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23 Craft Beerz Nagoya - Beer bar: Nagoya
Yes, they serve 23 beers - mostly Japanese craft beers - on tap. Try them all! There's also a small food menu in case you're hungry.
St. Arnould - Belgian rest/beer bar: Nagoya
Belgian beers and food are served at this specialty dining bar, with six taps and hundreds of bottled beers. The food menu offers traditional items like stewed beef carbonade (Y1240), mussels...
Brick Lane - Beer bar: Nagoya
Four-part tasting flights are one of the attractions at this friendly, late-night beer bar; they're priced at Y1200 for four 100ml pours. The 6-8 taps dispense mostly Japanese craft beers, with...
Grillman - Burgers: Nagoya
By day it's a burger joint with a great beer selection, while at night it turns into a craft beer bar with nice burgers. The ten taps dispense mostly Japanese craft beers from around the country,...
Hitoyasumi - Cat cafe: Nagoya
One of Nagoya's best cat cafes, Hitoyasumi has a large cat staff (21 at last count) and comfortable furnishings for human visitors. In addition to the large L-shaped playroom, there's a separate...
Liquor Mountain - Liquor shop: Nagoya
Located in the heart of Nishiki's late-night entertainment zone and keeping appropriately late-night hours itself, Liquor Mountain offers some very good discounted prices on imported beers and...
Ebisuya - Udon: Nagoya
Thin, flat kishimen noodles are a featured dish here, served in a hot fish-based broth with fish cakes, fried tofu, boiled spinach and other ingredients. Another popular dish is their rather novel...
Torisei - Chicken: Nagoya
Lunchtime specials start at Y900 and include karaage fried chicken and chicken sashimi. In the evenings it's mainly charcoal-grilled chicken; budget around Y4000 for dinner.
Blue Note - Jazz club: Nagoya
This branch of the popular live jazz club presents local talent and visiting jazz headliners who are touring Japan. Check their calendar to see who's coming.
Torishige - Chicken: Nagoya
Torishige prepares grilled chicken and other dishes with Nagoya cochin, a local heirloom breed prized for its flavor. Prix-fixe menus of charcoal-grilled chicken on skewers are priced at Y4300 and...
Torigin - Chicken: Nagoya
Famous in town (and among tourists) for its Nagoya cochin (an heirloom chicken breed), Torigin is set up to handle the crowds. Elaborate prix-fixe menus, with chicken prepared in various styles, are...
Outback Steakhouse - Steak house: Nagoya
Entertaining dining and amusing cocktails from the Australian-themed American steakhouse chain. Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime. Lunch is served on weekends and holidays.
Yamamotoya-Honten (Sakae Chunichi) - Udon: Nagoya
Yamamotoya is one of the best-known purveyors of miso-nikomi udon, flat udon noodles prepared in a miso-rich, bonito-based soup. The noodles are thick and chewy, and the soup is filled with fish...
Cat St. - Cat cafe: Nagoya
Arriving soon after opening time on a weekday, we encountered a playroom full of very active cats, chasing each other over an obstacle course of shelves and tables and the occasional seated visitor. ...
Enoteca - Liquor shop: Nagoya
This retail liquor shop includes a tiny bar up front where you can order wine by the glass plus simple snacks like pates and assorted cheese platters.
Bincho (Lachic) - Unagi: Nagoya
Bincho does a nice version of hitsumabushi, a local Nagoya-style version of unagi eel, grilled over binchotan charcoal.
To The Herbs - Italian: Nagoya
Tasty, sometimes unusual pizzas and well-constructed pastas at this budget Italian cafe chain. They don't close between lunch and dinner, but stay open all afternoon.
Yabaton (Lachic) - Tonkatsu: Nagoya
Yabaton is famous for their miso-katsu - pork cutlet prepared with a thick miso sauce - a local Nagoya specialty. The main shop is in Osu - this is a more centrally located branch.
Da Noi - Italian: Nagoya
Upscale Italian cuisine in an elegant setting; the chef trained in Europe for nine years before opening the original main branch in Tokyo. Budget around Y6000 for food at dinnertime, or Y2400 for...
Gumbo and Oyster Bar - Seafood: Nagoya
An informal oyster bar serving raw and cooked oysters from Japan, New Zealand and the US, along with Cajun-style gumbo and seafood "pan roasts." Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime. Lunch, served...
Hisago - Tempura: Nagoya
Good-quality tempura at reasonable prices; the original branch in Tokyo dates back to 1918. In addition to the usual fish and seafood, Hisago offers a vegetarian prix-fixe menu featuring sesame tofu...
Maruha - Izakaya: Nagoya
"Ebi-fry" - Nagoya's famous dish of deep-fried giant prawns - is one of the featured menu items at this inexpensive seafood-oriented izakaya, with a set menu of two prawns, sashimi, soup and rice...
Uttoko - Izakaya: Nagoya
Sesonal seafood is the main focus in this stylish dining bar. The specialty of the house is a bento-style meal with 8 or 10 seasonal delicacies served in a bucket-style tray (Y1,995-2,730). You can...
Suzunami (honten) - Seafood: Nagoya
Broiled fish, marinated in sake lees, is the main dish here. Open for lunch only. They also have a branch in the Esca complex next to Nagoya Station.
Sawasdee Sumiyoshi - Thai: Nagoya
Good, accessible Thai food in a comfortable setting. Set-price dinners start at just Y980, which gets you a main dish (red or green curry, pad thai, etc.), tom yam soup, an unexciting mini-salad...
Cafe de la Casa - Cafe: Nagoya
This cute little cafe in the Design Center Building is run by an interior furnishings shop. Lunch (served until 3pm) is around Y1000 and includes soup bar, salad bar, optional beverage, and assorted...
Aroma Fresca - Italian: Nagoya
High-level Italian in an upscale department-store setting. Budget from Y5000 for lunch, Y10,000-15,000 at dinnertime.
Horaiken (Sakae) - Unagi: Nagoya
A more centrally located branch of Nagoya's most famous grilled-eel restaurant, located on the dining floor of Matsuzakaya Department Store. Budget around Y3000 at dinnertime.
Yabaton (honten) - Tonkatsu: Nagoya
Yabaton is famous for their miso-katsu - pork cutlet prepared with a thick miso sauce - a local Nagoya dish, as well as their cute sumo-wrestling pig mascot. This is the original, main branch.
Usagito Cafe - Rabbit cafe: Nagoya
While the cafe component of many rabbit cafes can be rudimentary at best, Usagito devotes quite a bit of space to their cafe area, and offers substantial fare like fettucine, cheese penne and curry...
Cesari - Italian: Nagoya
Great Neopolitan-style pizza from wood-burning pizza ovens; the grilled chicken is also fantastic. Up front there's a very casual cafe-bar with live music (usually jazz), and in back is a...

