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A casual bar serving limited-edition sake from Akita, with or without the yakitori
Original burger creations in the new Andaz Hotel in Toranomon Hills
More than just potatoes - artisanal cheeses, craft beer and soup curry from Hokkaido
Tasting-size sake pours and novel Italian-fusion udon noodles
Shamo chicken cooked over a hot straw fire and served with premium Aomori sake
Gourmet beans and espresso to go from this off-the-beaten-track Meguro coffee stand
A stylish sake and fish specialist under the tracks in Akihabara
Great sake, shochu and awamori all in one stop at this lively Ichigaya drinking spot
450-year-old Belgian brewery De Halve Maan opens their first Tokyo taproom
Located under the JR railroad tracks, this very casual drinking spot serves great charcoal-grilled beef on skewers,...
Spam musubi and other Hawaiian comfort food by the bay
Omotesando Koffee opens a serious espresso bar in Toranomon Hills
Yuzu jam, wheat-gluten candy, and other exotic Shikoku delicacies to take home
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