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Down-home Kyushu-style grilled chicken with sake-tasting flights
Craft beers and whiskey are given equal billing at this small but well-stocked bar. Eight taps dispense mostly US craft...
If you don't mind the informal setting, this unpretentious back-alley izakaya is a great place to explore the...
In addition to the usual local food and booze, this large prefectural antenna shop offers a good assortment of crafts -...
The seating arrangements here may be a bit tight, and the prices higher than average, but the grilled chicken here is...
All cilantro all the time, with owls, at this cilantro-cuisine owl bar
Good espresso, pastries and Dutch craft beers
Great grilled meats and creative vegetable dishes in a gorgeous setting
Tokyo's most stylish taproom offers experimental "lab-only" beers and above-average snacks
Medicinal-herb curries in an old-fashioned shitamachi setting
Superb charcoal-grilled fish and meat from an open hearth
Yo-Ho Brewing's second taproom offers a more ambitious menu and twelve beers on tap
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