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This guide lists selected restaurants specializing in teppanyaki, sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.
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This guide lists selected restaurants specializing in teppanyaki, sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.


Miyuki - Japanese: Edogawabashi
The Four Seasons' Japanese restaurant serves a varied menu, including kaiseki service, sushi, shabu-shabu and teppanyaki. Seasonal kaiseki from Y6000 at lunch, 12,000 at dinnertime. Japanese...
Ukaitei - Teppanyaki: Harajuku
Top-class teppanyaki in a glitzy 1920s-style setting. Specialties include abalone and lobster, and premium beef from their own ranch in Hyogo-ken. Prix-fixe lunches start at Y6830, dinners from...
Yebisu (Westin Hotel) - Teppanyaki: Ebisu
One of the most highly rated teppanyaki restaurants in town, Yebisu also boasts a nice 22nd-floor view and convenient English menus. Full-course dinners with premium domestic beef, seasonal seafood...
Ahill - Teppanyaki: Nishi-Azabu
A snazzy little grill-counter setup specializing in Japanese beef steaks and other grilled meats (lamb, Iberico pork), French teppanyaki style. The prix-fixe menus also include the shop's original...
Karashi - Teppanyaki: Shirokanedai
Karashi is a comfortable neighborhood spot that specializes in both teppanyaki and okonomiyaki. It's an odd combination - even though both styles of cooking use the same type of grill, Japanese...
Panic Cafe - Teppanyaki: Roppongi
Tasty, modern teppanyaki-style grilled food, supplemented by fresh salads.
Ahill - Teppanyaki: Ginza
A branch of the famous "French teppanyaki" restaurant in Nishi-Azabu, specializing in domestic-beef steaks and other grilled meats along with an original curry-rice after your main course. Prix-fixe...
Gyuan - Steak house: Ginza
Kobe beef is the specialty at this casual Japanese-style steakhouse. Prix-fixe dinners start at Y4200; the Y9765 menu is built around a 150g Kobe beer tenderloin steak along with beef sashimi and...
Ukaitei - Teppanyaki: Higashi-Ginza
Top-class grilled beef and seafood at this Michelin-starred teppanyaki restaurant. The dining room is furnished with Art Deco lamps, Baccarat glassware and European antiques. Specialties include...
Sumida - Teppanyaki: Suitengumae
Premium Kobe and Matsuzaka beef from pampered cattle is prepared at this deluxe steakhouse. Lunch from Y2625, dinner from Y12,600 yen. Private rooms are available.
Hamayu - Teppanyaki: Daiba
The first-rate teppanyaki menu here features the finest Japanese domestic beef and seasonal seafood appetizers, complemented by a stunning 30th-floor view overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo...
Tennoz - Teppanyaki: Tennozu Isle
Perched on the tweny-eighth floor atop the Seafort Square complex, Tennoz offers a lovely bayside view along with top-quality steaks. A steak lunch is Y2800, and dinners, which range from Y9,000 to...

Shabu-shabu and sukiyaki

Mo Mo Paradise - Shabu-shabu: Takadanobaba
That's "mo mo" as in the sound a cow makes. The all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki specials for Y1890 (90-minute limit) make this one of the best beef deals in town. There's also an...
Imahan - Shabu-shabu: Shinjuku
Shabu-shabu and sukiyaki made with Ohmi beef, from Y3800 at dinner. Lunch is Y2300-2500.
Niimura (honten) - Shabu-shabu: Shinjuku Kabukicho
Friendly service and high-quality shabu-shabu available until the wee hours of the morning.
Imahan - Shabu-shabu: Nishi-Shinjuku
Sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and kaiseki. Shabu-shabu dinners from Y4800, kaiseki from Y8000.
Banyou - Shabu-shabu: Nishi-Shinjuku
Japanese steaks, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, teppanyaki - basically everything with beef is on the menu. Shabu-shabu from Y3800; beef-centered kaiseki Y8000.
Imahan - Shabu-shabu: Yoyogi
Kyushu pork shabu-shabu from Y3500; Hokkaido lamb from Y4000; Wagyu beef from Y5000.
Tajimaya - Shabu-shabu: Shibuya
Inexpensive all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu starts at Y1980 per person.
Kamikozawatei - Shabu-shabu: Shirokanedai
Excellent shabu-shabu made from Ohmi beef. The setting is gorgeous, a converted private residence built in the 1960s that's a modernist architectural gem. Full-course menus from Y6,090, by...
Hassan - Shabu-shabu: Roppongi
All-you-can-eat shabu shabu from Y5300. Lunch ranges from Y1050-4900.
Zakuro - Japanese: Akasaka
This "Japanese folkcraft restaurant" specializes in expensive domestic beef dishes served in old-fashioned private dining rooms. Shabu-shabu dinners are priced Y9,300-15,500 and sukiyaki is Y16,500....
Imahan - Shabu-shabu: Yurakucho
Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu made from premium domestic beef. Shabu-shabu from Y4725, kaiseki from Y8400.
Zakuro - Japanese: Ginza
Shabu-shabu and traditional Japanese meals; a good introduction to Japanese food for visitors from abroad. Dinner starts at around Y5,000 before drinks.
Imahan - Nabemono: Ningyocho
This is the spacious main branch of Tokyo's best-known sukiyaki and shabu-shabu restaurant, founded in 1895. They also have a teppanyaki counter; budget around Y10,000 for dinner with drinks, or...
Imahan - Nabemono: Ueno
Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu made from Ohmi beef. Shabu-shabu from Y5500, kaiseki from Y12,000.
Echikatsu - Shabu-shabu: Yushima
The first-rate sukiyaki and shabu-shabu at Echikatsu are made with Matsuzaka beef and served in a beautiful setting with traditional architecture elements amid lovely Japanese gardens. There are...
Kissho - Shabu-shabu: Yokohama Minato-mirai
When you're in the mood to splurge on traditional Japanese fare, Kissho offers luxurious shabu-shabu and kaiseki menus, priced from Y8000 at dinnertime.

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