East of Hisaya-Odori

Perms - Cafe: Nagoya
A casual cafe-bar serving pizzas, pastas and other light fare. Lunch is served until 2pm, there's a happy hour from 4-7pm, and the last order for drinks at night is 12:30am.
Keg Nagoya - Beer bar: Nagoya
One of the best beer bars in town, Keg Nagoya serves around fifteen craft beers, many of them otherwise hard to find, on a rotating basis. The food is also good.
Wolfgang Puck - International: Nagoya
Modern California-style international fare, including many of Puck's signature dishes such as smoked-salmon pizza. The rather spectacular dining space, at the top of the Aichi Arts Center, features...
En Plancha - Spanish: Nagoya
Late-night drinks and good tapas-style small dishes at reasonable prices. Wines are priced from Y2800 per bottle, or Y400 per glass. The setting is quite casual, with a split-level dining area.
Sekai no Yamachan Honten - Izakaya: Nagoya
With branches all over Nagoya, this popular shop is famous for their spicy chicken wings and other local delicacies, as well as its inexpensive prices. If you want to finish off your meal with ramen...
Umi no Hi - Izakaya: Nagoya
Grilled, dried fish (himono) from around Japan is the mainstay of the menu here, along with local vegetables and tofu dishes. For drinks, you can choose from at least a half-dozen well-selected...
Mazenta - Wine bar: Nagoya
Worth checking out if you happen to be in the neighborhood, this quiet bar on the first floor of a design office stocks 40-50 organic wines, priced from Y3300 per bottle or Y650 per glass. The food...

