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Craft Hands - Beer bar: Azabu-Juban
This intimate neighborhood beer bar covers all the bases, with a dozen domestic craft beers on tap, plus a fridge filled with another fifty crafty US and Belgian imports by the bottle - the Belgians...
La Boheme - Italian: Azabu-Juban
Inexpensive pastas and Italian wines by the glass, with convenient late-night hours.

Akabanebashi, Kamiyacho

Die Wurst - German: Kamiyacho
It looks just like an ordinary coffee shop, but they serve German sausages, excellent bread and rolls, and many excellent German beers. (AKA "Franziskaner")
Zum Einhorn - German: Kamiyacho
Although the dining room is notably lacking in atmosphere and music, the kitchen prepares outstanding German cuisine, including some fantastic game dishes in the autumn months. Prices may seem high...


Roppongi 1-chome

Be a Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk - Coffee shop: Roppongi 1-chome
A pleasantly appointed branch of the gourmet espresso-bar chain; they also serve alcoholic beverages for a few hours in the evening. The espresso here is unusually thick and sludge-like, and quite...
Aux Bacchanales - Cafe: Roppongi 1-chome
A cheerful cafe with a nice lunch menu (under Y1,000) and a take-away bakery department.


Sign Kasumigaseki - Cafe: Toranomon
Coffee, drinks, music-listening stations and free wi-fi access. Lunch is served until 3pm.
Delirium Cafe Tokyo - Belgian rest/beer bar: Toranomon
This specialty bar imports beers directly from Belgium, and serves an impressive selection of ten different varieties on draft, including varieties we haven't seen elsewhere around town. Open to...
Sake Bistro W - Izakaya: Toranomon
A stylish izakaya-slash-dining bar serving modern Tokyo cuisine - a mix of Italian, Spanish and Japanese regional dishes made from premium ingredients. There's an excellent sake list that rotates...
Le Petit Tonneau - French: Toranomon
Very casual bistro-style fare and a good variety of wines from southern France - they import their own wines and many are available by the glass. The chef is Philippe Batton, formerly of Le Petit...
Anpuku - Udon: Toranomon
Novel, fusion-style udon is the specialty here, but what first attracted our attention was the inviting little sake bar standing at the front of the shop. A couple dozen well-chosen craft sakes from...
Toranomon Koffee - Coffee shop: Toranomon
Serious coffee fans in the Toranomon area were happy to hear about the opening of this office-building branch of the cult-favorite Omotesando Koffee in Aoyama. The polished-wood decor is quite...
3rd Cafe - Cafe: Toranomon
In addition to drip coffee and sandwiches, this tiny cafe also offers seven wines by the glass, priced at Y350-600. There's even a bit of terrace seating.

Uchisaiwaicho (and Nishi-Shimbashi)

Sake Plaza - Retail: Uchisaiwaicho
Although the atmosphere at this sake-industry information center is rather utilitarian, they do offer sake tastings during the day (Y300 per tasting) along with occasional special events. And of...
Au Fil des Jours - Belgian rest/beer bar: Uchisaiwaicho
Belgian beers from the popular Brussels chain of specialty bars.
Craft Beer Market Toranomon - Beer bar: Uchisaiwaicho
Craft Beer Market offers thirty different brews on draft, including a good number of seasonal specials. Prices are noticeably less expensive than the average Tokyo microbrew bar, with pints priced at...
Himachi Cafe + Dining - Cafe: Uchisaiwaicho
Casual cafe dining, with dishes like grilled pork and vegetable-heavy salads. Teishoku lunches start at Y750, while dinner averages around Y2000. Free WiFi is available.
Artistree Cafe - Coffee shop: Uchisaiwaicho
Coffee from Dutch artisanal roaster JH and San Francisco's Zaranda roasters is served in this pleasantly modern coffee bar located near Toranomon Hills.

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