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Surprising novelty burritos (tandoori lamb w/ brown rice, anyone?)
Well-prepared, original Thai dishes from a former Thai Embassy chef
"Extreme" beers and heavy metal at Yokohama's best craft-beer bar
Fish tacos and "wet" burritos, from Los Angeles to an Odaiba skate park
This lively after-work drinking spot is called "Queen of Chickens" - and what more do you need to know? Well, if you...
Original cocktails and laid-back music at this quiet neighborhood bar
Grilled meats and cheap prices in this late-night neigbhorhood izakaya
Good neighborhood French in an intimate, casual setting
Open-face sandwiches and other casual Danish fare on the Yokohama waterfront
African food and music in a friendly neighborhood wine bar
Bottled craft beers from Europe and the US, to drink here or to go
Good charcoal-grilled meats, small fish and big fish at this after-work izakaya
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