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Tasting flights of Akita sake plus regional delicacies at Torafuku's Akita Fair
Grilled meats, casual pizzas and US craft beers overlooking Platinum-dori
Fresh vegetable-based delicacies at one of Tokyo's best deli counters
Farm-fresh organic vegetables and charcoal-grilled meats
Premium-pork tonkatsu that's worth lining up for
Rare, small-brewery sakes and excellent Spanish cuisine
Aged-beef burgers seasoned with just salt and pepper
Satisfying toasted-cheese sandwiches in haggis and other flavors
Grilled pork and one of Tokyo's legendary beef-tripe stews
Great chicken sashimi from Miyazaki heirloom-breed birds
Casual tempura and sake in a laid-back neighborhood dining bar
An old-fashioned dive bar that's open until 7am

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