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Shibuya to Kotto-dori

Bizuri - Cafe: Omotesando
Tasteful lighting highlights the sleek design at this sophisticated dining bar. Bizuri serves unusual drinks like shochu mixed with green tea and modern pan-Asian cuisine. Popular with the ladies.
Cozmo's Cafe - Bar: Omotesando
A small, friendly little bar that offers lots of live music and art events, including belly dancing.
Moyan Curry - Curry: Omotesando
Moyan offers a huge variety of tasty Japanese-style curries and ethnic-style side dishes, along with inexpensive wines and cocktails.
Zoogunzoo - Wine bar: Omotesando
The smart interior here is a very Tokyo-exotic mix of baked-mud walls, heavy wooden furniture, and organic-looking extra-terrestrial lighting fixtures like something from the set of "Alien". But...
Beacon - Steak house: Omotesando
This swank dining spot from chef David Chiddo (Cicada, TY Harbor) bills itself as an "urban chop house" - basically a steak house, but with more seafood choices. The kitchen uses only top-class...
Beacon Bar - Bar: Omotesando
The front bar area of the popular Aoyama steak house is a worthwhile destination in its own right, with excellent original cocktails, a good wine list with many choices by the glass, a casual food...
Marzac - Izakaya: Omotesando
Charcoal-grilled meaty snacks and good-value wine by the glass are the draw at this casual late-night bar. There's a selection of around ten decently drinkable wines from France, Italy and the New...
UN Cafe - French: Omotesando
A casual cafe where you can drop in anytime for a drink, a sandwich, or a full-course meal. The menu is California-style French, with both European and Asian touches. There's also a...
Las Chicas - International: Omotesando
International cuisine and drinks at this sprawling, tourist-friendly restaurant and cafe-bar.
El Vuelo - Spanish: Omotesando
Spanish tapas and wines in a cozy setting. Budget around Y4000 in the evenings, Y900 for lunch.
Gerbeaud - Cafe: Omotesando
Good Hungarian pastries at this Old World-style cafe; the main branch opened in Budapest in 1858.
Benoit - Mediterranean: Omotesando
From French celeb chef Alain Ducasse, a Mediterranean restaurant covering the cuisines of Italy, Spain, North Africa and Greece. The dining room is comfortable and attractively laid out, with nice...
Farmers Market @ UNU - Retail: Omotesando
Farm-fresh fruits and vegetables are on sale at the popular farmers market that pops up every weekend in front of UN University (across the street from Aoyama Gakuin). Besides the dozens of stalls...
Pariya - Japanese: Omotesando
This stylish open-air cafe offers an all-day deli-style menu - i.e. small-plate dishes, lots of salads, and a "rice of the day" for around Y1050. The menu changes every week, and everything is...
Number A - Cafe: Omotesando
Located on a quiet back street smack dab in the center of Aoyama, Number A is a casual, laid-back cafe that's mostly noteworthy for their extended lunch hour (until 5pm) and reasonably priced cafe...
Darie - Romanian: Omotesando
Authentic and homey Eastern European cooking from Tokyo's very first Romanian restaurant, which was located in Ginza for 32 years before moving to Aoyama. The brightly colored basement dining room is...
Celeb de Tomato Omotesando - Italian: Omotesando
This tomato-centric Italian restaurant/cafe offers full-course dinners from Y4000-7000. The buffet lunch (Y2500; Y3000 on weekends) includes a three-juice tasting flight, a choice of pasta, dessert,...
To The Herbs - Italian: Omotesando
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain.
Berry Parlour - Cafe: Omotesando
If you're in the mood for a luxurious dessert, this gorgeously decorated basement cafe serves "haute couture parfaits" from fresh seasonal fruit (Y1400-) and fruit teas (Y950-). Upstairs is Comme Ca...
Kua 'Aina - Sandwiches/burgers: Omotesando
Hawaiian-style burgers and deli sandwiches, plus Kona microbrew beers from Hawaii.
3rd Burger - Sandwiches/burgers: Omotesando
With its sleek decor and lush wall of greenery, this is one of the more pleasant and relaxing spots along Kotto-dori to stop for a midday snack. Charcoal-grilled burgers (from Y450) are served with...
Meal Muji - Cafe: Omotesando
Inexpensive bakery and deli items and salads from the famous no-brand design store Mujirushi.
Relleno Sugawara - International: Omotesando
Chef Kenji Sugawara was one of Japan's pioneers in the art of California cuisine, and his "Tokyo international" style is unique and exciting. Menu descriptions include plenty of exotic Asian...
Den Aquaroom Aoyama - Bar: Omotesando
This elegant, very relaxed bar features gigantic fishtanks filled with exotic tropical fish from Okinawa and environs. The menu includes tasty original cocktails and light food items. There's a...
L'As - French: Omotesando
Modern French cuisine from Chef Daisuke Kaneko, a veteran of Alain Senderens in Paris and La Becasse in Osaka. The seven-course prix-fixe dinner or weekend lunch, the only menu choice, is just...
Les Cristallines - French: Omotesando
Good, modern French cuisine and excellent service. Prix-fixes lunches from Y1750, dinners from Y3800, and wines (mostly French) from Y2800 per bottle.
Nezucafe - Cafe: Omotesando
The Nezu Museum's cafe looks out onto a beautiful wooded garden - a lovely, serene setting for a cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. The menu offers coffee, matcha latte and desserts as well as...
Lauburu - French: Omotesando
Lauburu is dedicated to the art of serious eating - specifically, the serious consumption of pork. Billed as a French/Basque country-style bistro, the food here is prepared simply - no rich,...
Bar Rage - Bar: Omotesando
Fancy fresh-fruit martinis are all the rage here, and owner Tomoyuki Kitazoe makes his own herbal and fruit syrups to use in them. The bar itself, located at the Nishi-Azabu end of Kotto-dori, is...

