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Gourmet oden in both dashi- and miso-based varieties
Spicy Sichuan-style tantanmen raised to an artform
Great charcoal-grilled beef, beef tongue and motsu-nikomi
Grilled pork and sake at the quintessential after-work salaryman bar
Pork-belly sushi, roast beef with uni and other unusual meat dishes
Intensely flavored Jiro-style ramen from a Jiro disciple
Deep-fried delicacies to go from Tokyo's century-old sukiyaki specialist
No-frills seafood and limited-edition sake fresh from the Noto Peninsula
Spicy Singapore-style laksa noodle soup
Grilled pork on skewers in a lively after-work izakaya
Very spicy ramen that's also well balanced
DIY sake-tasting flights and grilled meats and vegetables

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