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The perfect fried-rice omelette, since 1949
Tender horsemeat served sashimi-style and grilled yakiniku-style
Five kinds of gyoza dumplings including extra-large banana gyoza
Find out why gyukatsu (beef cutlet) is taking Tokyo by storm
Unusual deep-fried skewers and Osaka prices at Tokyo's liveliest kushiage spot
Curry udon with fried oysters and chicken tempura
Creative original oden items paired with good sake and shochu
A perfect pairing of meat and sauce makes a classic Hamburg steak
Miyazaki pork cutlet that tastes great even without tonkatsu sauce
A modern take on Japanese-style wafu spaghetti
Spicy chicken wings, ebi-fry and other down-home Nagoya delicacies in Tokyo
Beef organ-meat stew, grilled fish and cheap drinks
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