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Shinjuku station

Breizh Cafe Creperie - Cafe: Shinjuku
Delicious Bretagne-style artisanal sweet crepes and savory buckwheat galettes are served along with hard cider and soft drinks imported from the region. When the weather permits, there's nice...

Shinjuku station to Meiji-dori

Samurai - Jazz kissaten: Shinjuku
Thousands of maneki neko (good-luck cat statues) fill the interior of this spacious cafe-bar. There's a counter and several tables, making this a good venue for a small party. Service is friendly...
Daidaiya - Asian fusion: Shinjuku
Spectacular "nouvelle Japonaise" cuisine in a stunning modern setting. Standout items on the menu include cold stuffed cabbage kimchee with cashew nuts, minced tuna and Korean bean paste...

North of Shinjuku-dori

Vin Vino Brule - Wine bar: Shinjuku
An impressive selection of wines from around the world, varying from the reasonably priced to the very extravagant. They also do up a nice cheese platter. The atmosphere is more formal than average.
New Dug - Jazz kissaten: Shinjuku
This popular cafe-bar was featured as a setting in Haruki Murakami's novel "Norwegian Wood." In the afternoons customers enjoy quiet jazz along with a cup of their relatively bitter coffee (Y420),...
Meal Muji - Cafe: Shinjuku
Stylishly modern and surprisingly spacious, Meal Muji makes a pleasant retreat from the crowds of Shinjuku's shopping district. The decor is bright and cheerful, with ubiquitous sleek blond wood...
Isetan - Retail: Shinjuku
Probably Tokyo's finest department-store food floor, Isetan's basement sells everything from fresh produce and seafood to luxurious French pastries. You can sample Spanish hams at the World Meat Bar...

3-chome station area

To The Herbs - Italian: Shinjuku
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain. Open all afternoon.
Brooklyn Parlor - Cafe: Shinjuku
Whether you're here for a dessert break, a casual evening meal, or an afternoon working on your laptop, Brooklyn Parlor supplies a fun, bustling backdrop. Unlike Tokyo's many quiet, hidden-away...
Tiki Tiki - Misc. Southeast Asian: Shinjuku
At Tokyo's original Tiki lounge, wooden masks glower, faux torches blaze, and hula dancers shake it, shake it, baby. The kitsch is ubiquitous, self-aware, and executed with formidable slickness. If...
Marugo Grande - Wine bar: Shinjuku
This is the largest of several branches of this very popular budget wine bar in the neighborhood. Most wines by the glass are Y500-900, but you can spend a lot more on a special bottle if you're so...
Marugo - Wine bar: Shinjuku
Choose from about fifteen wines by the glass or bottle, or pick a Latour or Mouton from the back and put it on your expense account. France is amply represented, with biodynamic wines comprising...
Marugo II - Wine bar: Shinjuku
This second branch of the popular and always-packed Marugo wine bar serves two dozen wines by the glass, about half of them French, with a new selection every day. The food menu is Italian and very...
Esogie - African: Shinjuku
Esogie's owner Lucky Isiwe has recreated a little slice of Lagos in Shinjuku 3-Chome. Nigerian funk plays on the bar's powerful sound system, and there's always something good cooking on the stove.
Moto - Bar: Shinjuku
Nihonshu Stand Moto is a very informal bar that specializes in nihonshu, in this case quite a good selection of it at reasonable prices. The food menu is more extensive than you'd expect, dominated...


Shinanoya - Liquor shop: Shinjuku Kabukicho
A good selection of wines and spirits and a dozen or so European beers at discount prices, plus random imported food items.
Narcis - Jazz kissaten: Shinjuku Kabukicho
The bustling Kabukicho neighborhood may seem like a strange place for a jazz kissa, but Narcis is a great spot for listening to quiet jazz, and their stylish interior design is reminiscent of old...
Calico - Cat cafe: Shinjuku Kabukicho
This more centrally located branch of Calico in Kichijoji, one of Tokyo's pioneering cat cafes, is staffed with dozens of cats. The entry fee is Y1000 per hour, and food and drink are also...
ZuZu - Bar: Shinjuku Kabukicho
The smart drink list offers eleven choices of popular umeshu like Saika and Kakutama, plus a few liqueurs based on anzu (apricot), yuzu and even decopon (the orange-tangerine hybrid). Lots of...
Hazelburn - Bar: Shinjuku Kabukicho
Hazelburn offers an impressive line-up of Scottish whiskies, along with English draft ales and well-prepared Scottish and English pub food.

2-chome, Gyoenmae

Pit Inn - Jazz club: Shinjuku
It may be smoky and cramped, but you can hear some of the most interesting local and international jazz in town here.
Arty Farty - Gay bar: Shinjuku
One of Shinjuku's larger gay bars, with a good sound system (mostly house, R&B and hiphop) and a comfortable, lounge-style setup.
GB - Gay bar: Shinjuku
Tokyo's most popular foreigner-friendly gay bar, with music videos and relatively inexpensive drinks.
Kinswomyn - Gay bar: Shinjuku
Tokyo's most popular lesbian bar.
Advocates - Gay bar: Shinjuku
An open-air DJ bar with a mostly gay crowd and non-stop house music.
Kinsmen - Gay bar: Shinjuku
A relatively quiet, subdued gay bar with vocal jazz on the stereo and wines by the glass.
Usagi - Gay bar: Shinjuku
Run by a veteran of the long-running GB bar, this fourth-floor walkup attracts a crowd of regulars. There are usually several good sake available by the glass, and the interior is non-smoking,...
Pelota - Spanish: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
This handy Spanish wine bar offers ten wines by the glass, priced at around Y600-900, plus good tapas dishes to go with them. Budget around Y3000 in the evening for food and drink.
Jip - Wine bar: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
If you've ever wanted to try Japanese wines, but don't want to gamble with buying completely unknown bottles, Jip Bar is the place to check out. This specialty wine bistro pours from a rotating list...
Rainbow Burritos - Gay bar: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
This tiny (eight-seat) bar, located on the third floor of a very old commercial building, serves solid Cali-Mex-style burritos and chimichangas along with margaritas and mojitos. Burritos come in...
Bamboo Beer Pub - Beer bar: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
The four craft beers on tap on any given day generally include a mix of interesting Japanese and US small breweries.
Someday - Jazz club: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
A smallish live club that features local talent.
Vector Beer - Izakaya: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
This late-night bar serves ten Japanese craft beers on tap, while the kitchen turns out expertly charcoal-grilled beef tongue and tongue stew. Budget around Y3500 for dinner and drinks.
Armwood Cottage - Cafe: Shinjuku Gyoen-mae
True to its name, the Armwood Cottage is Tokyo's answer to a log cabin in the mountains, with tall concrete buildings standing in for trees. The space is intimate and inviting, dominated by rough...

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