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Here we introduce some of the ways you can keep up with the latest food news and tap into our location-based restaurant database whenever you need to, wherever you are - on the web or off.

News and new content

We provide several convenient ways to keep track of what's new - our news feeds track food news in Tokyo and around Japan - wine tastings, sake and beer festivals, special dinners, visiting guest chefs and other gourmet-related calendar events.

They also keep you informed of new restaurant openings, fresh reviews and other new website content.


Members of our Fan Page on Facebook can be optionally notified of new website reviews and articles as part of their news stream.

The Fan Page also features exclusive content such as photo albums from FoodEx, the Tokyo Summit of Gastronomy, food festivals, markets and similar gourmet-focused events and places.

Google Plus

Our Google Plus page will also notify you of new content and provide additional photo albums and other features.


Another way to keep up with food news and new content is by following our Twitter feed at @bentocom

RSS news feed

We support RSS Autodiscovery for most newsreaders and RSS feed aggregators, or you can click on the RSS logo to subscribe to our news feed.

Restaurant and bar search

Whether you're looking for Mexican food in Osaka, dim sum in Yokohama or just the nearest cafe to where you're sitting, our database search widgets and gadgets will make it easier.

Search-engine plug-in (Firefox and IE)

Search Tokyo restaurants in the Bento.com database right from your browser's searchbox, with our Firefox and IE search-engine plug-in.

Click here to add Bento.com Tokyo search to your browser

Alternatively, to add the search engine in Firefox, while you are on this page, press the down arrow next to your Firefox searchbox. You should see "Add Bento.com Tokyo" at the bottom of the drop-down list. Click on it to add Bento to your browser's search engines.

From Internet Explorer, press the down arrow to the right of the searchbox, click on "add search providers", then click on "Bento.com Tokyo."

Bookmarklets (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Bento.com search bookmarklets give you quick access to a restaurant searchbox from your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

Simply drag one of the links below to your toolbar on Firefox or Safari, or your bookmarks bar on Chrome, then click it when you want to search for a restaurant.

Tokyo/Yokohama search: Bento.com search     Kansai search: Bento.com search

GPS mobile restaurant locator

When you're out on the town, our GPS-based locator can help you find restaurants, cafes and bars that are nearest to your current location. Our coverage area includes Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Most GPS-enabled mobile phones from DoCoMo, AU and SoftBank can access this service. Check our mobile services page for more details.

For your blog or website
Blogger badge - restaurant searchbox

Add a handy badge to your Blogger page or website to provide quick access to Tokyo restaurant information. Our database covers over 1500 restaurant, cafe and bar listings from bento.com (Tokyo Food Page). [Kansai search is also available - please write to us.]

Try them out now - they're fully functional. Then copy the code from the boxes below and paste it into your site.

Tokyo restaurant/bar search: enter location, cuisine, and/or partial name (e.g. marunouchi wine).
Code to copy and paste:
Tokyo restaurant/bar search: enter location, cuisine, and/or partial name (e.g. harajuku cafe).
Code to copy and paste:

Adding a link to Bento.com

The URLs for bento.com are: "http://www.bento.com/tokyofood.html" (English), and "http://www.bento.com/tfp-sj.html" (Japanese).

You can also download the Tokyo Food Page and/or Kansai Food Page logos to use with your link.

download logo download logo download logo download logo download logo

Web and mobile developers
Bento.com restaurant/cafe locator API

Use our API to find and display the nearest restaurants, cafes, and/or bars from any location in our coverage area (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe).

Results are available in plain HTML or JSON format, tailored for web or mobile platforms, with or without thumbnail photos, in Japanese or in English. Check our API page for more details.

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