East of Kotto-dori

W Omotesando The Cellar Grill - Grill: Omotesando
This lively basement restaurant offers a great selection of wines from around the world at close to wine-shop prices. In fact a small retail wine shop is set up at the entrance, stocking a lot of...
Two Rooms - Grill: Omotesando
The former chef from the New York Grill (Park Hyatt) has teamed up with veterans from the Oak Door (Grand Hyatt) to create a glitzy new dining destination in central Aoyama. This international-style...
Two Rooms Bar - Bar: Omotesando
Attached to the Two Rooms Grill, the bar and lounge area offers cocktails and a wide choice of wines from around the world in a lovely setting, with a big outdoor terrace looking out over Harajuku...
Majestic - Vietnamese: Omotesando
Good, basic Vietnamese fare in the basement of an old office building. The lunch menu, served until 5pm, is pretty good for the price, with five lunch sets averaging around Y1000. Budget around...
Ghungroo - Indian: Omotesando
Critically acclaimed curries in a pleasant little shop located on the little street parallel to Kotto-dori. The food is authentic and good, and Ghungroo even caters events at the Indian Embassy.
Denpachi - Izakaya: Omotesando
All kinds of sardine dishes, plus a number of beef-tongue items (perhaps for nutritional balance). Seating is a bit cramped, and customers are packed in like, um, fish in a can. (The main, more...
Pure Cafe - Cafe: Omotesando
Organic coffee and cakes, sandwiches and soups; everything is vegetarian/vegan (so don't expect any latte in your cafe). From the owners of the popular Cafe 8 vegan hotspot.
Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe - Danish: Omotesando
A lot of upscale Aoyama shops seem to have an obligatory cafe area tucked into a corner somewhere, but the combination works especially well at this Copenhagen-based designer flower shop. While the...
Breadworks - Bakery: Omotesando
The original Breadworks is in Tennoz Isle next to TY Harbor Brewery; this new branch is attached to TY's sister restaurant Cicada, and offers a similarly inspiring selection of pastries and savory...
Cicada - Mediterranean: Omotesando
First-rate Mediterranean cuisine from Chef David Chiddo and the TY Harbor group (Beacon, Ivy Place). Now located in the heart of Aoyama (after a decade in Hiroo), the spacious quarters are evocative...
Crisscross - Cafe: Omotesando
A casual cafe attached to the popular Mediterranean restaurant Cicada; there's pleasant outdoor seating in the front courtyard when the weather permits.
Cafe Madu - Cafe: Omotesando
This cute and very spacious cafe has big front windows looking out onto the fashion-shopping alley next to Kotto-dori. The menu offers sandwiches, galettes and assorted pastries for mid-afternoon...
A to Z Cafe - Cafe: Omotesando
Those with a fondness for cartoon-character dolls and action figures will find a kindred spirit in Yoshitomo Nara, whose paintings and sculptures of devilish children are as disconcerting as they are...
A Piece of Cake - Cafe: Omotesando
A relaxing, quiet space inside a museum devoted to the whimsical works of sculptor Taro Okamoto.
Fukui Minami Aoyama 291 - Antenna shop: Omotesando
This spacious, attractively decorated store is a nice place to shop for sake and food imported from Fukui Prefecture. The cafe-restaurant area in back serves full meals.
Adding: Blue - French: Omotesando
The excellent French kitchen attached to the Blue Note jazz club. Full-course dinners from Y5000 upstairs; tapas and lighter snacks down on the first floor. (If you're going to a show at the club,...
Blue Note - Jazz club: Omotesando
The venue of choice for top jazz and R&B acts from overseas.
Tinun Aoyama - Thai: Omotesando
This branch of the ubiquitous budget Thai chain has a larger-than-average menu, good food and take-out service. The decor is also a cut above the norm.
Andersen - Danish: Omotesando
Danish-style stews and other main courses in the restaurant area above the bread shop, and European-style breakfast in the morning.
Andersen (bread shop) - Bakery: Omotesando
This particular branch is one of Tokyo's better bakeries, with many varieties of fresh bread and pastries, baked on the premises. They also sell premade sandwiches to go.
Andersen (sandwich counter) - Sandwiches/deli: Omotesando
Excellent made-to-order sandwiches and salads in the basement deli area underneath the bread store.
Toriyoshi - Yakitori: Omotesando
Spectacular chicken wings and other chicken specialties, and a tasteful, traditional Japanese interior.
La Boheme (Kita-Aoyama) - Italian: Omotesando
Late-night pastas at budget prices.
Topkapi - Turkish: Omotesando
Crayon House - Japanese/health food: Omotesando
The basement of Crayon House has an organic vegetable shop and two separate natural-food restaurants: "Hiroba", serving Japanese food, and "Home", with French cuisine. "Hiroba" offers an interesting...
C's Fort - Cafe: Omotesando
The menu here features pastas, deli items, and a couple dozen wines by the glass. Free wi-fi access.

