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Yamaya (Ike. west) - Liquor shop: Ikebukuro
Well worth the long hike from the station; they offer an excellent selection of wines from around the world at discount prices, as well as liquor and some cheeses and imported foods.
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Ikebukuro
Discount wines and liquors, with some cheeses and other imported foods.
Tanakaya - Liquor shop: Mejiro
This spacious basement shop near Mejiro station offers one of the best selections of American craft beers in Tokyo, along with Hasegawa Liquors (Yaesu) and World Beer Market (Kita-Senju). You'll...
Jip - Wine bar: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
If you've ever wanted to try Japanese wines, but don't want to gamble with buying completely unknown bottles, Jip Bar is the place to check out. This specialty wine bistro pours from a rotating list...
Shinanoya - Liquor shop: Shinjuku Kabukicho
A good selection of wines and spirits and a dozen or so European beers at discount prices, plus random imported food items.
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Nishi-Shinjuku
They have an extensive wine selection, but it's always changing, so if you find something you like it might not be there the next time. Great prices.
Bessho - Liquor shop: Jingumae 2-chome
This small neighborhood shop stocks a good selection of wines from around the world, sold at very reasonable prices.
Seijo Ishii - Retail: Shibuya
Part of the Foodshow complex below Shibuya Station, this shop specializes in imported foods and liquors and offers a pretty wide selection.
Tokyu Honten - Retail: Shibuya
Their wine area has one of the best department-store selections in town, with a full range of price categories. Sometimes they're willing to take special orders, especially if you know the name of...
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Shibuya
This supermarket-sized branch of the national discount liquor chain stocks a wide assortment of imported foods as well as all kinds of booze.
Wine Market Party - Liquor shop: Ebisu
Mostly French wines, with some rare bottles you won't find elsewhere in town. Be prepared to pay, though. There are several different caves, with prices going up the farther in you go. In front...
Seijo Ishii - Retail: Ebisu
Imported foods from around the world, including cheeses, spices, and canned and packaged goods. There's also a big stock of mostly European wines. Prices vary from great bargains to inexplicably...
Enoteca - Liquor shop: Hiroo
A large selection of French and Italian wines, many at the higher end of the price scale. There's a 5% discount if you join their "club".
National Azabu - Retail: Hiroo
One of the best of the international supermarkets, with the widest range of imported foods in Tokyo (along with Nissin in Azabu-Juban). You'll find good selections of wines, cold cuts and imported...
Shinanoya - Liquor shop: Meguro
This discount liquor shop also sells a fair assortment of imported foods to go with your booze.
Enoteca - Liquor shop: Shinagawa
Mostly French wines; there's also a small cafe/ wine bar.
Nissin - Retail: Azabu-Juban
Meat is Nissin's strong point, with over a dozen types of cold cuts, a cornucopia of sausages, and unusual items like pheasant, rabbit, and even kangaroo meat. And the third-floor wine shop is worth...
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Akasaka
A discount wine retailer with a good selection.
Vinos Yamazaki - Liquor shop: Yurakucho
The little tasting room in the back of this well-stocked liquor store is a good place to wind up a shopping afternoon or start off an evening in Ginza or Marunouchi. To accompany your wine, there are...
Enoteca - Liquor shop: Ginza
Mostly French wines at decent prices.
Winax - Liquor shop: Ginza
Ginza Winax stocks one of the best selections of German wines in Tokyo.
Fujinokuni Yamanashi-kan - Antenna shop: Nihonbashi
Yamanashi is Japan's most productive winemaking region, and you'll find a good selection of local wines at this prefectural antenna shop, along with specialty food products such as fruit jams and...
Yamaya - Liquor shop: Hanzomon
A discount wine shop with a good selection.
National Den-en - Retail: Denenchofu
This sister of the temporarily shuttered international supermarket National Azabu offers a similarly diverse selection of imported foods and wines. Despite their suburban location (midway between...

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