of premium Iwate pork
Tasty Chinese-style gyoza variations
Charcoal-grilled skewers of pork and chicken are the main draw at this very informal after-work drinking spot, along...
Italian-inspired tomato-cheese udon noodles
Heaping helpings of Japanese-style spaghetti at an old-school counter
Traditional wintertime oden for a budget-friendly lunch
Hearty wintertime Kofu-style houtou noodles and craft sake
Pineapple ramen and an all-pineapple decor
Fun, fusion-style takoyaki with truffle oil and anchovy mayo
Hearty beef organ-meat stews and warm sake for winter
Cronuts and other pastry adventures from the New York-based patissier
Charcoal-grilled pork innards and a great sake selection, all at bargain prices
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