East of Omotesando

Radio Bar - Bar: Omotesando
If the walls of Radio Bar could talk, they'd sing like Chet Baker and laugh like Marlene Dietrich. The indigo interior combines elements of traditional Japanese design with Art Deco ornamentation,...
Torimikura - Yakitori: Omotesando
Excellent charcoal-grilled yakitori and other chicken dishes are the specialty at this branch of the Aburiya Fudo group of restaurants.
246 Common - Miscellaneous: Omotesando
246 Common is a collection of food carts, drinks stands, little crafts shops, tents and outdoor seating areas, where you can grab a quick and very casual drink and snack or shop for artisanal salt...
Brimmer Beer Box - Beer bar: Omotesando
Living up to its name, this really is a box - it looks like a shipping container, with rather minimalist decor and furnishings, and standing areas inside and outside. They serve four different craft...
Ippudo - Ramen: Omotesando
A branch of the famous Hakata ramen chain, featuring thin, slightly chewy noodles in a pork-based broth ("red" or "white"), with or without extra chashu. You can add your own freshly grated garlic.
Sweet Dynasty, The - Chinese: Omotesando
Authentic Hong Kong-style desserts straight from the source, plus plenty of good dim sum, noodle dishes and other a la carte items at this very popular shop.
Cafe Berthollet - French: Omotesando
Full-course lunches are Y1500-1800. In the evenings you can have anything from a clubhouse sandwich to a full-course meal. Dinner main courses are in the Y2000-2500 range.
Le Pain Quotidien - Bakery: Omotesando
The conveniently located third Tokyo branch of the internationally famous Belgian organic bakery serves coffee and pastries, salads and tartines - open-face Belgian sandwiches with toppings like...
Praca Onze - Brazilian: Omotesando
Live music, dancing, and a good deal of drinking. Open Mon-Tue 6:30-midnight (no music); Wed-Thu 6:30-1am; Fri-Sat 6:30-2am.
Omotesando Niigata Kan N'espace - Antenna shop: Omotesando
Sake, rice and other food from Niigata Prefecture is sold in this rather large retail shop. There's also a small cafe area, and an attached restaurant serving Niigata cuisine.
Barbacoa Grill - Brazilian: Omotesando
Brazilian-style all-you-can-eat churrasco grilled beef and other meats, along with one of Tokyo's best salad bars. Dinner is Y4500, weekday lunch Y3000.
Le Bretagne - French: Omotesando
Sweet and savory Breton-style crepes, with hard cider to wash them down, in a pleasantly decorated open-air cafe.
Panino Vino - Sandwiches/deli: Omotesando
Panini sandwiches, in many variations, are the specialty here, with a Y1000 lunch special that includes soup and beverage alongside your sandwich. There are lots of reasonably priced (from Y500)...
Maisen - Tonkatsu: Omotesando
Tokyo's second-most-famous tonkatsu restaurant, located in an unusually decorated former bathhouse. In addition to pork cutlets there's also a full menu of set meals and seasonal a la carte items.
Nalu - Cafe: Omotesando
Far off the beaten path, on a backstreet between Omotesando and Gaienmae, Nalu Cafe packs a little something for everyone into a tiny space. It's a smart cafe/art gallery that serves take-out during...
Galali - Izakaya: Omotesando
This stylish little izakaya offers excellent food, a good sake selection, and an entire menu page devoted to different varieties of salt - 12 of them in all. Charcoal-grilled seafood and vegetables...
Gar Eden - Italian: Omotesando
An Italian restaurant with a good craft-beer selection is a nice find, but if you're not hungry you can come just for the beer. The ten taps dispense mostly Japanese craft beers; US pints are Y880,...

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