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Tasting-size sake pours and novel Italian-fusion udon noodles
Shamo chicken cooked over a hot straw fire and served with premium Aomori sake
Gourmet beans and espresso to go from this off-the-beaten-track Meguro coffee stand
A stylish sake and fish specialist under the tracks in Akihabara
Great sake, shochu and awamori all in one stop at this lively Ichigaya drinking spot
450-year-old Belgian brewery De Halve Maan opens their first Tokyo taproom
Located under the JR railroad tracks, this very casual drinking spot serves great charcoal-grilled beef on skewers,...
Spam musubi and other Hawaiian comfort food by the bay
Omotesando Koffee opens a serious espresso bar in Toranomon Hills
Yuzu jam, wheat-gluten candy, and other exotic Shikoku delicacies to take home
Craft beers and Middle Eastern food inside Koenji's "food alley"
Just like regular Starbucks, but with alcohol
Regional dishes and over 100 tequilas at one of Tokyo's best Mexican restaurants
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