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Shibuya: Kyushu
This long-estab-
lished izakaya mini-
chain serves excel-
lent Kyushu cuisine
and a good assort-
ment of sake and
shochu from the
southern island.
Especially recom-
mended are the
tonkotsu (pork and
daikon stewed in
shochu) and a well-
balanced Nagasaki-
style sara-udon with
vegetables and meat
served over crisp
fried noodles.

Other local favor-
ites are the mini-
gyoza (twenty pork
dumplings served in
an iron pan), kara-
shi renkon (lotus
root stuffed with
spicy mustard),
satsuma-age (deep-
fried fishcakes) and
chicken. There are
ample seasonal fish
and vegetable
dishes, and delica-
cies like horsemeat

It's unusual to see
much Kyushu sake in
Tokyo, since Kyushu
pubs tend to spe-
cialize in shochu,
but the menu here
includes eight nice-
ly chosen local
sakes from around
the island, includ-
ing a fruity Wakaran
daiginjo from Saga
(our favorite) and a
sturdy extra-dry
Zuiyo honjozoshu
from Kumamoto.

The basement dining
room is an old-fash-
ioned izakaya-style
setup, with a small
counter, tables and
lots of tatami seat-
ing. The late-night
hours are convenient
(they stay open to
3am on weeknights),
and the atmosphere
is lively, with a
crowd ranging from
after-work parties
early in the evening
to couples and
groups of friends as
the night wears on.
Budget around Y4000-
5000 for dinner and
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Nearest restau-

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Udagawacho 17-2.
Open 5pm-1:30am
(LO; -11pm Sat, Sun)
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