Nagoya station

Bincho (Esca) - Unagi: Nagoya
Bincho does a nice version of hitsumabushi, a local Nagoya-style version of unagi eel, grilled over binchotan charcoal.
Suzunami (Esca) - Seafood: Nagoya
Broiled fish, marinated in sake lees, is the main dish here. Located in the basement Esca complex at the west exit of the JR Nagoya shinkansen line.
Yamamotoya-Honten (Esca) - Udon: Nagoya
Yamamotoya is one of the best-known purveyors of miso-nikomi udon, flat udon noodles prepared in a miso-rich, bonito-based soup. The noodles are thick and chewy, and the soup is filled with fish...
Din Tai Fung - Dim sum: Nagoya
The specialty of the house at this Taipei-based chain is xiao long bao (shoronpo in Japanese) - dumplings that squirt hot broth when you bite into them. The menu also offers other dim sum dumplings,...
Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo, The - Italian: Nagoya
Pizzas are the mainstay of this popular Italian chain, but they also do assorted starters, pastas, and grilled meats and fish. Budget around Y5000 at dinnertime for food and drink. The weekday...
Paul Bocuse - French: Nagoya
One of several Bocuse venues in Japan, this mid-level, casual brasserie offers classic French cuisine, with prix-fixe dinners priced at Y2,560-6,800 and lunches from Y1960.
Breizh Cafe - French: Nagoya
Delicious Bretagne-style dessert crepes and savory buckwheat galettes are served along with hard cider and soft drinks imported from the region. Seating is either inside the cafe or out on the...
En - Izakaya: Nagoya
A reliable izakaya chain, En serves a wide assortment of dishes, including charcoal-grilled meats and fish and original seasonal vegetable dishes. The drinks menu includes 16 kinds of craft sake...
Kagaya - Japanese regional: Nagoya
As the name implies, Kagaya serves Kaga-ryori, the distinctive (and delicious) regional cuisine of Kanazawa and Ishikawa Prefecture. Kaiseki-style dinners are priced Y6,000-10,000, while prix-fixe...
Maharaja - Indian: Nagoya
Perhaps Japan's most popular India-restaurant chain, Maharaja offers good-quality curries and tandoori dishes at reasonable prices. Vegetarian options are available. Set lunches (11am-3pm) start at...
Tsunahachi - Tempura: Nagoya
Reliable, good-value tempura from the Tokyo-based chain. You can order piece by piece but most people order set meals, which start at Y1995 in the evening and Y1260 at lunchtime.
Seijo Ishii - Retail: Nagoya
You'll find a good selection of imported foods and some interesting wines at this centrally located branch of the Seijo Ishii retail chain.
Yabaton (Meitetsu) - Tonkatsu: Nagoya
Yabaton is famous for their miso-katsu - pork cutlet prepared with a thick miso sauce - a local Nagoya favorite.
Enoteca Muro - Italian: Nagoya
Good, casual mid-level Italian cooking in a pleasant shopping-mall setting. Prix-fixe dinners are Y4800-6800, lunches Y1800-2800, or budget around Y3500 at dinnertime for a la carte starters plus...
Muy - Spanish: Nagoya
Muy's dramatically lit, 16-meter-long bar makes an impressive centerpiece to the stylish interior. The menu features a good selection of tapas (including imported Spanish hams), grilled meats, and...
Nenohi - Izakaya: Nagoya
Run by the local Morita Brewery, which has been brewing sake since 1665, Nenohi serves artfully prepared seasonal delicacies designed to go well with its sake. You can choose from eight different...
Imahan - Shabu-shabu: Nagoya
Imahan, whose original Tokyo branch dates back to 1895, serves up deluxe-level beef dishes - sukiyaki, shabu shabu, and grilled steaks. Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu prix-fixe dinner menus are...
Kitcho - Kaiseki: Nagoya
The Nagoya branch of one of Japan's most famous (and most expensive) kaiseki restaurants; the main branch is in Kyoto. Prix-fixe kaiseki menus are priced at Y17,325-32,340 at lunchtime and...
Enoteca Pinchiorri - Italian: Nagoya
This famous Florence-based restaurant serves top-level Italian cuisine and offers a magnificent 42nd-story view. Prix-fixe dinners are priced Y10,000-20,000, and lunch is Y4,000-10,000. The wine...
L'Auberge de l'Ill - French: Nagoya
The Nagoya outpost of the famous Alsace restaurant, which has been awarded three Michelin stars for forty years in a row, occupies a rather grand dining room and offers an impressive skyscraper view....
7 Days Brew - Beer bar: Nagoya
Located conveniently close to Nagoya station, this spacious specialty beer bar dispenses eleven beers on draft - seven Japanese craft beers, three craft imports and one major brewer during our last...
Y Market - Brewpub: Nagoya
Upstairs on the second floor of the brewery is a large dining area where you can sample some of the dozens of beers made here along with beer-friendly food. Eight beers on tap are priced at around...
Okadaya - Liquor shop: Nagoya
Sitting right in the middle of the wholesale fish market area near Nagoya station, this old-fashioned-looking liquor store stocks a nice selection of both craft beers and craft sake.
Rokusanroku - Ramen: Nagoya
This popular shop serves miso ramen, a bit sweeter than is typical for this style, with good chashu. They also serve tsukemen (noodles with a dipping sauce on the side). They may close earlier than...
Taverna Guida - Italian: Nagoya
The kitchen turns out good-quality Italian fare, and the atmosphere is casual trattoria-style, with boisterous traditional Italian music. Specialties include home-made sausages and charcoal-grilled...
Salle a Manger de Kajino - French: Nagoya
This tiny French bistro serves interesting game meats such as wild boar, guinea fowl and Ezo deer. Budget around Y6000 at dinnertime.


Horaiken (honten) - Unagi: Nagoya
This long-running shop serves hitsumabushi, grilled unagi eel served in traditional Nagoya fasion. There are both traditional tatami-mat rooms and more Westernized dining rooms with tables and...
Red Lobster - Seafood: Nagoya
There aren't a lot of full-fledged restaurants in the immediate area of Nagoya Aquarium and the rest of Nagoya Port - it's mostly food-court territory. This popular US-based chain at least delivers...
Cafe Lambeek - Belgian rest/beer bar: Nagoya
The seven taps at this cozy neighborhood bar dispense a rotating selection of Belgians, including a few imported directly by this bar. If you don't mind bottled beers, there are around 400 to choose...

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